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The History of Elpida is as old as the history of the Lewis Nations. It expands from 20,166 CE to 100 000 CE (0 DL to 79 834 ADL), that is for about 79 834 years. It has become one of the centers of Humanity and one of the most important human worlds alongside Aegyn, often called "The Second Aegyn". It is worshipped as a second beacon of civilization.

Colony (20,166 - 22,331 CE: 2165 years -- 0 LA - 2165 ALD)

Before Settlement (± 400 BLD - 0 BLD)

The world of Elpida had been discovered by Anarian scientists soon after the discovery and profound study of the Eye of Freedom wormhole. Among the worlds set on the other side, Elpida was the most suited for Human life.

The Abeona Initiative was responsible for gathering settlers and colonies from damaged worlds, refugees and pioneers from various planets in the galaxy. The seemingly constant state of warfare initiated a mass exodus of 8 billion souls through the Eye of Freedom, a wormhole near the Anar System in Via Lacrimosa. This started with the Anarian Fever Crisis that ravaged Anar and thus the survivors, fed up with the galaxy, ended up setting this initiative and be prepared to leave.

Scientists looked for a suitable home and found out a planet suitable for human life. In 20,166 CE, five ships departed for this world, located in the Lewis Galaxy. The system was named Anthropos (Human) and the Habitable Planet, Elpida, meaning "Hope" in ancient greek, as it was in search of hope that they were forced to leave their planet.

Landing and Early Colonization (year 0 LD - 2165 ALD)

Elpida was colonised by The Twelve Colony Ships of the Forefathers carrying up to 8 billion human beings. The departure population was 500 to 700 million people per ship. Most of the Colonist were of Caucasian origin, with slight populations of East Asian, African and Indian origin. The Colonist were Anarians, coming from the world of Anar and from torn world from the War of the Decamillennial Transition. After the events of the Anarian Fever of 20,120 CE, that ravage the planet's population, the survivors left the Confederacy after discontent grew among the settlers due to bad treatment received by the authorities during the plague. They were joined by many war refugees, crossing through the Eye of Freedom wormhole from the Via Lacrimosa into the Lewis Galaxy.

Here, the colonist soon spread and settled all over the planet. Settlements were quickly founded and soon became cities in all rights. The government was set in a Republic fashion, called the Republic of Elpida in the first stages of the planet's history.

Republic of Anthropos (22,331 CE - 28,648 CE :6 317 years -- 2,000 ADL-8,462 ADL)

The planet set up in motion population growth programs. And soon the population reached 16 billion, double the amount of colonist in origin. New planets had been discovered nearby by Elpidan scientist and the colonisation of them soon began. The first two colonies were built in Mitra and Pax.

Population growth kept going and Mitra and Pax soon became well populated planets and other colonies started to follow. The Republic had to consider its status and was renamed Republic of Anthropos (or Republic of Mankind in ancient greek). The Republic started to expand, and for the following 6 millennia, Elpida grew and expanded it's influence, colonizing nearby systems and many xenoworlds. At the same time, many worlds (inhabited in the following ages) were discovered, settled and/or terraformed.

The Parlament and the growing interests and booming economy of the new boyant nation was stabilized by two parties that rose to power during these early days. The Yellow Haras Party and the Purple Thonan Party.

First Civil War

The parties had been escalating in tensions and economic power and influence all across the Republic. It came to a no return area, to the point it was no longer sustainable, and both parties wage war against each other creating the First Civil War. The conflict was cruel and bloody, and it was stopped by a military coup led by Horis Tarnos, leader of the Military forces. He restituted the Republic, but it was transformed, forbidding bipartidism, with a minimum of five parties in action at all times. Horis was incredibly popular and was accounted as a figured called, the Guardian, and head of the Military. His purpose was to guard the republic and its people. Later, the Guardian figure was made hereditary.

Second Civil War

It wasn't too long before a war broke up again when the parties soon became corrupt and fought for inner power and influence as it had happened before the war. Old ways persisted in the culture of the Citizens of the Republic.

So a two party alliances wage war between them, and later allied together to defeat the Guardian Figure who was set to stop the five parties war. This event is known as the Second Civil War. The parties were to divided among them to pose a clear threat to the Guardian, who had popular support. The party and the republic were reformed and the Empire was born with the Guardian Hannakon I, grandson of Horis, being the first Emperor.

Empire (28 648 CE - Present: 71 352 years -- 8,462 ADL-79,450 ADL)

The Twelve Emperors

With the Empire, an era of prosperity and economic growth soon began. The Empire started to expand into former new colonies, terraforming new world and settling in them. The Capital saw the construction of bright new buildings, reorganization of city landscapes and much of the planetary infraestructure. As the center of a vast nation, wealth flooded the planet, and many rich wealthy members of society made the planet their home. The Capital Indara, or Imperial City saw an imprecedented expansion reorganization and embellishement which culminated with the end of the Nobility Wars, who saw all major noble houses relocate into Indara building up their luxurious mansions and bringing with them thousands of individuals.

The Nobility War

The Great Slave Revolt

The War of the Two Emperors

The First Relative's War

The Second Relative's War

The Third Relative's War