Eonxe is a selena moon located in the Pahexus System in the Djorg 3/NGC 6540 cluster, about 12 thousand light-years away from Sol.

Its parent gas giant Cöntqa is home to the sentient Trarrofs, who are the main inhabitants of Eonxe. Eonxe is an important spaceport for the local population, since it holds the only shipbuilding and mining centers in the system.

Between the 4th millenia and 53rd century, the moon was a safe haven and a virtual pirate headquarters.


While the Tratoffs had technology for high-velocity aerial flights, they were unable to reach further than 50 kilometers above the cloud tops of their home planet. In fact, the first creatures to achieve orbit around Cöntqa were humans when they detected the radio anomalies generated by the Tratoffs.

The first humans there were, however, pirates who arrived on 3303. When they noticed that the Tratoffs desired to explore space but were technologically incapable, the pirates made an offer they knew the natives wouldn't refuse: rocketry technology (and some others, such as advanced electronics) in exchange for labor force and one of the planet's natural satellites (the pirates initially demanded for the whole satellite system, but negotiations brought it down).

Pirates soon found that the proximity of the location combined with the easy access to large quantities of labor made the moon ideal for a base. Within the first decade after the establishment of the outpost, thousands of pirates had visited the moon, and it gradually evolved into a center of black market activities.

FøPP, the largest pirate organization in Milky Way Galaxy for a long period of time, was founded on Eonxe on 3321.

With the black market trading and the monopoly over the interstellar "trade" of the Traroffs, economy and the population of the pirate base grew and permanent settlers began arriving. In order to minimize the chance of detection, the pirates placed signal jammers on the moon's orbit and did not significantly alter the environment of the cold selena. The population reached a peak just before the Confederacy raid on 5307, with 10 million inhabitants, most of which are directly or indirectly involved in the piracy business.

The Eonxe Raid occurred on November 12th, 5307. The Confederacy was aware that the pirates had some form of headquarters, but they have not been able to find its location. Some of the Trarrofs, tired of working dirty jobs under the pirates, decided to escape their confinement and managed to hijack a pirate vessel heading into Confederate space. When they arrived, they alerted the Confederacy on the presence of pirates on Eonxe (they had gradually learned to speak human language from the pirates). A fleet was quickly assembled and sent to Eonxe, crushing the pirate resistance and forcing many to flee with little ground combat.

After the raid, some battlecruisers and orbital stations were placed in orbit around Eonxe and its parent. Now aware of the existence of other civilizations, the Trarrofs agreed to place themselves under Confederate protection, but they maintained their own military (which initially consisted heavily of abandoned pirate fighter vessels). The Traroffs proceeded to colonize the other moons of their planet and moved on to slowly take over their system. Due to their aerial nature, however, the Traroffs could not live in quantity on their moons and simply used the atmosphereless moon as a mining and industrial center. Some humans and other species also live on Eonxe, either as professional workers or as traders. The population steadied on the eve of the 7th millenia, with enough labor to harness the resources from the moon.

As the Second Galactic War raged across the galaxy, a small Molkor party of cruisers entered the system and skirmished with the local forces, with few casualties from either side. The Molkor withdrew after about an hour, and no pursuit was attempted. The Molkor never returned to the Pahexus (with an exception of an ambassador, who was stationed on Eonxe after the war ended).

Recently, there have been talks within the Trarrof government (i.e. the Independent League of Trarrofs) to commission a corporation in order to terraform Eonxe to increase its habitability.


About 87% of the population are Trarrofs, and humans make up most of the rest. Due to a lack of atmospheres they live in pressurized biodomes with about 2 atm of pressure (which requires humans to slowly acclimatize) and similar oxygen pressure with Earth. Aside from the standard Trarrof agriculture, human soil-based agriculture also provides food for the colony, which are generally self-sustaining.

Some of the humans find employment as skilled workers for the Trarrof-owned mines, and some others are merchants importing outside goods. Eonxe is also a relatively well-known cultural tourism destination due to its long history of involvement in space piracy. Nevertheless, as with most airless colonies, its economy remained dependent on mining and heavy industry.


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