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"Emprecoy, the forgotten ecumenopolis, once a grand planet with a population of over ten trillion, what happened here?" --Unknown


Emprecoy, often described as, dusty, desolate, devastated, but that wasn't how it always was. Emprecoy, was once the capital planet of the Democratic Nations of Nilus (as well as high affiliation with the Guild of External Power) with a population of over 14 trillion, its climate was perfect yearly, and its air was clean. In the present day however, Emprecoy is completely abandoned, its air is dirtier, and its buildings left vacant, nobody lives here, and hasn't for millennia. The ecumenopolis that covers the planet is believed to be called the "City of Knowledge" according to texts found on the planet which suggests that Emprecoy was the first ecumenopolis of Nilus to be named "The city of X".


The history that occurred before its abandonment is clouded, but a general view has been provided by surviving text and images on the planet.

First Discovery

Emprecoy is said to have been discovered at around 20,167 CE, (the year following the human colonization of the Lewis Galaxy), by the Guild of External Power, where it was said to have been a beautiful land of verdant green. The Apatis began building cities spread across the planet, while many stayed the same relative size, others were expanded until they covered entire continents. As population increased, so did the attention surrounding the planet, until finally, around 34,311 CE, the Democratic Nations of Nilus confronted the Apatis.

Emprecoy's Involvement with the DNN

At around 35,179 CE, the DNN had successfully bought over the planet as their capital, shortly after, on an unknown date, the DNN had engulfed the planet in the City of Knowledge. The planet was presumably named this way because of the Apati's love for books, and thus why the planet's largest district was dedicated to knowledge, I.E. Libraries.

Library District

The Library District appears as a large grey eye from space

From evidence shown, it was concluded that this district was indeed dedicated to discovery, curiosity, and knowledge. Curious that this district shows the most damage from the time of its abandonment, highly suggesting someone, or something was attempting to rid of past history of the planet. Once more, the remains of an Osseter lie among this district, which supports that the Guild of External Power had presence here at some point.

Surviving texts and books in this district have also helped to uncovering the history of this mysterious planet.

Emprecoy's Abandonment

The planets abandonment is possibly the most unknown event involving Emprecoy, and to this day is still being uncovered. But craters in the Library District are theorized to have been caused by a bombing. A more plausible theory is that a battle on or above Emprecoy may have taken place, wreckage of battleships and ammunitions suggest that this event occurred,.

Battle of Emprecoy

Evidence has led to believing that a battle had taken place here during Emprecoy's Abandonment. Somewhere between 43,100, and 43,200 CE, this battle was supposedly fought between the Guild of External Power and the Democratic Nations of Nilus (see section <insert section>). The purpose of this battle is still unclear, but there are some known reasons as to why this battle started. See below is a list of known reasons this battle began:

  • Apati Influence

During this time, the GoEP was very influential in Nilunian politics, and growing in popularity among the three galaxies, in response, the DNN may have attacked Emprecoy in fear that the power of the Guild would destabilize, why the DNN would risk their own capital is unknown. This reason may be why Emprecoy's Osseter is seen destroyed

  • Censorship

The DNN's history is very cloudy in days previous to Emprecoy's history, but what is known about ancient DNN history includes very controversial topics and tales involving the organization, so it is likely that this battle had started in order to clear the name of the DNN

Technology used during the battle of Emprecoy

Though not fully documented, some uses of ancient Nilunian wartime technology was used during this battle. The first piece of technology used during this battle being the Seismic Alterer.

Seismic Alterer

A Seismic Alterer was a primitive superweapon used in Nilus during wartime, its first use dates back to the Battle of Emuhari during the Grand Nilunian War. The device was able to wipe out the entire population of a landmass on Emuhari without completely destroying it. These devices were later banned in wartime after the Tragedy of Hope's Gate. These devices may have been used to completely wipe out the population of Emprecoy, the faction that used this device is unknown as of today, but the most likely to have used it is the DNN.

Maurice Marauder

The Maurice Marauder was a type of bomb used during the Grand Nilunian War, and its first use dates back to the Quellian War. The device is used to either completely destroy small megastructures or destroy segments of megastructures. A Maurice Marauder may have been detonated on the Osseter to destroy it, though not completely destroyed as its remains lie on the surface.

The Emprecoy Signal

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