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"The heart and attitude of the people of this world is heroic, courageous and militaristic in nature, just like the big furious storms native to the planet, to which the Etuliams seem to have learn from. Etul is a terraformed world, a savannah of great beauty and wilderness and a seat and beacon of the Warlike factions of the Union." - High Priestress, Annik Marrash

Etul is a planet, located in the binary Jul-kapa system, in the Lewis Galaxy and Herschel Space and belongs to the nation known as The Union. It is known as the most populated world of the kapa system, shared with the world of Oryn. Etul was terraformed to suit Human life and was never habitable until then. Thus, most of its fauna and flora were brought from other worlds. Most likely, from the world of Maikomai to which it was built to mimic it's image.

The planet is home to some of best military trainees of the Union. This planet doesnt have elite war units or anything along those lines but simply pure well trained soldiers which have led to very good Marshalls, Generals etc... in the Unionist army. This is due to the Militaristic culture and sober way of life of Etulians.


There are 2 small oceans and several minor sees. Continets are three, and most of them are large landmasses.

  • Yunlu

Its the largest continent in the planet. The equator is covered by a desert of sandy dunes bordered by rocky arid areas. However, the southern and northen regions are covered in large savannahs. Scattered trees and large grasslands and bushes are found here. The shores of the two regions are however covered in forests and are the places where most cities lie.

Nevertheless the Savannah innerlands also hold some large cities. The city of Kabori is located here, large and well populated with about 2 Billion inhabitants, it is home to the largest military academy in the Jul-kapa system and one of the largest academies in the Union. The city lies next to the delta of the Lidal River, about 12km away from the sea.

The academy covers a total land of 47km2 inland, with all sort of facilities including a reseach military laboratory. The city is also known for having an economy based on shipbuilding, weapon manufacturing, robotics and engineering research. The city of Osanu is based on agriculture in the fields of the innerlands. It is as well a religious center and known for its beauty and tourism. It is as well a center for services, most notably financial assets and entertainment.

  • Karkei

Another large continent, the second in size and population, is covered in savannahs as well. The north however has large forests and the south is covered in picks and mountains that led to large rivers that flow over the savannah forming large deltas and other lake formations. Contrary to the Yunlu savannahs, these are wetter and more fertile in fauna. The largest city in the continent is Mowan, with around 1 Billion inhabitants. It is the center of the energy production and military textiles. It also produces pharmaceuticals, reasearch (most notably in biology and military), transportation and machinery. The city of Tupalu is a center of agriculture, cattle raising, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, luxury items and cosmetics. It is often surnamed as the basket of Etul for it's large grain and meat production.

  • Rewo

Savannah on Etul

This continent is the least populated. It is covered by high altitudes and mountains and several arid areas. The shores however have mild savannahs and grasslands that are perfect for human habitation. The large picks offer as well protection from the storms and winds that ravage other areas in the planet but the rainfall is specially abundant in those areas. This has led to the shores of Rewo to be covered in rivers and lakes, and even some scattered marshlands.

Aukel is the largest city in the continent and it's economy is based in chemical production and processing, high-tech appliances, insurance services, financial assets, mineral refinery and production of goods. Agriculture also plains a minor part here. The city of Miretei is the second largest and acts as a center of spionage for the Union.


The world was discovered by the Tryn but interest in it was merely scientific. It had been an important sight in the skies of Oryn since their primitive stages as a civilization. The Tryn had already discharge this world as being too hot to substain a Tryn colony and overlooked it's potential. A vessel and several Tryn probes were launch to the planet to study it but never a station was build around it. It was during those probes that they discovered anomalies in the planet that indicated it was rapidly changing and becoming habitable (for humans at least).

They did not realized that the planet was being terraformed by humans, who had arrived in the system from the nearby Jul System which was already settled by Humans since the primitive age of the Tryn. Etul was visited by Human probes and later tripulated missions. It was soon classified for its high potential to become habitable by humanity and a process of rapid terraformation began. An atmosphere soon arose, and a warm-mild climate arose. It wasnt long till.

Flora and Fauna

As the world was terraformed, most of the flora and the fauna of the planet had to be brought. Most of it was imported from similar planets. Most of it came from Maikomai but other similar worlds also participated, like Saikan. Several species then evolved naturally or change to adapt to the conditions of the planet.

  • Pendaglir

is a species that has adapted very much to the stabilized ecosystem of Etul and has prospered and evolve to suit the enviroment of Etul. This animal is large but rarely agressive, it roams the savannas of Etul in groups of 20 to 50 individuals and sometimes they are the focus of predators. They have 4 eyes, as a heritage of the fauna from Maikomai. Plus they have two large "horns" use for mating purposes as well as to absorb solar nutrients and expell the excessive heat from their bodies when needed.

This animals may life 45 to 55 years and have about one offspring every 2 years. The offspring if a female joins the group and if it's a male usually tends to leave the group and look for another one. So in the groups, most female are related while males are foreigners from other groups that have been adopted and accepted.

  • Sisobe

is a large creature, with a sharp exoskeleton. They roam in the high plateau where the weather is colder, or in colder lattitudes. They live in those cold tundras roaming the vegetation of the planet. They are solitary and only have around 1 calf every 4 years. Their lifespam is around 50 years in total. Males a may be territorial and their lands usually engulf the territories of several females. However, many females may escaped themselves to nearby male territories to procreate.

  • Atir

The Atir on the savannas of Etul

This animal was imported from Maikomai. It is a predator that hunts in small groups but some individuals also hunt alone. They prey mostly on small preys but can attack in group to larger preys. They are able to fly 1 meter above the grown for about 1 min or so. They really dont fly but glides over the land to be faster than their prey. They like to live among the savannah and in places with high grasslands. They lay eggs and have about 3 to 4 offspring in one go. Typically they mate once every 2 years. This animal can life as much as 25 years.


Culture in Etul is militaristic and spartan in nature. Discipline is highly regarded as well as order and hardwork. People are rather austere but some populations in the planet are not. Like those who live in Karkei.

The Etulians have evolved substantially to cope with the nature of the planet they inhabit. Most have dark skin and very dark eyes. Sometimes covering their entire sclerotica. Hair is unexistent in many while others have retained short hair. Very view have long hair and is something considered strange among Etulians.