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Estherhav is a newly colonized moon in the Locomra Galaxy. It is located close to Diadanella, and is nominally under the administration of the Diadena sector based there.


Estherhav's name comes from an intentional corruption of "Esther's Haven". The name itself comes from the highest-ranking exiled leader of the Diadanellan Liberation Movement Yoav Esther. "Esther's Haven" was initially intended to be the name, but Yoav specifically requested for it to be changed, hence the corruption.


Estherhav, at that time simply assigned a survey code, had already been surveyed early after the human settlement of Locomra in the late 99,700s. The moon was not considered of any particular importance and was not colonized, and as the system it was in did not have particularly rich mineral resources, it was left as is.


In the aftermath of the Diadanellan Rebellion, the most militant rebels were extremely hesitant to enter ceasefire with the Confederacy of Borealis, and would have continued to take up arms had it not been for a large bulk of the fighting force opting to lay down their arms. Many leaders and highly sympathetic residents of Diadanella no longer wished to remain under CoB administration.

During the ceasefire period leading to the formal peace agreement, the question of these militants became an issue. The Confederacy's representatives also did not want the aforementioned militants to remain in Diadanella as they were seen as a destabilizing force, but any significant punishment would jeopardize Diadanella's reintegration into the Confederacy and may sprout further trouble in the future. It was hence proposed that said militants would be assigned a colony within a system some distance away from Diadanella, where they would be within the watches of the Confederate fleet, but they would otherwise be left to their own devices when it comes to governance.

Initially, the Confederacy intended to simply assign a large asteroid or a small rocky moon, while the rebels wanted a habitable terrestrial planet. They eventually agreed on a reasonably large D-Class satellite, and after being provided a selection of relatively nearbly options, the rebel leaders settled to receive Estherhav. As part of the agreement, they would also receive sufficient colony-equipment including basic mining and industrial installations to support up to 100,000 people, and one-way transportation to Estherhav.

To the surprise of many DLM leaders, a much larger proportion of their armed forces or symphatizers preferred to remain in Diadanella and reintegrate into the Confederacy's government over moving away to a distant colony. In total, only around 15,000 or so civilians and just under 7,000 militants agreed to move to Estherhav, while the rebels had expected some 50,000 civilians and 30,000 militants. Regardless, they departed for the moon with largely empty colony ships. The colony ships first made planetfall on 22 February 199,966, a day after the signing of the Imbrosian Settlement formally ended the rebellion. Colonial settlements were established with standard mining facilities, and by the end of the year it was largely self-sufficient with a population of 22,000.

Recent developments

Due to the settlement's infamous political nature, coupled with light CoB propaganda, and a lack of particular economic benefit, Estherhav's population did not grow significantly in its first years, reaching just 25,000 after 20 years in 99,986. As the Magellanic Troubles in the wormhole-linked Ouranir Galaxy flared up in the late 99,980s, however, a steady stream of political refugees began to make their way towards Estherhav, where the CoB does not have significant planetside presence and there are already a concentration of dissidents possessing decent industrial capacity. By 100,000, these refugees, which included several high-profile dissidents, had swelled the population to some 150,000.