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Elpida has four main continents: Meltarna, Ashara, Bira and Golka. The most important ones in terms of population, economy and importance are Meltarna and Ashara. This two continents hold the Imperial City where the Imperial Palace is located and the Imperial Senate. Both being two of the most important bodies of the Executive power in the Empire of Mankind.



It is a lush continent, full of verdant plains and forested terrain. Its the biggest of all the Continents in Elpida and holds the Imperial City and the Imperial Palace. It was one of the first continents where the early colony ships arrived being the other the continent of Ashara. When both colonies managed to settled up a bit communication between both was constructed via roads and later trains. Up until thst point both colonies were physically just in contact through spacecraft travel.

The continent is very fertile as well so soon the colonist turn to food production and a sequence of cities followed. The most important cities other than the capital in the continent are Adaris, Nova Anar, Trenburg and Oppida. Its total population is made of 25 Billion inhabitants.

The Continent Is divided in 4 mayor areas.

The Teraldai Plains

Located inland, it separates the Meltarna and Ashara. This large area of grass and scattered forests is located in the inner center. It is very fertile and large amount of farming and hearding has traditionally been going on here. On the border between the Yalomun river-bend and Dulkuma hills, the place where they join the Plains, the city of Adaris stands strong. For millennia it has been one of the biggest cities of the Planet and one of the Landing areas of the Twelve Colony Ships. It holds a special place in Imperial Minds. Some Emperors have been born in the city.

The Indara Bay

Home to the Imperial city. Its a bay of low land and plains sourrounded by some hills and mountains. The land crossed by a river. It was the home of the Guardian and a city called Indara. Soon, the city grew to overtake the entire plain to form a massive city that extends through 1 million km2. The bay is located around the end of the Yalomun River. It's home to the Imperial City, also Called Indara (from where the Bay takes it's name)

The Yalomun river-bend area

Large Yalomun River. The river goes far inland trespassing a bassin that is extremely fertile. It is the center of several minor cities, farms and many minor palaces. The region is known for producing the famous Yalom Wine, named after the river. The bassin is one of the most densely populated regions of Elpida and is a dinamic region economically and agriculturally. Its forested and usually a nice, middly tempered area to live. The Mountains of Morodain are the origin of the rive and set the marking point between the Teldarai Plains and the Yalomun River-bend. Nova Anar and Trenburg are mayor cities here.

Dulkuma Hills

An area of hills that expands all over the northern area of the planet. It is usually covered in forested terrain. Mining and Wood are important activities here, as well as energy production for the Indara Bay region. Oppida is one of the mayor cities in the area.


It is mild and lush but holds some the of the most beautiful mountains and landmarks in the planet. This continent Holds the Imperial Senate. The mines of the continent were soon exploited to make chemicals and industrial products.

It was one of the continents where some of the ealry Twelve Colony Ships of the Human Forefathers first landed the other being Meltarna.

The Ships to do so here were the Ursa, the Centaur and the Liberty. Each of the colony ships founded cities. Centaur founded Landras, Liberty Darbon and Ursa Formosus.

While Meltarna focused more on services and food production Ashara focused more on industrial production and mining activities. However nowadays agriculture and services have become crucial too. Meltarna has also turn into industrial production. It is famous for its textile industry, fashion, elegance and jewelry nowadays due to senate and the senators being in the continent. Tourism is also important duento its beautiful scenery.

Elpida Golka.jpg

Its main cities are Landras, Darbon, Ningjing and Formosus. The Population of Ashara is around 23 Billion inhabitants.


It is hot and selvatic, with its coast having a milder climate to the south and the north. It is a retirement spot for the wealthy. It is as well a large center of production of refine products, mining, agriculture and tourism. Pharmaceutical and scientific research are also keen on the local economy. The largest cities are Zaishan, Sundara and Toshor.The total population of Bira is 19 Billion.


It is quite cold in the north and mild in the south and center and is not very densely populated. The Highest mountains in the planet are located here. The Largest cities in the continent are Horis, Apeksa, Miridian and Laramersk

The Continent is a calm oasis in Elpida, where most senators and even the Emperor and its family retreat from time to time. Golka is the seat of the Summer palace of the Empire. A massive secluded structure covering around 350 000km2 were the nobility and the imperial family go from time to time during the warmer summer months of Elpida in the Northern hemisphere. However, they also go to the Planet Hestias, so when the family is not there, the place acts as the residence of the Heir to the throne or some other imperial family members. The Palace has small structures to host the court when the Emperors move in. Nevertheless, it is in the middle of a natural beautiful paradise spot, with forests and snowy peaks all around. Its total population is 20 Billion.