100th Millennium Wiki

"Duty to your lord and House is key to our survival within this galaxy. The system the Lord-Monarch gave us has kept us alive for over ten thousand years. Remember that, and remember - The Lords are on our side. They shall protect us when the time comes."

The Empire of the Royal Kingdom, more commonly refereed to as the Royal Empire, is a Faction located in the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy.

The Royal Empire originates from the world Attero. After the Seal-Off of Verpletter, various refugees from around the Regiis cluster began to reach one another, all confused and seeking safety. During this period, the refugees came under attack by a number of hostile species, seeking to destroy the large congregation of foreign ships in their territory. This resulted in a confederation of the various groups under one total commander of military genius. This would later set the bedrock for the future of the Faction.

Regardless, the refugee forced congregated around the world of Attero, and fought back against their invaders. The process of building a civilization began afterwards. The authority bestowed upon the military master who helped them never stepped down from power though - Instead they were revered and celebrated. This is what helped transition the state into an absolute monarchy.

It is a large scale feudal society, in which various Houses possess various lands filled with minor houses which hold smaller amounts of territory, whom they call upon to field armies when necessary. Within the context of a multi-solar system empire, this has turned to entire solar systems raising armies for their various feudal overlords.

At the heart of this feudal system is the object of religious veneration, the Heads of State, the Lord-Monarchs - A Royal bloodline which is considered to be divine within the Royal Empire. The various monarchs throughout the ages have been revered and treated as living Gods. The great many ways in which the royal bloodline has been responsible for the various savings of those within its territories.