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"The Empire, the greatest of the Lewis Nations and one of the most populated, important and relevant nations of Humanity. A beacon of progress, stability and protection from the dangers of the void. A Nation standing for millennia." - Angelika Merino

The Empire of Mankind, also called Empire of Humanity or Herschel Empire is one of the human nations across the Local Universe. It originated in the Lewis Galaxy, named in honor of its discoverer and has expanded through several other galaxies. Founded in 20,166 CE (year 0 LD or Landing Day), as an unstable republic, it transformed into an Empire by 28,648 CE (8 482 ADL). It is located throughout a vast area of space, called Herschel Space, with the Lewis Galaxy being its center. The country is one of the main powers in the Lewis Galaxy, the Herschel Space and in Universe as a whole. They expanded rapidly from their home galaxy, to other nearby ones by the 25000's C.E.

The initials are E.M or E.H. It has three capitals: Elpida, Mitra and Pax. Elpida holds the Imperial Palace located in the Imperial City, home of the Emperor, as well as the Imperial Senate, being both the seat of the Executive power. Mitra is where the Imperial Supreme Court lies and is the seat of the Judicial Power. Pax on the other hand is the seat of the Legislative Parliament, and by so, holds the legislative Power of the Empire. Nevertheless the Empire is ruled by the Imperial Family, that belongs since the Birth of the Empire to the Tarnos Dynasty. They can hold special powers in case of emergency or need, such as a war, famine, disturbs, rebellions, natural disasters etc.

Most of the power is also in hands of a powerful and elitistic Nobility. This Noble families hold titles of Governor, having direct local rule in the planets of the Empire. Each planet belongs to a whole aristocratic family, given to them by the Emperor himself to ensure its protection. This is one of the main reasons for the wealth of the Nobility. Their duty is to secure the planet, institute peace, stability and the law, as well as being in charge of the day to day administrative tasks. Some nobles even, may have successful corporations and multinational companies of their own, adding to their wealth.

On the other hand, there is an important number of High Bourgeoisie, wealthy and powerful, even sometimes more than any noble, owners of powerful corporations, that aspire to introduce themselves into the aristocratic families.

The traditional enemies of the Empire have been the Union and the Plutocracy of Gish (until the revolution), while the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance, as well as the Aldorian Dominium have been friends or enemies depending on circumstances. All are local and regional powers of the sector.

the Aldorian High Kingdom became a crucial ally after contact. Greater Martial Consilium has also become a powerful allied after the Empire made contact with them and more even so, after joining the Intergalactic Council. The Nation is also a member of the Lewis Council and of the Herschel Space Council, in both of which its the most powerful member nation.



The Birth of the Empire has its roots in the colonization of Elpida and its early expansion into nearby habitable planets.

All began in 20,166 CE, when 8 billion settlers in Twelve Colony Ships, that would for ever be remembered in the nation's mythos, arrived on Elpida fleeing from the ashes of the war-torn Via Lacrimosa galaxy. They arrived to Elpida through the mysterious wormhole known as the Eye of Freedom. The initial 2 billion settlers came in four colony ships from the Terran World known as Anar after the Anarian Fever. They were joined by other eight colony ships of refugees, accounting for 6 billion more settlers from torn out worlds. This colonist were ready to settled down as refugees and prosper, flying away from tensions and turmoil, back home. This new comers, called their new planet Elpida, meaning "Hope" in ancient greek. Here the settlers expanded and founded several cities.

The Colonist had settled in a lush verdant world on a far distant Galaxy from home. They were the only humans in the Galaxy and located in a distant corner of the Universe. They were in unknown territory and found themselves alone and at a far empty dark space distance from other humans. The planet turn out to be very habitable, and more suited for human life than the planet they came from, Anar. So the Colonist soon prospered and a new vibrant civilization of Humanity began to arise here.

Capital City of the Empire, located in Elpida.

Republican Era

They organised themselves in a Republican fashion, called Republic of Elpida. Soon breeding programs created a population boom and soon Elpida started to expand and founding its own colonies. The first two, were Pax and Mitra. This three planets formed then the Republic of Anthropos (Meaning Human in Greek). When Pax and Mitra were really populated, other colonies started to be created.

Two parties rose to power during these early days. The Yellow Haras Party and the Purple Thonan party. The parties had been escalating in tensions and economic power and influence, to the point it was no longer sustainable, and both parties wage war against each other creating the "First Civil War" by 25,490 CE (5 324 ADL). The conflict was cruel and bloody, and it was stopped by a military coup led by Horis Tarnos, leader of the Military forces. He restituted the Republic, but it was transformed, forbidding bipartidism, with a minimum of five parties in action at all times. Horis was incredibly popular and was accounted as a figured called, the Guardian, and head of the Military. His purpose was to guard the republic and its people. Later, the Guardian figure was made hereditary.

War broke up again when the parties soon became corrupt and fought for inner power and influence Two party alliances wage war between them, and later allied together to defeat the Guardian Figure who was set to stop the five parties war. This was a serious threat since the Guardian did not have enough power to stop all of them united. This event is known as the "Second Civil War" by 28,310 CE (8 144 ADL). By thid time, imperial slavery was born. However, the parties were too divided among them to pose a clear threat to the Guardian, who had also popular support.

The party and the republic were reformed and the Empire was born with the Guardian Hannakon I, grandson of Horis, being the first Emperor in 28 648 CE (8 482 ADL). The Nobility was created out of those powerful or influential families who against all odds, had supported and helped substantially to the Emperor's success. The Emperor granted them Aristocratic status in gratitude for their help and all noble families can trace back to these heroic people.

Empire: Early Days

The Empire then lived through an economic and population boom. A Golden age soon followed and the Empire started to be a beacon of civilization and prosperity in the region. Migrants were attracted by this wealth and a demographic explosion came with the extension of the Empire and the founding of several new colonies. The economy and technology also evolved substantially. This period is known as the Period of the Twelve Emperors. This period saw an increase in the wealth of the Noble fortune, power and influence. This new status of the Nobility came with the insumission and rebellion to the Emperors authority. It's also around this late period that slavery started and took hold in the Empire.

Flag of the Empire of Mankind, made soon after the Second Civil War.

Several Emperors tried to manage the balance of power between the rising aristocracy and their own power by cutting off their personal wealth, their range of action and their political influence inside the matters of the Empire. Sometimes noble property was confiscated.

At the end of this period a war broke out by 33,580 CE (13 414 ADL), known as the "Nobility War" (33,580 CE - 33,955 CE // 13 414 ADL - 13 789 ADL) or sometimes as the "Third Civil War", in which several powerful nobles in terms of power, influence and wealth, fought the Emperor due to the harsh policies he had set in motion against them.

The war was hard and in many places in the Empire, entire noble families were wiped out and others lost a lot of their former glory and power. Some of the nobility scaped the Emperors persecution alongside several refugees from the war, forming the Plutocracy of Gish in 33,956 CE. This war ended with the Emperor winning, making Thardos II the hard decision of forcing the Nobility to reside in Elpida, inside the newly created Imperial City.

By doing so, noble families were easily controlled. All noble families had to dwell in Elpida, while the Head of each family could come and go from their planet to the capital. The Family could go to their Planet and live there, but the Head of the Family had to stay in Elpida so that at all times, Family and Head of Family could not be at the same time away from the Emperor and the capital other than with a special permit of the Emperor himself. The only place were both parts of the family could be together was actually in the Capital. This laws were lessen with time as nobles proved loyalty and were more constraint in power by the rule of law.

The Great Slave Revolt

The next era is followed by a long and peaceful time of economic grown with an immense and accelerated evolution in technology and imperial expansion. Although soon problems will hit the Empire once more.

The end of this era is marked by several large and massive slave revolts (starting by 34,020 CE), known in general as The Great Slave Revolt .Some were bloody and harsh, with terrorist actions and attacks escalating in the Empire. Revolts shook some of the most important worlds in the Empire. Finally the Emperor and its forces manage to subdue the slaves. Some escaped slaves run away from the already terminating conflict between 34,855 CE and 35,142 (Just some years after the Revolt was halted scaping punishment) and settled far in the Lewis Galaxy, creating the nation that would later be known as The Union by 35,190 CE. In the end, this revolts and turmoil served to improve the quality and liberties of those slaves who remained and the situation easily cooled down.

This was the start of Clone Slaves, that soon would replace most of the Slave force used in the Empire. This slaves were genetically modified and more docile. With this, slave revolts took to an end and the situation was normalized again. Although the Emperor Teragan I Tarnos was extremely cruel ordering the execution of 70 000 slaves that had revolted in Thetis, causing the death of the Duke Gildorn and his daughter, Halmara, the Emperor's official Imperial mistress. And this event, will mark the future events of the Empire's future.

The War of The Two Emperors

Halmara gave the Emperor two children, who survived the attack. Two known, Imperial Bastards, a son and a daughter. This wasn't unusual for the emperors, but this time, it would prove to be a cause for trouble later on in the affairs of the Empire.

Teragan had two official sons, Arnor and Kador with his official wife, the Empress Faranis. Arnor rose to power as Arnor III Tarnos when his father died of depression soon after his lover had been killed. Arnor III, most of his family and all of his brother's family died in a hunting accident in Tarnis when two of the Imperial hunting ships collided. This event is known as the "Imperial Tragedy". Although most of the Imperial members survived. Netis II rose to power but was depressive and inadequate for rule, so he soon abdicated the throne in favor of his son Ildorin, known as Ildorin I. Sadly he soon fell very ill and died without descendance or brothers to take the throne. So soon war broke out between the two Imperial bastards and the official candidate Kador, nephew of Arnor III and Netis II, cousin of Ildorin I and son of Mara, Teragan's daughter with Faranis, to claim the Imperial throne. The war is known as The War of the Two Emperors.

Harbour on the Planet Thetis, stronhold of Roldar I and Larissa, during the War.

First in the Planet Tarnis and later in Elpida, Kador was crowned Kador V Tarnos, while in Thetis, ancestral home of the Hayalon Family, Roldar, son of Teragan and Halmara was crowned Emperor Roldar I. The latter claimed that even if his parent did not married, he was older than Arnor III and his mother belonged to one of the most important noble families in the Empire, with part of his family ancestor belonging to minor branches of the Tarnos family (the Emperors ruling family) and by such he was not any bastard but a rightful imperial heir.

He also claimed that he was the son of Teragan through direct male ancestry while Kador was just related to Teragan on her mother side, meaning his claim was actually weaker than his.This escalated into a full open war between the Emperors claiming the throne.This war started in 35,910 CE and ended in 36,201 CE.

Thetis was named the former Capital of the Emperor Roldar I, and its stronghold during the war, while Elpida was that of Kador V. Roldar was loved out of the inner center of the empire and by the empire factions discontent that seeked to win his favor while Kador was loved in the most important and populated world of the central core of the Empire. During the battle and assault on Thetis, Emperor Roldar I died, but was followed by his sister, and the second child of the Emperor and Halamara. Soon the conflict started to be static and no progress was attain by either parts. So Emperor Kador V and Empress Larissa meet in Alma to call for peace and bilateral agreements known as "The Reunions of Alma", in which a agreement was made. In order to keep the integrity of the nation, Kador and Larissa will marry and will geld both the titles of Empress and Emperor, Thetis will be benefited from the agreement and no charges would be made against the participants in the war, although real power would be nominally held by Kador V. Alma also gained a benevolent treatment and its importance as a planet will arise in the empire.

The First, Second and Third Relative's War.

This period in the history of the Empire was marked by contact and exploration. Soon they made contact with a nation known as the Union by 39,250 CE. This human colonist were escaped slaves from the early revolts prior to the War of the two emperors. This contact was cold and the Union and the Empire soon began a cold relation. Tension were escalating and a cold war soon started.

Around the year 39,331 CE, millennial later after the war between the two emperor, conflict stroke in the heart of the Imperial Family and shaked the Empire. The Emperor Hannakon V had two sons, the future emperor Erion V and another minor son called Hannakon. Erion V had only two daughters Aranis and Iranda. Hannakon saw his opportunity and tried to seized power once Erion died. Hannakon was crowned in Pax and made this planet his seat of power. Aranis was crowned Queen, Aranis II in Elpida and soon war began between the two. Hannakon had based himself in an ancient law passed under Kador V during the War of the Two Emperors, that didn't allow women to be crowned Empress from his time onwards, although women had previously been crowned empresses in the history of the Empire.

He made this in order to diminish the claim made by Empress Larissa, his rival. When they married, the war was over and the law was forgotten till the rise of Erion IV, who worried about his daughters claim to the throne in his dying bed and revoked the law. Hannakon supported himself in the unfair abolition of this law to claim the Throne.

Final Battle in the Skies of Planet Haldar, bastion of Hannakon's military forces during the First Relative's War. Aranis II won and Hannakon was forced into exile.

Many nobles had supported Hannakon as being the next successor, so their interest were already compromise with Hannakon and decided to support his claim. He was more in favor of supporting the aristocracy, wage open war against the Union, follow a more traditionalist and conservative approach to Imperial values and a pro-slaving policy and fervent nationalism. Aranis was supporting just the opposite, so war was inevitable. So uncle and niece battled for several years and in 39,388 CE, Hannakon was defeated and the First Relative's War concluded. Hannakon and his supported fled to the Plutocracy of Gish.

After this war, around more or less 1800 years followed of prosperity, expansion and growth. Culture flourished and reached all sectors of the Empire. Great artists, such as Marisha Kulvansky were born during this period. Genetic and Cloning were greatly improved. This era saw two minor conflicts, such as the Second Relative's War, in which the descendance of Hannakon tried to take the Imperial throne once again when a women was crowned. This conflict though was really minor and had lsupport only in the Outer Colonies, and war was mainly focus on them while never reaching the Central or Medium worlds. The Third Relative's War also broke out but this time, had very little support, and soon the Empire defeated the armies of the descendance of Hannakon, killing its pretender and putting an end to the Relative's wars. The Second and Third Relative's were minor, unimportant and remote conflicts that couldn't compare to the destruction, magnitude and scope of the First one.

The Imperial-Unionist War

Devastation from the War against the Union

During this era of prosperity and expansion, the relationship with The Union had been worsen and the inicial cold war that had lasted for about two thousand years was now escalating quickly. The Union was under the rule of a new militaristic and fanatic High Theocrat that looked for mass conversion of the Empire citizens either voluntarily or by force. This corresponded with the approaching borders between both nations in the Galaxy and soon conflict seemed unavoidable. Both nations also had unresolved claims in the systems that lied in between. In 45,032 CE, war started between the Union and the Empire known as the Imperial-Unionist War

This war was the most massive and the most destructive of the Empire and the Union. Heavy losses were brought into both sizes and many worlds were destroyed or sacked. Some of the worlds that fell into the Union had is citizens converted by force. Most of this lied in the Far Colonies, away from the central core. The Union worlds were in turn forced to leave their religion, causing millions of deaths and millions of displaced people. Refugees from this wars moved to an unexplored region of space, and this decision saw the birth of the Lewis Federation in 45,378 CE. The Last battle was fought for the control of Hamlet, who had been taken by the Union. The war lasted for five centuries and in 45,587 CE, peace was signed between the two nations, with devastating consequences. The Union was the one that lost more worlds, and falling to gain most of the unclaimed territory. The Union was also force into giving money and slaves to the Empire as tribute for 300 years. The Empired in turn suffered from a heavy economic recession and hardship.

Recession lasted for many centuries, and most of the world that had later shined, were now torn apart from war and devastation. But luckily enough, other Planets got the opportunity to rise in power and influence taking the fallen one's position. Other manage to be reborn, like a phoenix from its ashes, with some becoming even more powerful. Relations with the Union were for the next 8700 years no more than futile and cold, being both nations too busy repairing themselves from struggles of War. But as soon as generations died, new commerce routes appeared and some nearby planet started comercial contact. The first route started in 47, 766 CE and soon many followed with an explosion of commercial routes between the two nations especially around 54,000 CE and 55,000 CE, opening a new era in the relationship between the Union and the Empire, although mistrust has always prevail between the too to this day.

Accelerated Expansion

By 38 540 CE, Imperial authorities had started its first space mission programs into nearby Galaxies, although efforts mostly went into the Lewis Galaxy deep exploration. It wasn't until the 42 900 CE that human ships under Imperial flag first visited the nearby Galaxy, the Iskadi Galaxy. In 42 166 CE, the Empire established the first colony in the Iskadi Galaxy, known as Planet Aira. Still Colonization did not progress much, and the colony remained as a small rural outpost, from which exploration of the Galaxy could be started. Some other colonies were founded but most kept being small. A constant but small flow of colonist kept migrating into the Iskadi Colonies. It was taken as a field of training for future expansion into near Galaxies.

It wasn't until almost 1000 years later that deep exploration and colonization of the Iskadi Galaxy officially began and was considered a priority. Between the 40 000 CE and the 85 000 CE milenia, deep exploration of the nearby galaxies was taken seriously. By the 50 000 CE's settlement "on masse" began, not only in the Iskadi Galaxy but in many other Galaxies., making the Empire of Mankind a serious intergalactic superpower by 55 500 CE.

Aldorian Conflicts (Work in Progress)

Federal War (Work in Progress)

This war took place between the Empire and the Intergalactic Federation for the control of several Galaxies. The War did not last long but was devastating specially for the Federation.

It was one of the main disaster that shook the Herschel Space in the mid-last period of the century. It was then when they Empire came to a sort of alliance with the Empire against the Federation and the United Allience. The Republic of Sion remained quite divided between both sides. Most of it had to do with the rights of xenos of Herschel Space. This led to massive destruction in many areas of the Empire.

The Lewis Galaxy was at first in this regard but most of the war was fought in border lands. The Empire had then to concentrate on its outer territories. The Federation used this strategy to try and attack the core galaxy. This led to the Disaster of Monka, the Bombardment of Eyen, and a successful defeat on Isolda.


Society in the Empire is stratified. The High class is made of the Emperor and its family followed by the Nobility and the rich and influential High Bourgeoisie. Then the Rich Citizen and the Common Citizens follow, as well as the Poor Citizens. They make the vast majority of the Empire's population. The lower class is made of Slaves and ilegal Immigrants. Even among slaves there are different classes as well.

EoM Social.jpg


There are different types of slaves in the Empire according to their class and their functions. They are the lowest class in the nation.

According to Class

  • Illegal Slaves: This are slaves smuggled into the Empire illegally. It's the lowest form of slavery, and is a increasing issue for the Empire authorities. Most of this slaves are forced into hard work without food, and treated worse than animals sometimes. They can be human or illegal clones. They are brought into the Empire by criminal bands. This slaves are a problem the government is trying to solve, and has been chasing and liberating those human who are found and putting the clones into Clone Slave categories. They make less than 1% of the total slave population
  • Clone Slaves: This slaves are clones, and by such are machine-made and breed with altered genetics and physical and psychological traits, to make them more obedient and submissive. Their genes can also make them slightly stronger for the low amount of labor work that they may do. All clones have to be marked by a huge black tattoo in their neck that depicts their condition to anyone that interacts with them. They make the vast majority of slaves, and are used specially by the government and other corporations, as well as mass production industries and some services. Their master can do what they want with their slave, so this kind of slave lacks any sort of right and can be badly threaten, but not killed, sadistically tortured, or poorly fed. Clones aren't considered people completely due to their altered genetic conditions and breeding. They are forbidden from liberty or achieving Imperial Citizenship being dammed to a live of servitude. Clone-slaves are forbidden to intermarry or produce descendants of their own with human-born slaves. All children produce from this unions are consider automatically clone slaves as well. Clones usually produce children with other clones, although sometimes they produce children with their masters, being those kids put into the clone category as well. Only influential members of society can get their children from such unions to be put into the traditional slave category although is quite rare. They make up to 65% more or less of the total slave population.
  • Traditional Slaves: This slaves have rights in front of the Law, and specially can prosecute in court their masters for bad treatment or any other abuse. They can't be killed, tortured heavily, be mutilated or having them poorly dressed and badly fed. This slaves can thrive and have wealth of their own, possessions, and be freed one day. This means they can achieve residency and finally attain full Imperial Citizenship one day. These slaves aren't clones, but full human or alien-born, and breed and are considered somehow people to the eyes of the law. Most of this human-born slaves are the descendants of losing side of wars, prisoners, rebels and punished people. Others are imperial citizens sold themselves into slavery to pay a debt. They make up to more or less 35% of all slaves.

According to Function

  • Working Slaves: Slaves are used for intensive task such as working in factories, mining, agricultural work, construction etc.. usually, slaves appointed to these tasks belong to corporations or multinationals. Still, the use of slaves for this task has been greatly reduce during the evolution of the Empire through the centuries. Most of this task is performed by machinery and robots nowadays, with assistance from some slaves. Almost all slaves working in this category are clones.
  • Domestic Slaves: This slaves are those who live more comfortable lives. They are used by the imperial population for domestic and personal tasks. Usually they serve entire families and they do all sort of house work, from buying things for the household to cleaning, taking care of kids and take care of the daily routines of their masters. Most of this slaves are Human-born slaves, and very rarely clones.
  • Services Slaves: This sort of slave is found in all sort of businesses and companies that work providing client services or face to public attention, like bars, restaurants, gyms, prostitution centers, dances, music performances, etc... They are equally Human-born and Clones working in this category.
  • Public or State Slaves: They can be found in public spaces and they work face to the public in administrative task and other government bodies, public services etc... These slaves belong to the state. Most of this are equally Human-born and Clones. Some human-born slaves are here to pay a debt they have with the state.
  • Military Slaves: They are used as first combat front. Some are used as soldiers while other are used for other military task such as military production, military training etc... All this slaves are clones being human-born slaves forbidden from this category, but could still be used as State slaves for tasks such as producing military equipment.


  • Legal:

Legal migrants are those who coming from other nations such as the Confederacy, or other minor nations, settled in the Empire territory fulfilling all legal requirements and paperwork

  • Illegal:

Are migrants who come to the Empire territory illegally, without having permission nor fulfilling all requirements needed to settled in the Empire. Some, come into the Empire seeking a new live and looking for a bit of the prosperity and wealth seen in the nation. Still, illegal immigrants are almost to the same level as slaves or scape slaves and their lives are always on alert.

Common Citizens

  • Poor Citizens

This citizens are those who usually struggle to have a constant source of income and can't afford even basic necessities. The State has a well-known state welfare that takes control of those in most need. Still, poverty may affect those that still are not poor enough to get any social assistance. Some may even be poorer than some slaves, but still are granted the same rights as the richest and most wealth members of society, even to aristocracy, the rule of the law applies the same way.

  • Medium Citizens

This citizens are well off citizens that make the bulk of the Empires population. Most of this are normal daily workers that live normal, quiet, and comfortable lives. However, some of these people may live with some little luxury. They earn enough money to have a normal fulfilling live in a day to day basis. They are the vast majority of the population in the Empire.

  • Wealthy Citizens

This citizens are members of society who have achieved personal wealth through work. Most own small to medium size com

panies, others do very prestigious works, such as being judges or well-known Engineers, High profile Doctors, etc... This members of society are rich or have well above average revenues without being super rich, they can still have a very comfortable live with some luxury from time to time.

Elite and High classes

  • Low Nobility:

These class is made of nobles who have a lower status than the Higher nobility, and thus less access to wealth. They are still wealthy but far lower than that of their peers and the Rich bourgeoisie, due to its status lowering their incomes. Sometimes their wealth compares to that of a wealthy citizen or a medium citizen. Nevertheless, they are protected by the state from extreme poverty due to their noble status. It's common for this social group to marry into the rich bourgeoisie or wealthy citizen class in order to get promoted: They have the name but do not have the needed resources while on the other hand, the other side do have the resources but do not have the proper name nor nobility status that grants them prestige.

  • Rich Bourgeoisie:

These are Citizens that hold incredible fortunes inside the nation. Most have incredible wealth, sometimes even surpassing that of High Noble families. Still, from time to time, a low Nobility family, usually a lower nobility family that is poorer than them, marries into the Bourgeoisie in order to get promoted and gain the sources needed to climb in the social ladder.

  • High Nobility:

Are those in society that hold the highest prestige in the Nation. They are considered the right hand of the Emperor and those appointed to guard, protect and ensure the continuity of order and the rule of law in the nation. Thus the High nobles are set with the task of collecting taxes, respond for any problem in their controlled planet or/and system, as well as having a high degree of responsibility. Not always the first born is set in the nobility to rule, they can choose the fittest one for the position among their descent. Also after the rule of Empress Aranis, gender isn't an issue for heritage.

  • Imperial Family :

The Imperial Family is among the most powerful in the Empire of Mankind. They are somehow consider almost sacred by their subjects. The Imperial Family is made of the direct descent of the Emperor. The High Imperial Family is made of the Emperor or Empress, their husband or wife and their issue. The Lower Imperial Family is made of collateral members of the ruling Emperor family, such as brothers, cousins, aunts or uncles of the Emperor etc... The High Imperial Family has special rights granted to them than the Lower Family doesn't possess.

Customs and relations

Terraforming is a mean of colonization for the Empire, and many worlds have been terraformed and colonized with extraplanetary lifeforms on previously barren worlds. Genetical engineering and modification, specially cloning, is regulated but highly practice among the Imperials. The use of narcotics is also regulated but not forbidden as it is in other nations. The use of advance A.I and robots is completely forbidden. Give emotions and human like intelligence to machines is punished by death and seen as an abomination, since the Empire sees artificial intelligence as a threat not only to the nation but to all biological entities in the universe, specially the Human species. Still, some A.I exist in the Empire, they have in no way human-like abilities and have been in a rather primitive state. A.I are still responsible for Imperial navigations. Relations with nations controlled by artificial intelligences are rather tense but the Empire, luckly enough I.A controlled nations are far away from the Lewis Nations.

They are famous for their elegance and beautiful architectural design.


The Power in the Empire is divided according to three traditional powers: The Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judiciary Power.

The Executive Power

Most of the Power resides in the hands of the Emperor, the Imperial Family, the High Nobles and the Lower nobility. They are representations of the nation in each and every planet and are in charge of the protection of the citizens they rule over and abide by the laws and powers of the Empire. This means that they have some special rights but on the other hand they are supervised by the other too powers to control an excessive use of their priviledges.

The Military is another of the most powerful bodies. Usually, the Burgoisie has some important control over it, and the nobility has been at times forbidden to control the military but not anymore. Some prominent members of the Noble Houses have achieved key positions in the Army. The Burocracy is the lowest and less important body but the most numerous. It is in charge of micromanaging the local regions of the Empire.

EoM Executive.jpg

The Legislative Power

The Power of creating the law of the Empire is on the hands of the

The Elections are held every 5 years. The High Legislators can only be held by common citizens. All Nobility is forbidden to be elected or present themselves for the Legislative Parliament. This means that the parliamentarians get to this position thanks to their own merit and through an election campaign. These are low key and state financed.

Every System or group of Systems with the required amount of population gets to send a representative to the Parliament to defend their interests and debate on the matters of the nation and which regulations can suit the country better.

The Parliament is divided in two Chambers. The Low Chamber helds all the High Legislators of the nation, up to 580 000. The High Chambers holds 50 seats in total, with 25 belonging to the most populated systems. The other 25 are given to members of the Low Chamber and change in turn every election.

EoM Legislative.jpg

The Judiciary Power

The Supreme Judges of the Court have to be elected by meritocracy and popular vote between several candidates, in which the Nobility can't intervene nor vote. All High Judges have to be by law from the Common People with the Aristocracy being forbidden from being elected into this government ranks.

By this means, all High Judges are granted a high status by their own personal merits and their successful professional careers, with their entire voting campaign financed by the state with private financing being completely forbidden in order to control that only the wealthy can access this positions. High judges are amongst the best minds of the Empire, since they have to be extraordinary to achieve such high ranks among so many individuals.

Judge campaigns are usually low key, without much display, being those of the Legislative a bit more popular All High Judges, to be eligible for such a rank, have to gain first the position of Planetary Supreme Judges, this means, they become the highest legal authority of a Planet or a System by merit promotion, being part of a Planetary High Court or a System's High Court. High Judge Elections are held once every 5 standar years.

Each Planet or System, depending on Population and importance, have their own Planetary High Court, or System High Court. To enter into this organs means that those who succeed do so by their own effort and hard work and study of the Law. Once, one is in this organs of Judicial power, they can get access to the Voting Campaign for the Imperial Supreme Court. Once they get some requirements, and get approved, they can get the money to finance their campaign. This means they probably have to campaign against former colleagues. Citizens vote for their favourite, and the winner gets to go to Mitra to represent their system or area.

Some Systems with low population have not a High Court, only local judges, and so, they get associated with the nearest most populated System or planet with a High Court. The amount of population required is quite high, which means that sometimes 50 or more systems have to come together to get enough population for a voting process and get to send a representative High Judge.

The voting system is as follows: Each system with an X amount of population is eligible to get a vote. This vote takes places among several local candidates. The one who wins, represents the entire system and gets a seat in the Supreme Court of Mitra. Each System has its representative into the Imperial Supreme Court, and among themselves, they reunite and choose the top 20 judges who would make the Constitutional Court, who decide on Constitutional Violations and very high important cases.

Even an emperor could be judge by its actions by this organ and imprisoned, being a way for the people to have a lot of power still and forbid absolutism in the country. Nevertheless, the Aristocracy and the Emperor have a lot of power themselves. Usually the common people and the Emperor ally themselves against the powerful aristocracy in order to push out society benefits and restrain aristocratic strength, power, wealth and control

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Two of the most important cults in the Empire, are those dedicated to the worship of the State as a deity itself. This is reflected on the Cult of the Eternal Flame, which is based on the world of Hestias and the Cult of the Emperors, in which the citizens worship the figure of Emperor, not as a divinity on its own but rather as a physical representation of the State with power and decision over millions of lives and their destiny. So they worship so that the Emperor has proper guidance, rule and decision.

Important Worlds

  • Elpida (Imperial Seat and Executive Capital)
  • Pax (Judiciary Capital and Financial Center)
  • Mitra (Legislative Capital and Powerhouse of Entertaintment and Comunication industries)
  • Haldar (Military and Shipbuilding Center)
  • Thetis
  • Astrion
  • Lipna
  • Memphis
  • Alma
  • Brelax
  • Tarnis
  • Meldan
  • Arkanon
  • Oyatan
  • Kalmar
  • Rhea
  • Arkaia
  • Monka
  • Hamlet
  • Iona