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Enigallo Xeraret Ramenne, or Enigallo, is a Kajakali female who is currently the President of the Eulciar Union of Nations, a supra-governmental organisation covering over half of the Eulciar Galaxy.


Enigallo was born on Capitolis to Hament Egtojae Zaoeng and Rammetn Enolet Veotn on the 21st of July, 81 845 CE. From birth, she showed remarkable intelligence and respectfulness, something she has kept continuous throughout her adult life.

At the age of three, she could speak and write fluently in two languages, as well as solve complex mathematical equations in seconds inside of her head.

By the age of five, she had graduated secondary school, and was applying for numerous doctorates in multiple prestigious universities across Capitolis.

By the age of ten, she had earned three doctorates and styled herself as Doctor Enigallo Xeraret Ramenne. She was lecturing student twice and thrice her age at multiple universities and her fame had spread off Capitolis.

By the age of fifteen, her name was known throughout Amoeni Space and beyond as 'the smartest sentient for four million lightyears'. However, this was not enough for her. She aspired for more.

At the age of 3 197, she decided to run for President of the EUN. This is where historians tend to agree that her name was known throughout the entire Cosmos. She won by a landslide, and has maintained the post continuously until the present day.


Enigallo has numerous relationships with multiple others, mostly not as famous and well-known as her. However, she did once meet Liam Arrbotch, a chance encounter that would forge a friendship that could take on the stars, only to fall into dissrepair.


Enigallo has had two husbands so far, a human and kajakali.

Michael Cealer

Michael Cealer was a human male who worked on a starship that once ferried Enigallo from world to world. During the course of one of the trips, the two fell for each other. A month later they got married, a marriage that lasted two hundred and twelve years. Toward the last century, the two drifted away from each other. One day, Michael got up and said that he considered their marriage and love over, not out of hate, but out of boredom. Enigallo was sad, but had been expecting it. Technically, they are still married, but they both consider themselves to be divorced.

Romanen Orgona Ytteragre

Romanen Orgona Ytteragre is Enigallo's current husband, a male Kajakali who she has had three children with. Romanen and Enigallo met at a political meeting between the EUN and the Kajakali Nation, whom Romanen was representing. After a couple of months, the two confessed that they loved each other and married. Their marriage has lasted two thousand three hundred and seventy three years to date, probably because of how little they see each other.


Enigallo is a pansexual Kajakali, as are most Kajakali. She has had three wives in the past, each of which she has married and broken up with in a few years. A Ctrala, Kajakali and a human are those that she has married in the past.


Emener was a female Ctrala whom Enigallo met on a embassy trip to the Ctrala Federation. They married after seeing each other for six months, but soon grew tired of each other. They officially divorced two years after they married, which gained a great deal of publicity.

Kalweregt Granderte Egnamer

Kalweregt Granderte Egnamer was a female Kajakali who Enigallo met while on holidays on Vecroxmer. They dated and married in only two months, but divorced after another decade.

Shelia Benaerot

Shelia Benaerot is a human female who Enigallo met whilst visiting Valhalla in Vanaheimr. They married in a lavish public ceremony on Valhalla, and made their way back to Eulciar. However, after a century of marriage, they drifted apart. This culiminated with Shelia moving back to Vanaheimr, to live with her family. As with Michael, they are still married in the eyes of the law, but have not set eye on each other for a thousand years.


Enigallo has had three children over her life, all three with her current husband, Romanen Orgona Ytteragre:

Manetnt Oirege Ragent

Manetnt is the eldest child of the two. He is a quite, thoughtful person who, when growing up, would rather sit in the corner drawing a scientific diagram of a frog than be the centre of attention. Currently he is married to one Batejo Uletna Enertryrs, with whom he has had a child with.

Manez Iggarsoe Rannoet

Manez is the middle child, and so the one who was most overlooked. She often was told, 'Oh, your more social than Manetnt', or 'Your a lot calmer than you sister,' rather than being praised for who she is. She is married to Veaen Letynt Greon, and has yet to have a child.

Negglifae Ourteoal Rpael

Negglifae was the youngest, the most boisterous and the most energetic. She was a handful to her parents, who often hired a nanny to look after her. She often does thing for the adrenalin rush, such as jumping off a cliff into a net above a ocean twenty kilometres below. She has had numerous marriages, and has accumulated six children from them.


Enigallo is often described as arrogant, condescending, but caring, compassionate and kind. She genuinly cares about those under her, and would go to any length to secure the future of the EUN.