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Eswenti is a member-state of the Zalanthium Coalition. It is govererned from the planet Alis, in the Goliam System near the heart of the Zalanthium Galaxy.


Eswenti was founded by the unification of Alis. Its name, loosely translated means 'Kingdom of the World,' with 'Es' meaning 'The World', and 'Wenti' meaning 'Kingdom.' It was founded after a long series of wars to unite the brown continents of Alis.


The structure of Eswenti is a Elitist Monarchy, with elements of communism involved in every stage. The Elite have their every whim taken care of, every idea produced, every want catered and generally lived immensely pampered lives. Below the Elite, there are the techno-priests, those scientists who known their subject so well that they are considered holy. Below them, are the governors and the counsellors, who deal with the actual governing of the kingdom. Finally, there are the middle-class, those who live in a communist-type government, with the governors at the top, monitored by the Elite. Despite all misgivings, the system works well, and there is rarely any dissent.


Eswenti is a peaceful nation, being the only member-state of the Zalanthium Coalition to acutally fromally ask to be part of it, instead of being invited. They were immediately accepted, and have been part of the Coalition ever since. They detest war, using subterfuge and favours to avoid conflict of any sort.


Eswenti is located in the relatively habitable core of the Zalanthium Galaxy, were the most stable stars are located. It covers only 12 million stars, a very low amount out of the 40 billion that comprise of the Zalanthium Galaxy. Of these 12 million,

  • 8 million are red dwarfs
  • 2 million are orange dwarfs
  • 1 million are yellow dwarfs
  • 700000 are yellow-white dwarfs
  • 200000 are white giants
  • 50000 are red giants
  • 20000 are blue giants
  • and the rest are rarer stars, such as black holes, neutron stars, and supermassive stars.
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