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The EUN was founded in the year 68 220, on the first of January. Before then, the EUN had been known as the Union of Eulciar Powers, which was founded on the 5th of June, 56 828, so you could consider that date as the birth of the 'idea' for the EUN.

In its early days, the Eulciar Union of Nations was a chaotic, unproven assembly of nations trying to shout their way into a debate. Over time, however, as they gradually became more use to the fact that they had to propose any new law to a senate, the union's law-making became more streamlined and formal, the union began to exercise it's new found power. The most notable of these was the creation of the world Battarog, a artificial world that impressed upon the rest of the galaxy the power and recourses of the Union. This action even made the Haemneo Plutocracy join the Union.

As the Union grew more powerful, as its decision-making process grew more streamlined and efficient, things like this became routine to them. Ringworlds, Dyson Spheres, Matrioshka Brains, all of them have been made many times in the EUN.


The EUN faced its first major challenge with the AI Revolution of Eulciar, a civil war that was coordinated to strike in every organic nation at the same time. The EUN broke down for a few years, and the intense fighting that followed nearly tore the Union apart. However, once the AI had been negotiated with, and the hostilities cooled down, the EUN came back together, stronger than before with the addition of the Matrix of Sentient AI, later merged with the Technocracy of Galan.


Today, the EUN is as it has been for tens of thousands of years - coordinating huge contruction projects, cooling down hostilities and being a role model to the rest of Amoeni Space what can be done if we just work together.