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Preceded by
NeoLAC.png Yohjan Confederacy
4 CE - 25,009 CE
Succeeded by
UFSSFlag.jpg United Federation of Star Systems

The Erstes Konsortium (First Consortium) was a large conglomeration of wealthy individuals, organizations, and smaller nations from the first to twenty sixth millennium united under the rule of a single Kaiser. It was the predecessor state to the modern United Federation of Star Systems. The oligarchs within Erstes Konsortium continued to rule large tracts of space within the Federation well into the fiftieth millennium. At its greatest extent it controlled up to five billion stars, with most of these stars in Borealis, a large sector of Via Aylathiya.

It emerged immediately after the fall of the Yohjan Confederacy as a client state to Regnum Aureiga. Its capital was originally Aegyn; however, after losing Aegyn numerous times to outside invaders, the capital was moved to Thalsiedeln. Its formation was in large part a coup against the Yohjan Confederacy. After being largely conquered by the Un'oit Collective during the First Galactic War, Erstes Konsortium rebelled and gained full independence from both the Collective and Regnum Aureiga.

The nation started with over a fourth of human territory in the galaxy, throughout history it had shrunk until controlling about one billion stars by 10,000 CE. It more than doubled in size after the ascension and subsequent conquests of Kaiser Isla II to the throne in 19,804 CE. At the start of the Great Empyreal Crusade in 20,012 CE, the Konsortium nearly collapsed due to the nearly overwhelming military force of Empyros.

In 25,009 CE, influence from the nearby democracy of Vanaheimr forced the nation to become a constitutional monarchy. That same year, it renamed itself to the United Federation of Star Systems. The UFSS eventually abolished the crown much later in its history; however, the influence of many individuals descended from the nobility still remain influential even after all this time. Erstes, the language of the Erstes Konsortium would go on to form the basis for the partially constructed language, Boreal Basic.



The predecessor state to the Erstes Konsortium, the Yohjan Confederacy, was the first Human interstellar nation to arise. More accurately, the Yohjan Confederacy was a state within the wider Triumvirate Republic. While originally functioning as a democratic confederation, it soon strayed from its name and became more centralized and plutocratic. Its expansionist and hostile tendencies eventually caused the War of the Final Transition, a civil war in which the Triumvirate Republic was divided into three sides. The war went well for the Confederacy until internal division caused the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy. Its one major ally, Regnum Aureiga, worked with many wealthy individuals living in the Confederacy to reorganize as much territory as possible into a new nation, Erstes Konsortium. These individuals became the first nobility to arise in Via Aylathiya.

After the full collapse of the Yohjan Confederacy, troops from Regnum Aureiga and Erstes Konsortium conquered Aegyn and had its leadership exiled. They immediately sued for peace with its rival states, Florenta and the Lowuks Entente, to focus on fighting the Federal Government of the Triumvirate. In 210 CE, the federal government fell and the states were freed. As recompense for its predecessor starting the war, Erstes Konsortium lost large amounts of territory to Florenta in particular. The Un'oit Collective also gained large amounts of territory from the Erstes Konsortium.

Initial Instability

At once, the more far-flung colonies of the Yohjan Confederacy declared independence from Erstes Konsortium, starting with Kanadett in 10 CE, the Yggdrasil Nebula in 44 CE, and Sekhmet in 54 CE, cutting off Erstes Konsortium from the vast resources the Yohjan Confederacy had accrued.

Already disadvantaged from losing territory to other nations, Erstes Konsortium's loss of its colonies greatly harmed its economy and galactic standing. Regnum Aureiga invested large amounts of resources and time into maintaining cohesion within what was essentially its only ally. Even so, Erstes Konsortium was unable to maintain sovereignty over much of its territory until well after 10,000 CE, creating a period of instability called the Split of the Yohjan Confederacy.

After 1,000 CE and the collapse of the Lowuks Entente, the Yohjan territory it occupied fell into chaos. A few years later, Erstes Konsortium attempted to expand into this newly freed space. The expansion effort was mired in failure and loss, resulting in only a paltry gain in territory. Regnum Aureiga rejected sending military aid to Erstes Konsortium due to the already high cost of stabilizing it.

Increased Independence

While originally the populace was glad to have Regnum Aureiga as a stabilizing force, it soon grew apparent that they would be much happier living on their own. In 3,481 CE, Regnum Aureiga permitted a Human to become governor of Erstes Konsortium rather than a Humeiga. This new office would be called "Kaiser," an approximation of the Yohjan word "Caesar" meaning ruler.

As they rebuilt from the devastating War of the Final Transition, they were also permitted to begin having a larger military and produce warcraft. When Erstes Konsortium was originally created, it was more of a colony than anything. It was unable to have a large standing army, unable to produce its own weapons, and was not even allowed to engage in diplomacy on its own. After the appointment of the first Kaiser, Erstes Konsortium began becoming more like a proper nation than a colony. It minted its first currency, the mark, in 3,560 CE and issued its first independent economic policy shortly thereafter in 3,561 CE.

As it became more of a proper nation, it began more properly exerting influence over the chaotic territory left behind from the Entente. It first declared that outside interference was forbidden in "Free Yohjan Territory," which essentially equated to claiming any leftover Yohjan systems. It then forced many of the small Human nations within the region to begin diplomacy with it. From there, its economy blossomed to rival Regnum Aureiga's itself, further increasing calls for independence.

First Galactic War

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Independence would not come until well after the First Galactic War. In about 10,000 CE (historians disagree on exactly when), the Un'oit Collective began rapid expansion into the space around it. It had recently unlocked the secrets of large numbers of Triumvirate craft, allowing them to be reprogrammed and retrofitted to serve the Un'oit. At first, the Un'oit Collective mostly attacked small states not associated with Erstes Konsortium. This would not last as the Un'oit warlords grew to believe that they could not only take on Erstes Konsortium, but Regnum Aureiga and even the rest of the galaxy.

In 12,990 CE, the Un'oit Collective begin an invasion of Erstes Konsortium. Their fast, agile, and powerful spacecraft easy dispatched any resistance from the Erstes craft. The ships from Regnum Aureiga fared better but they soon began being destroyed en masse when the Collective cut off supply lines and communication. Immediately, Regnum Aureiga declared war on the Collective as did Erstes Konsortium. Soon afterwards, Florenta and the Vaplein Republic also declared war.