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Esera is the second largest ring of the Empire of Mankind, located in the Lewis Galaxy. It was built following the model of the Tarandis Ring, although while the first one was built with productive and scientific research purposes, the Esera Ring was built with Military and Engineering purposes. Some financial institutions and shipbuilding are also very relevant in the ring's economy.

The Ring was built between 74,510 CE and 75 450 CE, It was inaugurated and colonized in the 75,455 CE. It's main purpose was to guard the main hyperspace routes crossing the system, as well as protecting a strategic location, from other power threats in the Galaxy. Most of the ring is dedicated to research, military and naval production, trade and some financial assets.

The total population of the Esera ring is 25 Billion, being among the most populated rings in the Empire of Mankind.


The Ring is divided in four sectors named after famous people of the nation, as it is traditional in the Empire of Mankind, usually Emperors. The sectors are as follow: The Roldar Sector, the Bregan Sector, the Aranis Sector and the Arnor Sector.

  • The Roldar Sector: The Sector is dedicated entirely to Ship manufacturing and construction. It's also a center for design, and related industries. Munition and guns are also built here. A large slave population has made or be forced to make this sector their residence. Chemistry and other activities are also carried. Mass production of clone slaves is generally made here as well. The total population of the sector is 4,5 Billion.
  • The Aranis Sector: Its the most beautiful, and one of the main living sectors, its economy is based on the Ring climatological maintenance, administrative tactivities (offices), management of the sectors etc.. But, the most important economic activity in the sector is by far finance, banking and insurance activities. Some areas are dedicated as well to agriculture and food production and supply for the Ring. It has an area as well dedicated to entertainment and another for luxury. Many soldiers and high rank officials live here. It has a total population of 7 Billion.
  • The Bregan Sector: It the second most beautiful sector and the most populated. Most of the sector is dedicated to Military activity. For the most part that means military work, surveillance, coordination, state security, training and education. It has also important education centers and other facilities related to military branches. It is the most defended area outside the core worlds. Many military officials live here with their families. There is as well entertainment centers and luxury production for the high rank officials. The sector is also known for being the main genetic and xenogenetic research study with one of the largest clone laboratories within the Empire. The total population of the sector is 9,5 Billion.
  • The Arnor Sector: Its based mostly on engineering and study of new materials, building techniques and other scientific research related to this subject. They also study alien engineering and machinery. It has several facilities destined to robotics as well and some other machinery related investigations and research. Some areas are dedicated to Factory and Forge, as well as mining industrial production. A large slave population resides as well here. Depending on the are, some habitational areas are wealthy, beautiful and confortable as well, since its the place of residence for many Engineers. The Total population of the Sector is 4 Billion.