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"The Hub of the Aspros Galaxy, Eyen is a mining and manufacturing world, where most of the resources of the Galaxy gather and are distributed and exported to any corner of the Empire. However, this World's biggests cities are administrative and service oriented hubs for trade and commerce, since most trade of the Galaxy gathers here. It has as well large areas dedicated to refinery of minerals and chemicals coming from the vast amount of Mining and Extraction Worlds of this particular Galaxy. It is as well the home of the Weng Family, where they relocated after their home world was made almost uninhabitable" - Senator Maes Prim

Eyen is a terrestrial terra, located in the Nissior System, in the Alba Nebula, in Herschel Space and orbits two Suns Nissior A, a Yellow Dwarf Star that is the biggest, and Nissior B, a Red Dwarf Star much smaller seen as a tiny bright dot on the skies of the Planet. All planets in the System orbit both suns at once. It belongs to the Empire of Mankind and is one of the most important worlds in the Alba Galaxy, being the administrative capital of this Galaxy. A Wormhole gate to connect it to the Lewis Galaxy has been build in the System, making Eyen the main commercial Hub of the Galaxy.

It is the seat of Power of House Weng. Although they originated in Oyata, the planet was destroyed during several imperial conflicts, making the House transfer their seat of Power to Eyen.


The Planet holds six continents and a three large oceans, one of them.

  • Yatta:

Its the smallest continent and the most polluted by industrial and manufacturing activities.

  • Olfis:

Its the main center for Clone-slavery production. Still most of its economy its centered towards commerce and trade.

  • Viana:

Its a rural continent, with Tourism and farming activities being the main economic hubs here. Large Fauna and Flora are preserved as well in this continent. The House Weng has their headquarters here, where their incredible mansion is located.

  • Estaxia:

Its the most populated of them and its located at the center, between several continents. It has a high urban population, mainly focused on trade and commercial activities.

  • Drusa:

A large continent based on Chemical and administrative task for the Aspros Galaxy. Its one of the main energy and transportation producing hubs for the entire planet.

  • Zannar:

Its the largest of them all, and makes all the northernmost area of the planet, being large and cold, it is used mostly for refinery, mining processing and other industrial activities.


The Planet was settled by Colonist of Oyata, once their world became almost uninhabitable. The large amount of inhabitants of the Planet had to be evacuated to this planet who was a reconstruction of the old Oyata, who had been incredibly polluted and destroyed during some of the Conflicts of the Empire. Some early settlers had already colonised other worlds, and many people from Oyatan origin left those worlds to come to Eyen due to it being a place to preserve Oyata culture. Its Fauna was also transported to the Planet, most notably the old Vilin Flower, who adapted well to Eyen's ecosystem.

The Colonization of Eyen was sponsored by the Weng Family after Imperial approval.

Eyen was the main center of a large battle between the forces of the Empire of Mankind and the Alliance of Five, who had been bombarding the Planet during several months causing millions of deaths.

Eyen, as seen from its biggest moon, Krissan.