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Eyeball is a Tidally-Locked Eyeball world. It has one ocean, constantly situated underneath the red glare of its brown dwarf sun. It is mainly a human colony, but many other species live here as well.


Eyeball formed 4 billion years ago around a White Supergiant star, and was promptly ejected from its home system by a combination of passing stars, and extreme solar wind. It wandered through the Zalanthium Galaxy, until it was captured in a very elliptical orbit around Red Point, a brown dwarf star. Over time, due to interactions with other stars and the only other planet in the system, Almost-Star, a superjupiter, its orbit was rounded. Eventually, around a billion years ago, it became tidally-locked to Red Point, and its solar-facing hemisphere melted, due to a combination of Tidal Forces and the miniscule amount of heat that Red Point gave off. In the year 89 023, it was catalogued by a team of explorers who explored dim star systems, which there aren't a lot of in the Zalanthium Galaxy. It was settled in 94 982, and has since became one of the most prosperous water shipping colonised in the Zalanthium Hub.


When Eyeball was settled, many hardships were found, and overcame. The first and foremost, was the fact that the planet is tidally-locked.


Due to the fact that the planet is tidally-locked, Eyeball has one face facing Red Point at all times, and one that is always in perpetual darkness. Due to its distance from the Star, and the lack of heat that the star gives off, the planet has turned into a 'Eyeball' world, with a central ocean in the centre of the dayside. There is practically nothing that can be done, without extensive colonisation, to mitigate this, so the planet remains a eyeball world today. Another side-effect of the tidally-locking, is that strong winds blow from the hot side to the cold side, constantly. These create constant storms, which pose real threats to lone colonists.

Prominence of Red Light

Due to the large amount of red light coming off Red Point (hence the name), and the very small amount of blue light, natural Aegyn-born plants have a very hard time growing. A wormhole was constructed to remedy this. The wormhole reaches to the system Bulii, and consumes all light that hits it. The wormhole opens up around 3 AU from Red Point, and spews out light many times brighter than Red Point, but with no heat. In this way, you could say that Eyeball has two suns. Many mirrors orbit Eyeball, each orientated to catch the light of the wormhole, and focus it down to the dayside of the planet. These excite the atoms in the atmosphere, heating it up. It creates perpetual overcast conditions on the planet, due to the hurricane constantly hovering over the solar hemisphere.

Low Temperatures

Even being 760 thousand kilometres away from Red Point, the brown dwarf gives off so little heat that the Underneath The Sun Sea is only barely melted. Even right underneath the sun, temperatures reach only around 5 degrees C. Further out, were there is land, temperatures only rarely go above freezing. This is not much of a problem for the intelligent life, but for the plants it is very bad. They often die out in if they are subjected to sub-zero temperatures for a long time. Even boreal plants don't like it here, but they can survive.

Lack of Magnetic Field

Since the planet has no magnetic field, the vast amounts of radiation emanating from the wormhole are slowly stripping away its atmosphere. Many large chunks of neodymium are orbiting the planet, generating a artificial magnetic field to protect the atmosphere and the people underneath it.


Miraculously, extremophile life has been found living in pockets of water near volcanoes on the night side. Many nature reserves have been set up to protect the unlikely life there.



A map of Eyeball. Notice how small the Underneath the Sun Sea is.


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