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88,021 CE - Present
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The Entente of Ventemir, officially the Greater Tetrad Entente of Ventemir is a galactic power located within the Ventemir Galaxy, occupying over two-fifths of it. Additionally, it posses a small number of stars in Via Lacrimosa. The nation is ruled by the Entente of Nobles, an organization made of four distinct species composed of the four most influential species within the Entente: Atlins, Humans, Orcubor, and Legions. It only borders the State of Tenshi.

Continually occupied by advanced civilizations for the last 200,000 years, The Entente occupies some of the most developed territory in its region. The Entente of Ventemir can trace its origins back to Sedrua, an ancient nation based in the distant Aylothn Galaxy. Sedrua colonized a fairly large number of worlds in Ventemir. The Sedruans colonized and terraformed Lowa in about 160,000 BCE. Lowa was later abandoned as the Triumvirate Civilization expanded to fill the whole of Ventemir. After the Sedruans left, a various civilians they left behind would go on to become the Atlins.

The Atlins never had a chance to expand much on their own before being contacted by the Triumvirate. After existing for less than fifty thousand years, the primitive Atlins soon gained advanced technology, allowing them to spread across a large portion of the galaxy. The collapse of the Triumvirate in 15,089 BCE, the Atlins formed the Lowuks Entente. After being significantly weakened by the War of the Final Transition, a human nation from Via Sagittaria, the State of Tenshi, went on to conquer it. While absorbed, the Atlins became greatly influenced by Tenshin humans to the point of adopting the aristocratic system they used. After another major war, the Entente declared independence. In 88,021 CE, four species of the galaxy's species united under one united aristocracy. Currently, the Entente is an associate state of the Confederacy of Borealis.

General Information

Entente of Ventemir




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88,021 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Lowa, Gohbrin, Veritas, Ayomi, Gira Gira, Odo, Zaneri



Economic Type
Democracy Index
58.992 Nonillion C-Units
Military Status
Great Power
Economic Status
Galactic Power


The Lowuks Entente

Main Article: Lowuks Entente

The Lowuks Entente formed in 15,089 BCE after the Triumvirate fell. The provincial government was organized to run the nation without oversight, allowing for a smooth transition into independence. From there, the Entente quickly expanded, occupying large numbers of stars, most of which had infrastructure left over form their previous rulers. With the advantage of having an incredibly large supply of pre-built technology, they emerged as a Great Power in the early 6,000's BCE. The Entente became capable of influence on a galactic scale. Immediately, it learned of the other nations in the area, most notably The Empyrean and the Yohjan Confederacy. When it became increasingly clear that the Yohjan Confederacy was a threat, the Lowuks Entente entered into an alliance with the Empyrean.

The tensions between the Lowuks Entente and the Yohjan Confederacy came to a peak in 1,285 BCE. In what would later be known as the War of the Final Transition, these three great powers began a total war the likes of which has not been seen in the galaxy since then. The Yohjan Confederacy managed to even to gain ground while fighting both the Entente and the Empyrean. Eventually, the remnants of the Triumvirate launched a full scale attack on both the Entente and Yohjan Confederacy, significantly straining the resources of both sides. The Lowuks Entente won the war; however, the strain put on the civilization caused it to collapse in 1,009 CE.


The State of Tenshi was the next major nation to take control of Ventemir. While technically having sovereignty over the entire galaxy, large tracts of space remained out of their control due to the cost associated with keeping the territory. They captured the three major Birch Planets in 21,691 after a long siege. Rather than treating the native Atlins and Orcubor poorly, they treated them as equals, quickly defusing any resistance movements that took form. Quality of life drastically improved under the much more peaceful Tenshi, especially compared to the warlords that ruled the galaxy before hand.

After Tenshi reformed itself into the Dominium of United Duchies, an empire spanning across Via Lacrimosa, parts of Via Sagittaria, and Ventemir, quality of life increased even more. The Dominium was close to outmatching even the Confederacy of Borealis in terms of economic and military might. Only after playing with forces they did not understand that they collapsed. Prince Jeroboam, an entity created by the Dominium, went on to kill most of the leadership. This greatly destabilized the nation, causing it to collapse into various pieces. Ventemir experienced a huge influx of Vexlore, Human, and Gainge refugees.


Main Article: Tenshin Dispute

The War of the Ancients and the subsequent joining of Tenshi into the Confederacy of Borealis caused a large rift to form in Tenshi. Numerous factions wanted reform into a constitutional monarchy while others wanted a different line to inherit the crown. The dispute grew to the point that the Sakagami House of Tenshi broke away, taking a large amount of territory with them.

While they would have normally been crushed by the superior military Tenshi had in Via Sagittaria, Jezebel's War prevented them from using the fullest extent of their fleets against the Sakagamis. Additionally, they received support from the nation of Drusidia and the Legion known as Legio. The gained full independence in 88,021 CE. The Atlin and Orcubor nobility, in addition to Legio, formed the Entente of Ventemir the same year.

Failed Integration Attempts

As an influential member-state within the Confederacy of Borealis, Tenshi blocked all attempts at the Entente joining the Confederacy. Additionally, the Entente had no monarchies on its side. Virtually every monarchy in the universe, especially those nearby, sided with Tenshi for the sake of advantageous trade deals with the Confederacy. Even the Empire of Mankind, a longtime ally of the Sakagami House, sided with Tenshi. They only barely managed to get the status of Confederate Associate State, allowing them to continue using Confederate money and have beneficial trade deals.

Contemporary History

The Entente possesses one of the fastest growing economies, populations, and industrial capacities of any nation nearby to it. It is a center of production for various commodities including large numbers of objects fit for the Abnormal Commodity Exchange, including large numbers of artifacts from the Triumvirate civilization. Ventemir can compare to Via Sagittaria in many ways thanks to the Entente. The galaxy is often viewed as an equal to Via Sagittaria.

Government and Politics

The Crown

The Entente of Ventemir is governed by the four "native species" despite only two truly native species having representation. The noble houses of these species have the powers of the monarch, meaning the crown lies with all four of them at once. The Atlin nobles are known as the Ventenojima House, Humans as the Sakagami House, and the Orcubor as the Gozono House. The Legions receive one representative who is simply known as "Legio." This Legion used to be one of the three rulers of the ancient Triumvirate civilization.

The Archon

Any individual a part of the Noble Houses can run for the position of Archon. The Archon approves new laws and measures pushed forward by the Noble Houses. They have the ability to block laws as well as the right to declare war and manage trade. The position is tremendously important and is thus not hereditary. For the sake of allowing the people of Ventemir to have a say in government, they are able to vote for whichever noble they please (apart from Legio).