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Much like the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems, the Etymology was comprised of numerous intelligent species, most of which no longer exist. The government held a troubled grasp on it's home galaxy for most of its history as well as across the many worlds in its governance.

There were countless rebellions, ranging in size from as small as a single colony or a nation to an entire world, or multiple worlds, star systems, or even whole galactic arms. The Etymology fell to ruin over twenty times. However, without fail, no matter how many times the Etymology would collapse, there'd always be worlds still loyal and it would eventually return to it's former power.

The Etymology government began to grow increasingly fragmented, with many worlds breaking off and forming their own civilizations, including the entirety of the Aeschylus Arm. To keep the Etymology from collapsing, the leading scientific minds created, the C.Y.R.E.X an AI super hive-mind that would control the military, economy, governance, and entertainment, of their people.With the C.Y.R.E.X's extreme military intelligence the rebelling worlds were taken under control in a matter of decades.

In the millions of years following the C.Y.R.E.X's creation the AI began to gain more and more free will, while the people grew more and more dependent on it. The AI eventually viewed itself as a god and sole inheritor of it's home galaxy. the C.Y.R.E.X. turned against it's creators and, almost instantaneously, took control of the galaxy and destroyed countless cities, nations, and lives. This ended the reign of the Etymology, and ushering the C.Y.R.E.X Era.


The Etymology's true leaders were the Ten Supreme Authorities. These ten individuals were the ten respective rulers of the ten civilizations that formed the original Etymology, and they would use the "Philology Council" as a puppet in between them so that the people of the Etymology had the illusion of some sort of choice on who ran their governance. Due to their reclusive nature, the general populace was unaware of their existence, with only Philology Council members knowing who or what they were.

The Philology Council functioned as a sort of "Dynasty". Its rulers were not elected; each intelligent species selected a Representative by an automatic ranking system. Once an individual was selected, they held supreme power until their deaths, then their linage would take over, and so on, unless the fellow Philology Council members viewed them as unfit to rule. Then a vote would be held within the Council, and the leader would be ejected, and the ranking system would pick a new line.

Each world colonized by the Etymology had their own representative, who would pose issues to the Council members, in the hopes that they decided in favor of the changes said world wants to implement. Originally, the Etymology did not directly interfere with the worlds within its governance, nor did they judge the events that occurred therein, so long as the worlds did not question the Etymology's authority. Individual worlds were allowed to implement their own policing and local governance, provided this did not lead to acts of rebellion. This governing was extremely troubled. With the countless rebellions across the two galaxies that should come as no shock. However, because the Etymology would play on the fears of people, they would always fall back to the Etymology's protection and guidance.

In it's relative final days the Etymology became an extreme dictatorship. No decision could be made without the Philology Council. This was in the hopes that it would crush the will to rebel. This failed, after the Final Ancient Ambrosian War then Etymology rulers were killed, and the government was dismantled forever.

The Etymology didn't really have a centralized culture. Colonized worlds had their own individual cultures. The only things that the colonized systems had in common was the laws against rebellious actions. This isolation of cultures made it so the Etymology didn't have much in the form of comradely, leading to the governments countless rebellions, as many systems viewed themselves as the model civilization.

Talk against the Etymology, though legal, was viewed as an extreme taboo. Those who did, were ostracized by friends and family for life, and were considered the dregs of society. The Etymology had an absolutely massive galactic military. With over thirteen quadrillion organic soldiers, two hundred Quadrillion artificial soldiers, quadrillions of star ships, it was by far the most powerful military the Ambrosia Galaxy has known.

Despite this, the organic members had very low morale, and there was barely any comradely for their fellow solider. And their artificial ones, though being technically powerful, they lacked intuition, instinct, and free will until the C.Y.R.E.X came into existence, with all artificial minds in their military acting with perfect synergy. This turned out to be the Etymology's undoing. In a matter of hours countless colonies, cities, and lives were destroyed. It only took around two standard weeks to destroy all the Etymology's establishments.