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"The Lush World, a planet of forested and humid terrain. Its people are considered to be wild farmers, but also very good in the Path of Dexterity. The famous attractions are is underwater ponds and many caves, most notably the Holy Temple" - High Priestess, Annik Marrash

Euden is a temperate terra of the Union, located in the Zeurel System, in the Lewis Galaxy and inside Herschel Space and Herschel Space. It is the seventh planet, orbiting Zeurel B, an Orange Dwarf Star and the fourth of the Big Five Worlds (habitable). It's famous for its wilderness and its oceanic and underground water deposits.

The planet lacks oceans of any sort but most of its water is located underground, in massive caves. Sometimes small lakes appeared here and there from this water sources. The planet is very humid with fog and clouds being a constant. Rain is also very frequent in the surface of this world. Some ponds exist giving rise to large tunnels filled with water from the underground.

It's economy is based on harvesting large agricultural fields, cattle raising, Chemicals, services and manufacturing goods. The planets economy is very much based on secondary and primary markets and not so much on the tertiary outside the main cities.

The Fauna and the Flora of the Planet are very peculiar, as they are similar to other creatures in the system, what has been studied to prove Panspermia among the worlds in the System. Large animals exist in the surface and some are considered to be very dangerous.

The Planet is the home base of the Euden Hunters, a force of warriors who dress in disguise and mimetize with the local fauna. They are skilled rastreators, agiles and quick. Very good to move hidden in the deep and foggy terrain of this world. The Gift Parasite has flourished here, with some contaminating some local fauna in the wild. Efforts have been taken to reduce this.

The Most Sacred and Famous Place is the Temple of the Holy Caves, located in a humid area next to one of the few water river-lakes of the planet. In this waters, the Gift is raised by the Holy Euden Priestesses of the Menopeneia Order, inhabiting this temple and training the Young Euden Hunters into the Path of Dexterity.


The Planet was colonized in the year 35 677 CE much time later other planets like Neldum or Saikan. The first colonist arrived from Neldum but the first attend ended up in a total failure, as many died out due to the fauna and other logistical problems. Another attempt of colonization was made this time with colonist from Saikan and Neldum, with prosperous results. The colonist expanded and soon many others from Saikan and Neldum followed.

By 35 967 CE, the Planet was fully colonized and many of its current cities founded. Humans had reached the farthest corners of this world, from the little green savannas of the equator to the tundras of the north and south.

In the year 45 183 CE, during the Imperial-Unionist War, the planet was bombarded heavily and attacked by imperial fleets, killing up to 630 million people. However most of the population (10 Billion at the time) survived. Some (around 1 million) fled the war as refugees to the Akai Nebulae. The Cities had heavier loses than the countryside, like Seldra who suffered severely, losing about a half of its population.

In 70 677 CE, the Empire and the Union organized a meeting in the Planet, in which the Empire and the Union built together a commemorative monument to the losses on both sides of the war. This monument was placed in Seldra as it was the most severely destructed city, and nowadays its one of its most famous landmarks.


Eudenian City of Adien, in the Liuberian Cliffs region.

The Planet has three moons, Plamien, the largest one, and Kol (usually called KS-Kol due to its small size). It has as well many smaller rocky small moons. The Planet has no Oceans and thus no continents. Most of the water lies in large marshes, lakes, ponds and subterranean seas. Land mass is not divided by continent but by areas or regions:

  • The Ilonian Savannahs

This arent really Savannas, but similar. They cover much of the Equator and are known for having large forests of low trees and dense bush vegetation. They also have less moisture in the air. Some cities are located within this region.

  • The Siltelian Ponds

This is a region covering most of the Northwestern hemisphere. It has one of the largest sources of drinkable water in the planet, this means that many large animals and dense forests live in this region. It is featured by its small but deep water ponds.

  • The Gelren Jungles

Euden Forested terrain

This Jungles are wet and uncomfortable land, covering up to two thirds of the region. They cover most of the Planet northern hemisphere. Its citizens had to adapt quickly to the environment. They live in concentrated in large cities, like Atragon and Seldra, the biggest in the planet.Fishing, and Cattle raising are important in the region, as well as hunting. However, the main economic asset of this region are services, such as finance, commerce and others.

  • The Yerimenai Plains

Its a large area with lower amount of trees and high grass. This area is mostly used for farming, being its main resource. The largest city, Ogipo is the main agricultural center of the Planet, even exporting much of its production (most notably to Ishai, its neighbor). The Plains are also extensively used for Cattle raising, with large amounts of meat being produce (also the largest production in the Planet). All the Cattle industry and processing is done throughout the second city in the Plain, Atare.

  • The Rutonian Lakes and the Liuberian Cliffs

Are a set of small lakes scattered throughout the terrain. It is a heavy settled area, well populated and with a notable fauna and flora. Some areas have been cleared out to be used as agricultural fields. It is mountainous in some areas an important hanging cities lie within the cliffs of the region, known as the Liuberian Cliffs. Large waterfalls, small lakes and river cross this area nearby and then convey into larger rives, like the Sel and the Uril to finally die over the Rutonian lakes. This rives do not have an ocean in which to die, so they literally create large deltas that die off in lakes that were formed thanks to those rivers.

  • The Izolen Jungles

They cover most of thw Southern regions and extend over some areas of the ecuatorial regions. However, some areas have been cleaned up for habitation and settlement. It was populated later on in the history of the planet. Large underwater deposits in the calcarian rocky floors sustain this large source of vegetation, filling the atmosphere with oxigen. The Lopis Herb is raised here due to its medical properties used in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • The Menopeneian Wetlands

Temple of the Holy Caves

Its an area with large forests, in which three life is extremely tall and large. Some humid water sources exist here. It is home to the Temple of the Holy Caves and is the seat and birthplace of the Order of Euden Priestesses, also known as the Menopeneia Order. The main city is Radolai. It's mostly based on manufacturing and biomass extraction (such as wood, mineral, wild hunt etc). Also the export of Gifts to other areas of the planet or even to other worlds is also a main economic activity. Large animals exist here, tall and heavy as well as some of the most dangerous predators.

  • The Ivory Tundra

Its known for being the only place in the entire planet to have ice and snow all year round. It is however very thing and just covering higher altitudes. The lower areas are covered in a thin grass with windy winds. Very little population exist here. Most notably only mineral extraction, scientific and military activities are conducted here.

  • The Seyun Tundra

Its located in the North and is less harsh than the one in the southern pole. Not many live here and is mostly used as a military base or a center for secretive tasks. It is also used for scientific purposes. Minerals and Chemical industries have also some importance.

Culture and Society

Most of the society is centered around a water and humid adapted landscape. Most of the architecture has also copped to fit this sort of environment. There is a large tradition of urbanization and avoidance of wild lifestyle as it is dangerous. So for many areas, most dwellers are concentrated in larger or smaller cities with few towns or farms. Textiles are known here as they are made with a large three known as the Kentoburi Three, who created a similar texture to silk. It is hardly harvested and threatened to be transformed into actual clothings. This are fair and easy to wear, specially in high humidity ambiances.


The most famous dishes are all based heavily on meat from the local fauna and some vegetables and tuberculous from the local humid and wetlands. Moss is also a very common source of food in many dishes, most notably in the making of several sauces. One of the most important is the Vedix Moss, known to produce a toxin that is very much appreciated in drugs. So smuggler use this moss to create drugs and sell them abroad. The Farshlag Syndicate has thus a small but prominent presence in the Planet, most notably in the downpits and lower scalafons of some cities.


  • The Order of Menopeneia

It takes its name from the Menopeneian Wetlands and Forests. It has been a difficult area of settlement for many years due to its large and dense forests and large fauna. Early settlers of the region had to live in fortified areas. To protect the settlers from the Fauna and aggressive terrain, the Order was founded, as a Dexterity and Warrior people who defended the locals. Soon, they found the Leala marsh, surrounded by a large cavern system that offered protection. The order then, used the caves as a base settlement for operations and soon the production of the Gift flourished among the Order, as the place was perfect for it.

Soon, due to the large amount of gifts, and the seat of the order, the place became a holy place for many, as they brought their sons and daughter to get implanted. Thus the Order became not only a protection guard for the region but a holy sanctuary. As the Gift prospered in the region, the Caves became a holy symbol as it seemed the Gift had chosen this place and had protected them from their environment. This transformed the area into a sacred place in the minds of the people.

By 54 677 CE, a power struggle between two factions led to a small conflict inside the order. As most of the perpetrators were men (and many men actually died) while women stayed apart or prefered strategic warfare becoming the majority, the order transformed into an Only Women order to prevent the more aggressive approach of their male counterparts.

In 68 568 CE, the Order set a base in the Planet Ishai and soon expanded as well to Arkon and Maikomai.