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Erhm is a frigid marine world orbiting a star in the Eulciar Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Barnel-Manwe species, as well as their most populous planet.


Erhm formed 7.8 billion years ago, as a icy world many AU away from Falar. As Falar grew brighter, Erhm's frozen surface melted slightly, making a global sea of nitrogen under a ridiculously thin atmosphere of hydrocarbons. As the sun stabilised, the some nitrogen vaporised and thickened the atmosphere, creating a sort of 'nitrogen cycle' where nitrogen rain falls onto seas of nitrogen, which are evaporated. This entire cycle takes many years, over a millennia for a atom of nitrogen to complete the entire cycle.

Large continents started to appear as Falar warmed more of the surface and evaporated more nitrogen. Eventually, it reached equibrilum and life formed.

On ocean vents that were scarily room temperature, life began that used nitrogen as its respiratory agent. It used the hydrocarbons in the nitrogen seas to fuel its body, and so a fast moving organisms were born. They were separated into three categories - animal, plant and microbial.

The plants, as soon as they evolved out of the nitrogen oceans, spread across the surface of the planet. They appeared black, so as to absorb as much energy from the sun as they could. Still, they did not acquire much and the average plant is over a millennia old of Erhm. This is why plants are of such importance to Barnel-Manwe culture.

Animals were the action of the planet - face paced chases happened across the surface that were still many times slower than your average walk down the road, but in comparison to other worlds like Erhm appeared at the speed of light. Animals grew to dominate the air, sea and land of Erhm. Large sail-like creatures surfed the small waves of the oceans, bat and fly-like creatures led avian lives in the sky, not once touching the ground, and huge mammal-like creatures dominated the land.

The Microbes are by far the largest kingdom of life - over a trillion Erhm-born microbes are located on Erhm and in its orbit. Yes, that's right. In orbit. Some of these microbes got thrown into orbit, and have created their own ecosystem up in orbit. It forms the "eco-ring", a faint ring system made up of a scattered field of microbes. On the surface, microbes are everywhere, as they are with most other inhabited worlds.

Life has evolved, and the primitive Barnel-Manwe have developed a industrial civilizations using a unique form of fire, where a portion of nitrogen-imbued hydrocarbons are burnt to produce heat and light by running oxygen over it. It took the Barnel-Manwe over ten thousand years to figure out how to do this, and it is widely considered on of the largest technological leaps in the Local Universe.

As they progressed, they unified their homeworld and founded the People's Coalition of Erhm in 28 553. They reached starflight in 28 845 and immediately colonised surrounding space.


The Map of Erhm

Erhm has numerous continents and seas, defined by tectonic plates as the continents usually are connected.


Azara is Erhm's north polar ice cap, a land of ice and snow in the night, and a lush, warm(er) continent when day. This is because of the axial tilt of Erhm, for half of the year Azara is constantly in daylight and the other half it is in night.


Caraley is Erhm's southern polar ice cap, a land of extremes. Most of the time, it is a desert of ice and snow at night and a desert with no nitrogen in the day. Caraley is Erhm's most inhospitable place.


Vael is Erhm's largest continent by a slim margin. Vael is the most populated continent, as well as the one where the capital is located, on the shores of Sersyie. Vael was a world leader in farming, before it became redundant with the advent of space farming and bioengineered crops. Its cuisine was marvelled throughout the world, and throughout the PCE.


Arol is a barely-inhabited tundra/desert clinging onto Azara. In the night, all organisms there go into hibernation and almost freeze over. In the day, all organisms go into hibernation to conserve nitrogen. Most organisms are only awake in the short "dusk" and "dawn", where the continent is a bustle of activity.


Ela is a major continent in technology. It was the main manafacturing basis for the early PCE, and still retains a reputation to "be able to make anything and everything from the smallest microchip to the largest dreadnought". Ela is also a major mining domain, but not as large as Xaren.


Madrak is a major population centre, containing 17% of the entire planets population. Madrak is a place of opulence. It is the commercial centre of Erhm, known for its shopping precincts and arcades. Some of theses arcades can reach up to a hundred kilometres long, in the case of the Silavone Arcade. The average revenue of Mardak is around 64% of Erhm's entire GDP, making Madrak a vital part of the economy.


Maran is the second largest continent and the third most populated, more well known as the birthplace of the Barnel-Manwe. It was in here, it at the equator where temperatures are stable, that the primordial species that would be known as the Barnel-Manwe figured out the famous equation, , which could be used to kill stuff.


Gakaler is the second most continent, as little sliver of land that borders both Maran and Vael. It is known as The Crossroad, a place of roads and paths which were used by the prehistoric Barnel-Manwe to travel from here to there. Gakaler is now a proud continent with a beautiful culture made up of dancing, singing, and a hell of a lot of festivals. This is why The Crossroad has also earnt another name - The Place of the Endless Party.


Xaren is where the mining happened in the industrial and atomic age of the Barnel-Manwe. They stripmined this continent for all it could give them, and then left. Currently, Xaren is a polluted island that no Barnel-Manwe likes to talk about, that is slowly being left to be claimed by nature. A few renegade tribes of primitive Barnel-Manwe wanting "to get back to nature" live there, but they suffer from overall lower life expectancy.


Waloer isn't much. It is the place were nothing really happens, the 'suburbs' of a city, vs its CBD. People live here, but nothing exciting or interesting is going on here. No major mining, commercial, industrial or military operations are occurring here, and nobody really goes here of leaves here. Waloer is just there.


Erhmian culture is a complex thing for an outsider to view. It differs widely from region to region, depending on their ancestral laws, customs and the amount of festivals that are held each year. Generally, however, if you visit Erhm and don't participate in a party, festival, dance or karaoke, it is considered a capital offence.

So participate.

Don't worry to much about the details, just look like your having the time of your life, and you will be considered a well educated person on the ways of the Barnel-Manwe.

Population Strata

Erhm currently houses 26 953 827 000 people, which are of different species and social status'.

Poor 2% 539 076 540 members
Erhm Demograhpics Real.png
Mid-Class 49% 13 207 375 230 members
High-Class 47% 12 668 298 690 members
Elite 2% 539 076 540 members