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Legal System

The EUN has a complex legal system that requires a proto-law to be sent to many levels of administration before it is finally approved of by the Head of Lawmaking, a neutral AI.

Legal Structure

First off, laws are proposed to the Senate through one of the Sub-Senates, which, when approved, is presented to the wider Senate as a whole. In the event of a majority vote, the Law is the elevated to the Lawmaking Department, where is is evaluated and judged by many AI. Finally, if the law passes all of these stations, it is sent to the Head of Lawmaking, a uber-neutral AI. This system is in place to prevent any nation from proposing a law that might benefit themselves and not others, which goes against the core ethos of the entire EUN.


Ever since its conception, the EUN has passed billions of laws. However, some are more notable than others.

Name Article Date Description
AI Sentience On the Rights and Liberties of All Sentients 2nd of November, 72 544 CE In the Eyes of the Law, AI are now Sentient and are now protected under the Law.
Primitive Civilizations On the Rights and Liberties of All Sentients 28th of July, 68 843 Ce Primitive Civilizations are now protected under the Law and Members of the EUN cannot interfere with their development.
Stellar Mining On the Movements of the Heavens 3rd of February, 83 402 CE Private Corporations are now allowed to own and mine entire planets and stars that have not already been claimed and that the EUN permits.
Construction of Mega and Giga Structures On the Construction of Galaxy-Wide Structures 18th of March, 80 054 CE Private Corporations are no longer permitted to build Mega and Giga Structures in EUN Space.
Destruction of Worlds On the Death and Destruction of All Things Good 20th of April, 80 199 CE All abiding members of the EUN are no longer able to use weapons of mass destruction on inhabited worlds, such as Nicol-Dyson Beams and World Crackers.
War Crimes On the Death and Destruction of All Things Good 21st of April, 80 199 CE Establishes a set of 'rules' for war that all abiding members must adhere to, lest trade and diplomacy be cut off with the rest of the abiding members.


The Senate of the EUN

The EUN has a Senate, with (as of 100 000 CE) 8 houses that a person can align themselves with. There are 13 800 seats in the Senate, each dot above representing a hundred seats.

The Democrats

The Democrats are those who align themselves to a purely democratic government. They are currently the majority with 2 300 of the 13 800 seats available. The are represented by the Light Pink in the diagram above.

The Technocrats

The Technocrats are campaigning for a government devoted to technological progress, as well as the isolation of Eulciar from its warring neighbour galaxies. They are represented by the Lime Green in the diagram above.

The Libertarians

The Libertarians hold the individual as the most important thing that should be valued by a government. They are pushing for a world where each and everyone, whether male, female, Kajakali or Manaerin, gay or straight, is equal. They are represented by the Grey-Blue above.

The Republicans

The Republicans are those who wish to condense the Senate into a smaller amount of seats, so as to make the law passing process quicker and easier. They are represented by the Green-Brown.

The Industrialists

The Industrialists are those who wish for the economy to be more orientated to the military and the industry. They wish for the construction of more megastructures and the increase in recourse production and extraction. They are represented by the Sky Blue above.

The Utopianists

The Utopianists are the inverse of the Industrialists. They want the economy to be orientated to produce civilian goods, making the society and type of capitalist-communist hybrid. They are represented by the Magenta above.

The Communists

The Communists are pushing for the capitalist society of the EUN to be turned on its head and turned into a communist society. They are represented by the Grey.

The Anarchists

The Anarchists are those who campaign for the complete abolition of all laws and governments, which will effectively turn Eulciar into a Tarmalyula Galaxy. They are the weakest party and are represented by the Light Purple.


Enigallo Xeraret Ramenne

President of the Eulciar Union of Nations


96 803 CE - Now

Democrat Party
Positive Attributes Negative Attributes Promises Chances of Happening
  • Optimist
  • Erudite
  • Respectful
  • Arrogant
  • Secretive
  • Nosy
  • Controlling
  • Increased Security
  • Decreased CCTV
  • Economy Boost
  • Megastructure Construction
  • Free Migration
  • 84.6%
  • 68.9%
  • 42.4%
  • 97.6%
  • 9.4%