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"The Soul of the Federation, the Heart of Liberty and Equality for Humanity in a sea of emptiness and loneliness, where the strong prey on the weak. The Capital of our Glorious Nation is in charge of bringing light into the darkness, the most holy of all the worlds of the Intergalactic Federation, where all our values come together to protect the very essentials of human dignity and live". - Miriam Ulrich, Parliamentarian

Elysium is the Capital World of The Intergalactic Federation and was also the Capital of its former ancestor, the Lewis Federation. It is a terran world, located in the Albis System of the Akai Nebulae.

The Planet was one of the first 13 planets to be colonized and forms currently the Core Center of the Nation due to its strategic location within the Nebulae. The Planet was terraformed by a joined effort of Mirdanians and Novans to create a suitable home for the massive amount of refugees coming over to the area from the conflicts between the Empire of Mankind and the Union, in order to stress out their own homeworlds.

This planet was the Third oldest planet to be settled and one of the most suitable for life. The planet was soon settled by many refugees, outnumbering pretty quickly Nova and Mirdan. The location of the planet was also ideal since it was located in the middle of the founding planets and this is why it was chosen as the capital (alongside is population and economic importance). Nova and Mirdan had already some scientific outpost on the planet prior to the arrival of the first refugees from the Empire. Elysium has turned into a very dense populated planet ever since and one of the most populated in the Lewis Galaxy. It is the Capital of the Federation and a place for many business activity, scientific and technological progress in the nation.

The Planet is known for its attractive beauty and its diverse fauna. The planet had some life forms of its own that have survived the terraforming and have thrive, adapt or even evolved to suit the new environment.


Colonized in the early 40 000 CE, by refugees from the Imperial-Unionist War, it grew considerably in the Akai Nebula, among the so called 12 founding worlds.

Culture and Society

Being the Center of the Federal Executive Powers, it is highly populated and the heart of the nation. Althought the federation has been for many years decentralizing is and scattering some of its power structures. Elysium is the de facto capital world of the nation. This has meant a massive influx of settlers from all over federal space as well as some minor xeno races. Migration into the capital has lately been limited to prevent massification and overpopulation.


Fauna and Flora