Farshlag Syndicate

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"Are you sure you want to get involved with us? The price may be your own life." - Lord of Crime, Keilik-su

It's one of the greatest criminal syndicates in the Herschel Space. Its headquarters are located in Banush, in the Edira Nebula, on the outskirts of the Lewis Nations Territories. They operate outside the law being the main body in charge of smuggling all sort of illegal goods into the Planets of the Lewis Nations and beyond. The Syndicate is formed by runaways and criminals looking for shelter from authorities.

It was based on an organization of human and xeno runaways from the Herschel Nations as well as others outside the Herschel area. They carry on operations undercovered in planets of the Lewis Nations and beyond. Most important planets have presence of this syndicate. The Leaders are set through very mafia-like and gang-force practices. Most of the profit is gained through the black market. Any illegal product or service of this market has to be bought or obtained through the Syndicate, for which those interested have to mingle with.

The lords of the Syndicate fight between them for power competing with each other and helping others depending on their own interests. The members are not trusted and could turn on you or to each other pretty easy. They have a large luxurious building in planet Banush, in which the Lords of the Syndicate reunite in times of need to obey orders from the High Lord, which basically is the most powerful Lord Syndicate of all and is on top of the entire organization.

Overthrowning and killing of lords every once in a while, is a daily routine for most of the higher positions in the Syndicate. The High Lord seat isn't taken for very long since sooner or later it is either overtaken by another lord who has become more powerful (being then degraded to a lower echelon), or either he gets killed by another rival to usurp his position.

The lords usually have their own milicias, often considered large armies of mercenaries. The Syndicate has open contact with the Aldorian Assembly of Clans, which in itself acts as a syndicate nation somehow. Many aldorians from this nation work as mercenaries, trackers, smugglers, spies, guards and bounty hunters. The Krizik and the Arati as well as many other species, like the Yakons for example, also make a big part of the Syndicate active members.


The Farschlag Syndicate is one of the major crime syndicate that exist in the Herschel Space. Alongside the Wreteren Syndicate, they hold almost half of all organized crime. The main difference is that the Farschlag syndicate doesnt have a main race as the founder but multiple and is very much open to all species as long as they are useful or are able to work their way to the top.


The Syndicate was founded in 38 233 CE.


Famous Members

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