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Fauna & Flora

The Fauna and the Flora of Elpida are various and very diverse based on the ecosystem of the Planet. Each and everyone of the continents has it's own particular fauna and flora. This also includes the biodiversity over the oceans of Elpida.

In general terms, Elpida is considered a world blessed by live. Most of the fauna are not extremely dangerous to humans and some of it's species can now be found in many terraformed worlds. The crops native to Elpida have also been exported. Some like the Gissu wheet, covered some of the fields of Elpida and half of the Empire of Mankind's agriworlds.

Elpida's flora and fauna has adapted well to offworlds and in turn has managed properly offworld xeno species brought in from afar. All of this has always be done carefully to avoid a contamination of xeno-fauna and flora over that of Elpida. All introduction of foreign biological material has been carefully monitored and implanted on Elpida successfully.


  • Shandars
  • Alosiors
  • Entarios
  • Maladrin


  • Dilandros
  • Uinen
  • Ladain