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Preceded by
NeoLAC.png Yohjan Confederacy
4 CE - 25,009 CE
Succeeded by
UFSSFlag.jpg United Federation of Star Systems

The Erstes Konsortium (First Consortium) was a large conglomeration of wealthy individuals, organizations, and smaller nations from the first to twenty sixth millennium under the rule of the Spielmann Line. It was the predecessor state to the modern United Federation of Star Systems. The Spielmann line continued to rule large tracts of space within the Federation until well into the fiftieth millennium. At its greatest extent it controlled up to five billion stars, with most of these stars in the Anthrov Arm of the Via Sagittaria galaxy and the rest of these stars belonging to the Ouranir Galaxy.

It emerged immediately after the fall of the Yohjan Confederacy. Its capital was Thalsiedeln. Its formation was in large part a coup against the Yohjan Confederacy. While starting with over a fourth of human territory in the galaxy, throughout history it had shrunk until controlling about one billion stars by 10,000 BCE. It more than doubled in size after the ascension and subsequent conquests of Kaiser Isla II to the throne in 19,804 CE. At the start of the Great Empyreal Crusade in 20,012 CE, the Konsortium nearly collapsed due to the nearly overwhelming military force of Empyros.

In 25,009 CE, influence from the nearby democracy of Vanaheimr forced the nation to become a constitutional monarchy. That same year, it renamed itself to the United Federation of Star Systems. The UFSS eventually abolished the crown much later in its history; however, the influence of many individuals descended from the nobility still remain influential even after all this time. Erstes, the language of the Erstes Konsortium would go on to form the basis for the constructed language, Xeno.



The predecessor state to the Erstes Konsortium, the Yohjan Confederacy, was the first Human interstellar nation to arise. While originally functioning as a democratic confederation, it soon strayed from its name and became more centralized and plutocratic. Its expansionist and hostile tendencies eventually caused it to enter a war with almost every other nation in the galaxy. The war was going well for the Confederacy until another civilization, The Triumvirate Civilization, entered the conflict. At once, the war became a bloody stalemate. The stalemate eventually became so taxing to maintain, the Confederacy collapsed in what is known as the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy. Many wealthy individuals living in the Confederacy, anticipating a collapse, began setting aside resources they could use to creation their own independent nation. These individuals became the first nobility to arise in the Via Sagittaria galaxy.

Most of the resources set aside were from Yohjan military coffers, implying a high level of corruption from Yohjan officials.

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