Erstes Konsortium is a Via Sagittarian consortium established in 25,009 CE to manage the resources of what were once feudal holdings. A Kingdom of the same name existed from 4 CE to 25,009 CE of which the modern organization is a direct continuation. There are large numbers of organizations which are a part of the Consortium; these include Erstes Spacecraft, Planetes United, Crusch Dynamics, and others. The Consortium has five headquarters located on Thalsiedeln, Hathia, Anamnesis, and Ushio with their main headquarters located on Petra.

The modern-day company, trading under ErstKo., is the fifty-first largest company based in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. As of the current year, the company mostly operates in the Via Sagittaria and its satellites, however, it does have significant operations in and around the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group as well. The company sells thousands of products. It is most well-known for the Satella Craft Series, a series of craft based an ancient artifacts uncovered in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. The series is the single best-selling vehicle ever produced at well over 1.5 septillion units. The crafts are extremely versatile, making them the craft of choice for small crews, security forces, construction use, and some limited military use.

Other popular models include the Kaiser and Capella Series. These craft are both military fighters often employed by nations such as that of the United Federation of Star Systems or Molkoryo.



The nation called Erstes Konsortium was the idea of Kurt Spielmann, one of the one hundred wealthiest individuals within the Yohjan Confederacy at the time. He first detailed his plan to several of his friends at a party in 20112, as the instability within the YoC was slowly reaching its crescendo. He was worried that the government could collapse, causing the wealthy to be no different than everyone else, and most likely powerless to stop the hoard of angry workers that he knew would not be too happy with them. His plan entailed a large number of wealthy individuals forming a monarchy on the planet Thalsiedeln, which he owned. There they would organize themselves into a Feudal Nation. This would preserve the wealth and power of the wealthy individuals as well as give them the means to defend themselves.

He was laughed out of the party that day; his plans were seen as ludicrous. They did not believe the YoC was capable of collapsing. The civil unrest, the reasoned, was just a phase and that the people would settle down once the War ended. They never settled down.

Spielmann once again proposed the idea to his colleagues in 20261. This time, rather than ignore him, they took him seriously. They were already essentially surviving only because of paramilitary groups they've hired, so forming a nation would not be any different. He convinced almost two hundred extremely wealthy individuals to fund his plan. In 20263, construction began of government structures, massive fleets, and several hundred Dyson Swarms. Workers who lost everything were happy to find work building all manner of structures in the nation. Most other businesses were liquidating assets in what would become the single largest economic depression in history before the nation collapsed.

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