Erebus (RS8474-1353-8-11843159-540) is a rogue J-class planet, 140 lightyears from Earth. It is 6 times bigger than Jupiter and has a freezing temperature of -253.15 °C.

Erebus remained in obscurity for quite a while until a strange signal was detected in 3248 from an object within its vicinity.




A small E-class moon that was the source of the mysterious signal received in 3248. While it seemed like a dark uninhabited wasteland from a distance however further inspection revealed strange lights on a region on the surface. A robotic drone that was sent to the surface discovered that these lights were cities, controlled by a strange mechanical society which is ruled by bio-mechanical brain-like entities. It is unknown who or what created these alien machines. It is kept warm by the gravitational pull of Erebus, having a temperature of 27 °C.



A hot O-class moon, 3 times the size of Earth. Hurricanes, monsoons and strong wins rage across this darkened water world. No life exists there nor have any of the Hypnosian machines colonized it. It has a temperature of 191 °C.

Other moons

A total of 69 moons orbit circle Erebus including, Hypnos, Pontus, 2 deserts and 6 ice worlds with the rest being asteroids.

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