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The Essence of the Ancients (For short, The Essence) is an amorphous and highly dangerous assembly of biological mass, which holds the ability to change shape, form, and composition at will. Being infamous for use as a weapon during the War of the Ancients, the The Essence was known to turn the tide of numerous battles. Its power is a result of its unpredictability and rapid reproduction, which was hard to contain even by its makers, the Paragons of Sydiah. The The Essence is also one of the most mysterious artifacts from the Paragons, as capturing of the material has not been successful as of late.

While The Essence never truly went out of control, it has still caused crippling damage, ending many lives and remaining as a heavy burden to causal life in the Local Universe. The destructive potential of the The Essence has caused much fear in the minds of many, especially since it was used by The Paragons in modern times. Efforts of containment have been uneventful, though it has proven to be tedious by local governments which are often brought to thwart The Essence.


The Essence is regarded to be very sporadic and unpredictable, often seeking out numerous targets with no pattern. It typically exhibits a behavior relating to that of extreme hunger, as The Essence is known to be very ravenous with its consumption of materials. The content of the The Essence is also complex, consisting of a network of nanobots that can use and mimic materials which they consume. Attempts at reverse engineering the The Essence have resulted in failure, and only speculation about its deeper behaviors may be made.

The Essence holds a very gray, nonchalant scheme of coloring in its baseline form. However, it can shift through numerous colors, shapes, and increase and decrease its density by growing or shrinking. It also shows a very iridescent and shiny form when viewed in molecular levels. Typically, The Essence is in a 'contracted' state, in the form of small metal spheres. However, expansion and change of The Essence may turn it to all sorts of liquids, textures, and shapes. Upon expansion, The Essence is known to consume any detectable form on nutrition, including metal, biological material, and liquids of almost all kinds.

The Essence is also known for its high sense of awareness and targeting, with its biomechanical brain being able to quickly and effectively neutralize targets. It has remained as infamous in QPF history for these very reasons. After the War of the Ancients came to a close, The Essence was still in use, though it was by The Paragons for the intention of destabilizing the climate of life in the Local Universe.


The history of The Essence is long and brutal, with its invention being conceptualized by members of The Paragons in the 20,500s CE. It was first used in the Orithyia Spiral, as a way to rid any thin forces of the Septet Alliance of Free Aligned Nations (SAFAN) during the First Recreator Conflicts. Only two centuries after its first introduction, the SAFAN fell, with The Essence being a notable factor in its downfall. From its ashes, the Quintet Puontari Federation united, with a collective hatred for those in the Paragons. When the Quintet Puontari Federation moved to the Aylothn Galaxy during the Grand Migration, the Paragons followed, and so did The Essence.

In its time as a weapon, the Essence was known to be a durable and effective weapon. After, the Essence saw little use, as the Quintet Puontari Federation expanded in the Rutun Sector. With times of peace, the Commonwealth and the Confederacy of Borealis rose to power, directly challenging the QPF. Its claims in the Aylothn Galaxy, while old, were comparatively small to the ones around them. Through a session of tension and misconception, the War of the Ancients was fought, starting in the Aylothn Galaxy and expanding to fight the Confederacy. The Quintet Puontari Federation temporarily gained foothold in the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, before being fought by the Commonwealth. During the end of the war, The Essence of the Ancients was used against all opposing forces of the QPF. As such, it caused mass calamity and deep gridlock, preventing any progress. War exhaustion forced all sides to declare a ceasefire. The Essence has since been used as a weapon by The Paragons, as a result of their re-awakening after the war.

The War of the Ancients
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