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Elryzia Brezmir is a female Human most commonly known as the first documented extradimensional individual to venture within the Palioxis Starfield. While most details of this occurrence have faded to the mists of time, several facts remain. Many pieces of knowledge sate that while on a mercenary mission, she got sucked into the Starfield by a kilometer-long rift which lasted two seconds.

A heist on the Dark Wheel Organization's flagship, Gladian I, was one of Elrysia's crowning achievements. She learned about the newly forged Field-Venturer Guns from a wide range of sources. She was immediately interested after hearing about them.  As a result, s he decided to steal one of these gadgets during a stealthy scouting mission. Soon thereafter, she gained a nearly limitless way to travel across the Starfield.

Elrysia pilots a heavily modified Vengeance X-6 which she managed to steal from a shipbuilding production plant on Malaxor Prime several thousand years ago. The possibility of her ship to be piloted by a single pilot is the most significant of her ship's modifications. This is accomplished by Elyrsia transferring her consciousness to within the ship and gaining complete control over it with only her brain. Another modification is a sizable pylon that functions as a reverse-engineered Field-Venturer Gun, allowing her ship to travel virtually anywhere.




On most occasions, Elrysia has been described as having a gloomy, even emotionless personality. This is most likely the outcome of living for tens of thousands of years, during which time she has come to realize the meaningless and futility of life and existence. As a result, Elrysia has almost no moral values, believing that they hinder her ability to be her genuine self. Furthermore, she has no actual fear of anything other than perhaps than a painful death. She tends to oftentimes avoid any attention as of lately, wanting to live her own peaceful life with no interaction before her inevitable death. As a result, she is oftentimes ignorant of her surroundings, not caring for anything happening for anyone in this universe.