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It is a fairly small galaxy, only having 27 Billion stars along with a diameter of 57 thousand light years across. It was named after a Greek spirit of prosperity, due to its beautiful and prosperous appearance.

Like most galaxies, it has a supermassive black hole at its center, named Euthenia's heart.


Purple Ring: Probably the most famous part of the galaxy. The Purple Ring is where most of the galaxy's younger stars reside due to the amount of hydrogen gases.

Euthenia's Well: The central cluster surrounding the galaxy's super massive black hole. This cluster contains thousands of stars, many of which are mainly supergiants with the more life bearing worlds being outside the cluster.

Euthenia's Heart: The super massive black hole at the center of the galaxy.


In 9983, an artificial wormhole that leads to Euthenia was created as part of an experiment to open a gateway to a galaxy beyond the local group. A small probe was sent through which successfully reached the other side, and even came across a habitable planet known as Rheon, which caught interest due to the massive craters in the surface. Photos of this planet were sent back when the probe returned to the Via Lacrimosa through the wormhole.

The crew of the Starlight Envoy volunteered to enter the wormhole and study more about the planet on the other side. Currently, more of the Euthenia galaxy is being explored, with a few planets now colonised. Some of its native races and civilisations are being investigated as well.


Euthenia is bustling with alien races and civilisations, old and new, mostly residing within the Purple Ring region each doing their own thing. The Galaxy can be described as “quiet” since no major civilisation dominates it nor does much conflict occur there. Here is a list of the known races and civilisations within the galaxy.





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Euthenia's heart (nicknamed Euthenia's eye), the galaxy's central black hole.