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The State of Tenshi
88021 CE - ___ CE
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The Entente of Ventemir (Formerly called The Lowuks Entente, Usually just called The Entente) is the largest nation within the Ventemir Galaxy, occupying over ninety percent of it. The nation is run by the Lowan Ministry, a conglomeration of noble houses, individuals, and organizations tracing their origins to various historical entities.

The Entente of Ventemir can trace it's origins back to Sedrua, an ancient nation once controlling the entirety of the Local Group. Sedrua terraformed a large number of planets in their time controlling the Local Group. One such of these worlds, Lowa, was colonized and terraformed in by the Sedruans in about 350,000 CE. Lowa was later abandoned when the first iteration of the nation collapsed in 215,000 CE. Shortly after the collapse of Sedrua, a species regarded as an animal gained sapience. The Lowan environment selected for intelligence, leading to the emergence of the Atlins, the most common species in the Entente.

The Atlins never had a chance to form technology of their own before being contacted by The Triumvirate Civilization

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