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"Look at what you have done. Entire planets die, trillions of individuals die, bright futures with no wars die. Now, entire stars die. What has our galaxy become, at the hands of you tribalistic entities which fuel pointless conflicts which cause nothing but useless bloodshed!?" - Olerga Enir Salne, a major advocator of peace in the region


The Eye of Conscience is a planetary nebula near the border of the Kormin Empire and the Union of Narenna, in the Florathel Galaxy. It has existed for only around 2,000 years, created by a test weapon produced by the Kormin Empire, amidst the countless years of war which ravages the Outer Paleas Arm. It was an important turning point in the war, which may one day help the 3 warring nations to peace.


The Eye of Conscience is one of the youngest nebulae in the Florathel Galaxy, at around 2,200 years old. It is also the only instance in the galaxy where a weapon has accidentally killed a star. As it is so young, the nebula is small, just over 1.4 light years across. It glows a brilliant blue, from the large amounts of ionised oxygen present in the nebula. The nebula is also surrounded by a cocoon of dust, released during the red giant stage. Its central star is very anomalous, showing properties of both a regular blue subdwarf and a [WO] CSPN, and is named Gisettho.


The Eye of Conscience was created when the Kormin Empire's test weapon, the Koler MK-15SE v3, capable of driving mass away from stars easily, making them less massive and destabilising entire systems, went awry and flew into a nearby red giant. The weapon fired and the entire red giant ballooned and its outer layers quickly escaped the gravitational pull of the core and became a planetary nebula. By the time this was happening, it was too quick for the Kormin Empire to stop it. As the original star formed with a lot of oxygen, the Eye of Conscience glows a brilliant blue-green, from oxygen ionised deep in the core, near Gisettho.

Today, the Eye of Conscience serves as a reminder of the utter destruction caused by the massive war in the Outer Paleas Arm.

Central Star


Gisettho is an anomalous star in the outskirts of the Florathel Galaxy, in the Eye of Conscience. It is very hot, yet small, not small and hot enough to be considered a CSPN, but too small and hot to be an sdO. So what is it?


Gisettho is the exposed, slightly shrunken core of a red giant that has just entered the second ascent phase (the AGB phase), and was rapidly expanding, while its core contracted. This process was interrupted by the Kormin Empire, testing out their new weapon, which was supposedly capable of quickly starlifting a star to destabilise its system of orbiting worlds. The weapon was planned to cause massive damage to its adversaries, by destabilising all of their star systems.

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