100th Millennium Wiki

Enormous is a moonship hovering at the edge of the Aurora System as a defense mechanism. It was once a large planet, but now it has been equipped with a FTL drive and a kbjgillion lasers, and now is a warship capable of deciminating even the largst of fleets. luckily, it is only used for defense.


Enormous began construction on the 12th of December, 58 025. The first things to go in were the FTL drives, which were installed at the centre of the planet to steal all of its geothermal energy, to power it. This took three hundred years to get right, but when they did, the hardest part was over. Next, they covered the surface is metal, with cities, bunkers, armies, and all many of offensive weapons. This part took two thousand years, from start to finish. Finally, the builders installed the fail-safe, which meant that if the ship was ever to be captured, the Electric Field Drive as its centre would overheat and explode, blowing the planet to pieces.


As of 100 000, Enormous has only ever been in one battle, and that was to assist an ally that was being pressed in on from all sides by enemies. The battle was a knockover, with the battle over within two days of Enormous arriving on the scene.