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Enedia-111, or just simply Enedia, is an S0 Lenticular galaxy. It is a close neighbor to the Flower Galaxy, It is about 1,000,000 Lightyears from Flower, and will likely collide with it. The galaxy is very recognizable because of its extremely pink hue, as well as its natural ring around its outside. escaping away from the core. It was only recently been colonized and populated by Humans. Enedia is best known for is strange abundance of Gas Giants and Aquaria. As well as Binary stars. Enedia has an extremely pink hue, similar, and preceding, that hue of Ambrosia. Only one native species have ever fully evolved here is the species known as the Gelsani. They often keep to themselves off in the Viel Rim.


Zones of Enedia

Below is a map of the zones of Enedia, along with background information about each zone.



The absolute center of Enedia, full of clusters, ancient stars, and pulsars.

Inner zone

The space outside the core, strangely, this space is focused with the most nebulae.


As the name suggests, this space, is wildly void of anything, this is because of extremely high abundance to frigid airless planets.

Edge Wilds

This large area has not been fully developed in colonization, and has currently has little to offer.

Civilized Space

As the name suggests, this region was the first area to be colonized by the humans, in 60 100 CE the name Enedia-111 was adopted because of the 111 worlds that were occupied by humans.

Viel Rim

A space that has been kept and preserved by the Gelsani, or as what they call the Viel in their language "ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ⍑𝙹ꖎ|| !¡∷ᒷᓭᒷ∷⍊ᒷ∷ᔑリᓵ╎" Meaning "The Holy Preserveranci"


Scientists and astronomers believe that the only life that was able to become at least a type 1 civilization were the Gelsani, it is theorized that this is because of low amount of habitable planets in Enedia, perhaps it is the Gelsani were very luck to have adapted to the planet that they have evolved on.

A Gelsani


The Gelsani have been ever so peaceful to the humans, yet, they fear them, ever since they arrived in Enedia. Their leaders oppose the humans as a dangerous external that none should interact with a being that could be hard to trust. They keep to themselves in the Viel, and hardly ever wish to interact with another species.

Politics wise, relations with the Gelsani are stressful, as the leaders of the Gelsani believe that making relations with an external race could cause chaos within their species.


Famous Nebulae of Enedia


  • Relan Nebula - One of the most famous of nebula, for its huge and colorful display in the night sky.
  • Koas Nebula - Big and red, inside of it is a pulsar with jets spinning a nearly the speed of light,known as Terin-1456421
  • Gerong Nebula - Bright and blue, with swirls like a tornado.


Famous Worlds of Enedia

  • ∷ℸ ̣ ⍑ᔑリᑑ╎, Aka Teeshan, is the home world of the Gelsani, external species have been prohibited to visit the planet.