The Eternal Battery is an unfathomable and enigmatic piece of technology, which was first located in the Vault of Secrets. It was the first and most prominent device discovered, and was code-named AOR 3-827A by the Anomalous Object Repository. Researching teams discovered the Eternal Battery during the War of the Ancients, during the destruction of the Vault of Secrets. The Eternal Battery's most important use is its energy holding capacity, which can apparently take in boundless amounts of energy. The batteries are also capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic field that can be used to cut through anything, including the very fabric of reality itself. It is also known to access the Aeterna Caligne.

As of modern-day, no objects designed to hold energy have met the bottomless capacity of the Eternal Battery. During the War of the Ancients, the Quintet Puontari Federations reportedly used it for numerous purposes, such as powering important stations and superweapons. Only several sightings of the original Eternal Battery ever happened after The Vault's Incident, which suggests that this battery in particular is very important. Allegedly, the QPF used this technology to power much of their Vault Network. However, that remains unsure as several vaults have been destroyed with no such technology inside. All other vaults have been kept a major secret from the rest of the universe.


Since the Eternal Battery was used for superweapons, it was known for spreading destruction. As a result, any QPF fleets with the Eternal Battery would succeed heavily. It would also appear in major battles, and usually prevail against surmounting antagonist forces. The impossibility and unobtaintainability of the Eternal Battery has also made other nations question its true power, and many have been willing to buy it to no avail. The QPF has also been very discreet on the Eternal Battery's actual function, making it very elusive in its own right.

In addition to its destructive capabilities, the Eternal Battery has shown it's ability to create a powerful magnetic field around itself. This was extensively used in the War of the Ancients, to tear apart spacecraft. It was also used in conjunction to The Hummer. The destruction that these devices caused resulted in the loss of many ships, and the acceleration of the War of the Ancients.

In recent years, research into the Eternal Battery has been going on. It appears that there may be some sort of method to harnessing its powers. Utilizing ancient QPF technology, as well as more state-of-the-art technology, it is theorized that a similar device could be made in the modern-day. However, any attempts have resulted in catastrophic failures, and it is unknown why. Attempts have also been made to remotely control the functioning of the battery, but these also proved unsuccessful. This has been a great hindrance to the scientific community, as well as many militaries.

Ever since the end of the War of the Ancients, the Eternal Battery and any similar technologies were pronounced missing, since the QPF has kept them a secret for many millennia. It is believed that it is held in the QPF's capital, Nozalia. This is yet to be confirmed or denied by the still-secretive government. With the battery being as powerful as it is, control of it is a must. The QPF has reportedly put anything remotely related to the Eternal Battery under an intensive lockdown system, and only high government officials can approve experimentation of it. Hardly any modifications have happened since the Eternal Battery was thrust onto the intergalactic stage, and it is thought that it will be kept this way.


It is not known whether the Eternal Battery will ever be revealed to the public. However, advances in technology do show the possibility of similar devices appearing. However, none of them rise to the enigmatic level of the Eternal Battery. Other devices of war, such as The Hummer, have also been completely prohibited by the QPF government. However, some apparently loose ties between the ancient empire of Sedrua and the QPF have allowed for the possible sale and trade of such weapons.

The War of the Ancients
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