The Essence of the Ancients (Also referred to by the Anomalous Object Repository as AOR 3-818T) is an amorphous and highly dangerous assembly of mass, which holds the ability to change shape, form, and composition at will. Being infamous for use as a weapon during the War of the Ancients, the Essence of the Ancients was known to turn the tide of numerous battles. This was a result of its unpredictability and rapid reproduction, which was hard to contain even by the QPF. The Essence of the Ancients is also one of the most mysterious artifacts from the Quintet Puontari Federations, as any capturing of the material has not been successful as of late.

The Essence of the Ancients is known to be forged out of prior QPF artifacts, as well as several Ambrosian artifacts, most notably the Ringvarite. It is also semi-related to the Puontari Hive, as a terrorist group known as The Paragons of the Burning Crown has utilized both components to wreak many kinds of havoc through the Local Universe

While the Essence of the Ancients never truly went out of control, it still caused crippling damage, ending many lives and remaining as a heavy burden to Commonwealth and Confederate forces. The destructive potential of the Essence of the Ancients has caused much fear among the populace of the Virgo Supercluster, especially since it was used by the Paragons of the Burning Crown and affiliated organizations.

It is unknown what happened to this artifact after the WOTA ended. Many people believe could have been destroyed or lost forever, considering that there are minimal records of it after the War of the Ancients. Others believe that the QPF intentionally his the Essence of the Ancients after the WOTA, to mitigate any widespread fear or chaos in the minds of people.


The Essence of the Ancients is regarded to be very sporadic and unpredictable, often seeking out numerous targets with minimal amounts of pattern or reason. The content of the Essence of the Ancients is also surprising, with what seems to be a network of nanobots that can act like many various materials. However, with any attempts at reverse engineering the Essence of the Ancients has resulted in failure, and only speculation has been conducted after numerous tests.

The War of the Ancients
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