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Emerlin is a temperate multi-climate blooming planet located in the Via Aylathiya Galaxy, orbiting a G-class star and having 2 large moons. Here lived a human civilization many thousand years ago, that destroyed itself in a world war. Only many overgrown ruins of large cities and inactive space satellites remind of industrialized civilization.


The history of the planet Emerlyn is essentially the same as other planets in the universe when it first appeared, however, prior to the arrival of the first humans, it was a desert world and was later terraformed and colonized shortly before the War of the Final Transition.

Emerlin is far from Borealis Space near of the Galaxy Core, the colony was isolated and soon due to the conflict in 100 AD, society and infrastructure collapsed, so the surviving people were sent back to the stone age for tens of thousands of years, starting development anew. The former history of humans as an empire that explored and colonized entire worlds, including theirs, became legends and myths about the gods in various Emerlin cultures. Many human civilizations on the planet have risen to the peak of mighty empires and been destroyed one by one, never reaching the industrial revolution. By 98500 AD, Emerlin's humanity was a Civilization Type 0.73 and its nations had established many orbital stations around the planet and outposts on its two moons, as well as sending automated probes and rovers to other planets in the Arkin System.

Rebirth and Destruction

To their peak, the Emerlians were still divided into rival nations, but advances were made in aviation, medicine, global communications, space programs, construction, industry, and more. Their major cities had large, bright skyscrapers and transportation routes in the form of highways, on which hundreds of thousands of cars traveled every day between cities all over the planet. The population of Emerlin at that time was 12 billion people, however, due to limited resources and the ecological crisis, pollution and rising sea levels caused by industrialization, the nations began a series of conflicts among themselves, which led to the complete extermination of the intelligent population of the planet by 98566 CE.

Average modern metropolis before Collapse on Emerlin

The Emerlian nations destroyed themselves with neutron weapons, a monstrous weapon of mass destruction that was their next generation of thermonuclear warhead development. The purpose of this weapon was to incinerate all advanced life within its explosion radius, however, the flora was not affected. Some animals and insects survived and restored their populations again, but people disappeared forever, and their destroyed cities and other infrastructure began to be overgrown by nature and absorbed by the sands in the emerlian deserts.

Modern Days

Emerlin overgrowns.jpg

Ancient tanks in overgrown destroyed streets of city downtown

The Arkin System and planet Emerlyn were discovered by the Boreal Federal Administration of Universe Exploration Ship "Luxestoum" in 99980 CE. The Luxestoum crew discovered many primitive artificial objects in system and a cloud of space debris near the second planet of the system, around which long-outdated satellites and stations have been orbiting in high orbit for millennia. Later, a small colony was founded on the planet, which is inhabited by scientists and archaeologists who study the artifacts and history of local humanity, which is funded by the Sagittarium.