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As the only planet orbiting its parent star, Heaven's Eye, Fat Rock's nano-tech enhanced inhabitants have had their resources to themselves for most of their society's lifetime. This cosmic loneliness is pushed further when their star system's location is put into account. The star known as Heaven's Eye rests on the unclaimed outskirts of Via Aylathiya in a cloud of heated and fast moving dust. This shield provides a destructive radio interference making it near impossible to send or receive messages. With the forced solitude and rising technological understanding, tensions between nations only seem to grow tighter.


Re-evolution of Humans

A biological boom took place at an unrecorded but recent time on Fat Rock. This incredibly violent and seemingly instant explosion of life was likely caused by a drastic decrease in global temperature. Meteor showers that previously heated up the atmosphere through friction were absent. The ecological haven that was subsequently produced yielded a native species count unheard of for a planet this size. Through what can only be described as an incomprehensibly lucky and almost impossible event, humans evolved onto Fat Rock by pure chance. Although some organs and bones are absent or displaced, the humans on Fat Rock functioned almost exactly the same as the humans found elsewhere.

The First Moon Landing

The progression of humans picked up speed once man stepped foot on the resource rich satellite Axus. This event sparked thousands upon thousands of technological advancements within Fat Rock, utilizing the now accessible and abundant coal and aluminum deposits on Axus. The planet soon became engulfed in a monumentally expansive cityscape that covered more than eighty percent of Fat Rock’s icy surface.

De-evolution of Humans

Although Fat Rock advanced plenty, many mistakes were made which set the native humans back a fair amount. A monopoly of prosthetic machines and synthetic organs festered in the economy. The price for much needed organ replacements was slowly driven upward, making it impossible for the large population of lower class citizens to acquire the parts they needed. Disaster truly struck when a violent and heavily contagious liver disease contaminated effectively every living human on the planet. The insanely high price of synthetic livers only rose as the lower class population dwindled. Massive cities that stretched on for miles and miles were left vacant and abandoned while noble class skyscrapers remained intact, unaware of the indirect genocide taking place just outside their windows. A large number of the surviving humans were people that needed prosthetics or were naturally crippled. This allowed for the cultivation of missing organs and eventually the de-evolution of the human race. As generations progressed it became less and less likely that a baby would be born with a completely functioning body. This problem was solved by Doctor Hunn, the inventor of nanotechnology. Hunn developed microscopic machines that mimic human cells. These nanobots replicated automatically, utilizing ingested metals and minerals as material while using photosynthesis to gain energy. Additionally, nanobots can be passed onto offspring, further mimicking natural cells. This process eventually fostered a human race made of natural androids.

The Creation of the Conduit

The younger brother of Doctor Hunn, Doctor Belars, soon realized a flaw in Hunn’s design. All nanobot enhanced individuals seemed to use branches of a large frequency in order to allow their brains to communicate with their robotic organs wirelessly. Belars designed a truly horrific weapon which could send out bursts of signals which contained every possible branch frequency within the macro wavelength. This weapon that he called “The Conduit” would be able to communicate and essentially control all nanobot integrated life on a planetary scale. Word of this weapon spread like wildfire. Many people said this rapidly attacking information was a far worse contagion than any previous disease. The world was torn in half as conflicts arose. A nation soon to be labeled Sekora was established in the north to figure out a way to destroy it without causing any damage to the global supply of nanobots. A nation in the remaining southern land arose to combat Sekora. Their goal was to destroy the north and use the conduit for their own gain.

Dawn of the War

The atrocities committed in order to secure the conduit violated all morals humans previously had. Civilian villages were destroyed in order to intimidate and hospitals were torn apart to cripple innocents further. Both sides burned through millions of metric tons of coal in order to produce weaponry at a constant pace. This hateful practice of war darkened the sky but at least it provided some form of warmth to the millions of homeless victims. Sekora engineers raced with the casualty count to figure out a way to destroy the highly regenerative conduit and end the war. The conduit seemed to use nanobot drones to take material from the surrounding area to swiftly mend any damages caused to its exterior. Additionally it is theorized that the conduit may be accidentally used through physical contact, making dismantlement much more difficult than it already is.

An artist's rendition of Kara Delfor translated from a discovered memory byte.

As the battle for the conduit raged on, a young cadet presenting the name of Kara Icewind Delfor began rapidly ascending the ranks. Not only did she show immense physical strength and intelligence, but she held seemingly impossible capabilities that pushed the boundaries for what human bodies can do. Both her processor and organic brain showed hyperactive tendencies, being able to work both together and independently. In just the span of just two years, Kara had created her own complex martial art titled Rose-Field. This combat style not only utilized the most powerful techniques of the flesh, but it incorporated the properties of human’s newfound nano-prosthetics and the factors of the environment as well. The name Rose-Field comes from the rose-like pattern of blood that combatants of Kara end up leaving behind on the ground. This style is so complex that there have been zero people dead or alive that have been able to use Rose-Field to the same extent that Kara could. After Kara’s 231st victory on the battlefield, she was given the rank of Warrior Queen, a position created specifically for Kara. The title of Warrior Queen gave Kara the commanding power to veto the decisions of standing Northern generals as well as coordinate attacks or military action.




In just two decades of growth, a city previously 2.1 million square kilometers in size exploded to cover almost all of the planet, leaving only a 32,000 kilometer thick strip of untouched wildlife at the planet’s equator.

As the infrastructure around the world improved around capitalism, humans needed to constantly improve and find new ways to attract wealthy customers or tenants. Numerous architectural wonders were constructed in the name of consumerism. Although the thought behind them was borderline evil, these structures created an environment that could only be dreamt of.


As Fat Rock’s sole civilization began expanding over the planet’s oceans, it became apparent that marine life would either be saved or completely wiped out by humans. A company of marine biologists used the society’s capitalist climate to their advantage and formed a plan to relocate the ocean to an underground megastructure and turn the resulting private ecosystem into a monopolistic aquarium/regulated fishing hub titled “AquaCrust”. Upon the release of architectural plans and blueprints alongside a pathos riddled advertisement, investors flooded the project’s budget in an overwhelming display of approval.

The first year of the project was spent excavating and constructing large temperature controlled structures which were placed within Fat Rock’s crust. This underground megastructure is where the oceans would be transferred to after collection. A large portion of the project’s budget was depleted in the commissioning of machines that could collect or move the ocean in a reasonable time frame. Eventually, mindbogglingly colossal flying machines capable of holding 100 billion tons of water were deployed. Soon after, smaller machines were launched to safely retrieve and transport native marine life. After a full decade, the project was next to complete and all ecosystems within the ocean were safely transported to the continent sized structure underground. The outside ocean remained intact, although lifeless and several hundred meters below its original sea level. It was eventually built over by the city. AquaCrust soon generated revenue from the billions of fishermen, marine scientists, ocean lovers and more while also keeping the ocean safe from the violent expansion above ground.

The natural water cycle did get knocked out of place however it was quickly fixed with cloud seeding and macro-scale gates that exposed water in AquaCrust to the open air.

Star Anchor

The Star Anchor project was a plan to take architecture to the next level. The previous unspoken competition to build the world’s tallest tower was no longer interesting to the prestigious architect, Hadron Homer. He wanted to create a structure so hulkingly unbeatable in height that all high rise apartments were completely put out of business. In preparation to spend his already large sum of wealth, Hadron created the first design for Star Anchor. This structure would be suspended 500 meters in the air through a cable attached to a satellite locked in orbit. Its anchoring satellite travels roughly the same speed as Fat Rock’s rotation, paired with adjustment thrusters, the main buildings exhibit very little movement. This aerial adjustment system is also used to avoid detected debris in the atmosphere. Star Anchor structures consist of seventeen sections: the satellite as described before, sixteen cylindrical objects connected through house sized cables. Each of these cylindrical buildings are 620 kilometers long and support just over 4 million residents. Entry and exit are carried out through small drone shuttles piloted by Star Anchor staff.


Rose-Field is a complex martial art solely crafted by the Warrior Queen, Kara Icewind Delfor. As a new age fighting style, Rose-Field uses 100% of the mind, flesh, nanocore and environment. Even with the use of all these factors simultaneously, Rose-Field is still theoretically incomplete. During the brief dialogue between Sekora and the Boreal Federacy, Kara learned of the Lux Aeterna and the power capable of organisms in the outside universe. She began incorporating classical thaumaturgy into Rose-Field, making it much more potent in strength. However before the art could be completed, Kara lost her life in the Slaughter of 50 Generals.

Since then, Rose-Field was split into six optimized martial arts as performing all required movements and techniques is seemingly impossible for the average peak human to accomplish. Each of these branch arts took a handful of techniques that make up Rose-Field. Taken techniques were paired with each other to form arts that were both powerful and possible for an averagely skilled individual to wield. Specifics of each Rose-Field child are explained below.


Silk-Field is an art revolving around the conservation of speed and force. Resembling an ice skating-esque dance, users of this field rotate their body and swing their weight around to generate centrifugal force for use in movement or powerful attacks. Users of this field must remain hyper focused on both the ground and the surrounding atoms in order to carefully pick and choose the most efficient path in which the least amount of friction is produced. This technique produces gusts of wind similar in shape to fabric, meaning moving with this field weaves the air like silk. Additionally the agile movement provided with this field provides the user with enough sideways force to freely pop or elongate joints to increase a Silk-Field user's range.


Due to the nature of nanotechnology, signals from the brain to nano-receivers are much faster than normal organic brain waves. Shock-Field users use this fact to their advantage and send rogue electric signals from their nanobots to forcefully activate organic muscles with air shattering speed. Doing this requires a deep understanding of the body and an acute control over energy usage and storage. Additionally users of this martial art need to remain vigilant of their surroundings and position themselves in areas with the most thermal energy in order to collect as much surplus as possible.


Steel-Field is a martial art that requires immense mental fortitude, pain tolerance and control to wield. Just as the human brain places limiters on flesh to control unneeded strength, the nanocore does this on synthetic muscles as well. Steel-Field users can break those limiters and force their muscles to use all of their force in short bursts. Additionally, users with control over their nanobots to this degree can manipulate more than just the ones in their brain. They can force nanobot clusters into different portions of their body in order to evade foreign attacks, force blood clots, assist in healing and more. This technique has even been seen being used to create small sharp or blunt weapons.


Regarded as the weakest of the six Rose-Field children, Wind-Field utilizes the body’s now enhanced lungs to inhale and violently expel air elsewhere to produce extra force in combat and movement. This breathing technique also boosts blood flow by a considerable amount, supplying a near constant stream of adrenaline. Users remain focused on the wind direction and strike along wind currents for even more power.


Water-Field is arguably the most versatile martial art of its siblings, having a hand in defense, attack and speed. Users of this style utilize their body hair, motion and orifices to absorb water from the surrounding area. This water can be placed in specific parts of the body through the use of vein or nano pathways. For example, water within the nano machine muscles provides extra cushioning to absorb harsh impacts, a quick lubricant to loosen joints and extra weight to pack a stronger punch. Additionally, Water-Field users can expel stored water to become faster during combat or to stun their opponent.


Waste-Field utilizes mainly outside forces to operate. As an art of improvised weapons, users must stay completely aware of their surroundings at all times. Every particle of dust, piece of debris, and wet spot on the floor is important in battle and Waste-Field shows that this is true. Although the environment plays an essential role in this fighting style, combatants must also stay hyper aware of their opponent’s anatomy as well. Students of Waste-Field are taught how and where to strike in order to cause the most blood loss or the highest chance of infection.

Let it be noted that all six of these martial arts are meant to be used simultaneously alongside the usage of thaumaturgy in Rose-Field.


A technique developed by the 27th Garolean General, Augustus Claw. Deciding to dodge the idea of attempting to defend the second conduit during the Slaughter of 50 Generals, Augustus hid and observed Kara Delfor’s movements and patterns from afar. Using this information, he crafted Wilt-Field, a fighting style that can counter the techniques used in Rose-Field. Using an intense vibration on his nanobots, Augustus was able to form a shockwave that not only paralyzed outside nanobots for a moment, but also disrupted wind and water vapor in the air. This almost entirely removed the threat of Wind, Water, Shock and Steel Fields. Through Claw’s research he realized that many if not all who have died to Rose-Field were killed while defending or attempting to block an incoming strike. Due to this fact, Wilt-Field utilizes little to no physical defensive maneuvers and instead calls for the user to attack simultaneously with Rose-Field wielders in order to either force them to retreat or tank the hit as well. Upon further development of Wilt-Field as a fighting style, Claw began to think of Wilt-Field as more of a doomsday button rather than a true martial art. In the event of another proficient Rose-Field user attack, Wilt-Field should be deployed in order to slow or injure them instead of kill or defend.

Discovered Memory Bytes

Disclaimer: Archived memory bytes were translated from Garolean aeternal code (GS12) to RGB images and then transcribed by a number of writers based in Thalia. Additional Images within memory bytes were provided by thalian artists as well. (Original memory byte images are all either corrupted, decompressed, blurry or damaged.)

Memory Byte 45-F id:Jyrai574

Jyrai, a lower class citizen of the North rested on his mud covered pillowcase in close proximity to Barely, Kaira and Kaira’s mom, Kura. The wobbly shack that sheltered them creaked and squawked, allowing the ice sprinkled wind inside like a Christmas party. His stomach nibbled at his withered muscle, sending fangs of pain through his thin abdomen. The gentle boom of atomic bombs danced around his ear dodging the frozen wax. his shivering bones scratched against his malnourished nano-fiber cables.

  • “Will you guys be warm enough by yourselves? I need to go out and look for parts again. It’s gonna be below zero after today so if I don’t go now we won’t have any money this week,” Kura explained, shakingly standing up.
  • “But that’s dangerous,” Barley said with his coarse voice.
  • “I’ll go with you. It’s a death sentence to go out in this cold alone” Jyrai, forced himself off the ground and turned to Kura.
  • “Thank you”

(Memory corrupted beyond translation)

The stunning air was tossed back and forth in the wind as if there was a planetary swing set. Jyrai and Kura looked out at the expansive ocean of metal and waste of war. House sized ship wrecks, thrusters, cannons, missiles and mechanical prosthetics all just sitting in the village’s back yard. Small rodents and large mineral eating bugs darted around the maze of scraps, providing small dots of black among the wall of gray.

  • “The real money makers are life engines and nanocores. We can make some profit off of artificial lungs too, even if they are broken. The palladium filters inside can be melted down for a ton since palladium is rare nowadays. Of course any battery is good to find as well, the lithium market has been more or less the same for a decade. If all else fails and we don’t find anything, we can settle for the bits of copper or gold found in circuit boards and wire.” Kura goes on, adjusting the fur bag on her shoulder.
  • “Uh. Okay got it” Jyrai nodded mindlessly, struggling to keep up.

Kura slid carefully down a snow covered slope with precise control over her body. Her gloved hand conformed to the bumpy texture of the steep hill, guiding her downwards with care. With a soft thud she landed boot first on top of a toppled steel gas silo. Although frail, she knew how to dismantle technology without having to exert much force. After digging around in the metal corpse, she stood up holding a four inch strand of gold wire. Jyrai sighed in relief. Although wanting to protect Kura, he was happy that he didn't have to spend much time in the icy scrap yard.

  • “Well that was quick. This can get us dinner for at least two days,” she laughed proudly.

Memory Byte 48-F id:Jyrai574

The rumbling of the surrounding air pounded with more and more volume until it was too much to bear. Jyrai stood up with annoyance weighing down his brow.

  • “What the hell is happening out there?!” He shouted.
  • “War, Jyrai. Lay back down,” Kaira coughed, her voice smaller than a mouse’s whisper.
  • “But it sounds like it’s right outs—,” Jyrai is launched forward along with the rotting debris of his hut.

A flash of burning orange light followed by waving smoke ignited the straw roof above.

  • “Shit! Why are they attacking such a small civilian town!?” Barley stumbled to his feet and grabbed Kaira by the wrist before yanking her out of the home.

Kura followed with Jyrai in her arms. A blazing bell rang in Jyrai’s head as his vision returned. He saw the blue sky being painted with gray as battleships darted by. Brain stutteringly loud bangs make their home in his ears as his hearing returns.

  • “Demons of the nature reserve! It is I, the rank V general of the south side, Glaive. I apologize for the attack, but we must send a message! Die and prove that the South is superior!” A strong and grand voice of a man echoed throughout the village.
  • “Mom, we need to fight them! We can’t let them destroy our home!” Kaira shouted through the wall of sounds.
  • “We can’t! I barely have any more energy to move!”

Kura slid to cover behind a small mound of stone. Kaira and Barley soon joined them, narrowly moving past an explosive shell.

  • “Miss Kura!” Jyrai blindly shouted, trying to get the soot and burning ash out of his eyes.
  • “Is everyone okay?” Kura asked, a ball of dust caught in her throat.
  • “Mom!” Kaira sent back, her incessant cries continuing to be snuffed out by the bombardment of explosions.
  • “What- what is it Kaira?” Kura let out an exhausted exhale, her image became blurred as Jyrai’s consciousness began to fade.

Jyrai wondered if it was finally time to die. He had lived a relatively long time. Fifteen years is plenty of time right? He saw so many beautiful things in their area of the nature reserves. He experienced so many enjoyable events. He wouldn’t mind being killed here.

  • “WATCH OUT!” Kaira shrieked as Barley pulled Jyrai off the floor by the forearm, pulling him out of the way of something.

Jyrai was snapped out of thought before glancing behind him. The large robotic man that called himself Glaive abruptly shattered through the mound of rocks, popping Miss Kura like a balloon. Her organs seemed to expand under the pressure as each wire that comprised her muscle snapped and stretched. Both her organic and metal bones splintered like freshly felled trees while yellow and black blood fled her squashed body. Jyrai’s jaw forced itself open as a shaky breath escaped his stuttering lungs. Blood slapped his face, forcing him to look away. To his left he saw Kaira, the abundantly visible whites of her eyes struck through him like knives before she let out a wail that sent a jolt of ice through his blood. Her hellish screech rang louder than the explosions around them as she dropped to her knees.

How could this have happened?

Memory Byte 49-F id:Jyrai574

A muffled voice stung through darkness, forcing Jyrai to open his eyes.

  • “Hey! Kid! Are you alright?” A man with the Sekoran call sign stamped to his left chest appeared to be standing over him.
  • “Where is Kaira and Barley?” Jyrai mumbled back
  • “The other kids with you? They are here and okay. Let’s get you up boy,” the man lifted him up by the arm and brushed his dusty clothes.

Jyrai rubbed his eyes, allowing his vision to return slightly. A small ship sat on its landing gear around twenty meters away. The village was nothing more than a pile of dust and silt now. Kaira and Barley sat sorrowfully next to Jyrai. They remained silent, staring at the ash covered floor. Jyrai looked at his blood stained hands, immediately recalling the sight of Miss Kura.

  • “Kid. I’m sorry to have to do this. But the Sekoran government is looking for recruits. If you want to become a soldier to avenge whoever you lost, I can take you to our training camp. If not, I was instructed to leave you here,” the man said, tilting his head down in apology.
  • “We’ll do it,” Kaira answered without taking a moment to think.

Jyrai looked over at her and then back at the man.

  • “I’ll set up the arrangements,” the man nodded.

Memory Byte 62-F id:Jyrai574

The shuttle rattled like a thousand snakes. The thrusters hissed as the landing gear deployed. With a loud screech the heap of metal landed on a platform at the top of a gargantuan glass skyscraper. Jyrai stepped out of the ship with the other drafts as the door of scraps opened up. The landing pad looked out at a huge abandoned city that stretched out over the horizon.

  • “What the-,” Barley looked out into the concrete forest, baffled such a thing could exist.

The three of them lived in a frozen village while an entire warm city of stone and glass stood untouched out here. It was beautiful but a bittersweet feeling of amazement put pressure on the group. Why did their tiny village get attacked when megastructures like this exist? And why did they go cold or hungry when humans are able to abandon areas that consumed so much time and resources?– They lined up in front of the drop-ship along with a dozen other recruits. None of them appeared to be above the age of 20. Jyrai turned his head to look down the line of people. Most of them looked sad or uneasy; a fair reaction to witnessing war. Kaira however looked rageful. Her anger held up eye lids and made veins in her temple pop out to visibility.

  • “These are the new drafts I assume? Ok, I can work with this. You are all weak right now but after my amazing, epic, spectacular training regiment; you will all be eligible for medals! Hopefully,” a man wearing a dark red uniform spoke.

He had a nanofreeze odachi sheathed at his hip and the words “Death to the South” printed in fury-tongue on his right chest.

  • “Follow me to the training grounds! As we make our way down, I want to tell you all about some very needed information. So listen closely,” the commander opened a door allowing all of the military drafts to enter a cool-lit stairwell before him.
  • “So! You youngsters have seen horrors that cannot be unseen. That is unfortunate and I apologize, but use it as a compass for progression. Let that anger or sadness motivate you into bringing down the military that destroyed your homes!” He continued as they walked down the staircase.
  • “Sir, what is this war for?” A draft on the younger side asked.
  • “That is a great question, cadet! The Sekoran North, our side, is being attacked by the Garolean South for a number of reasons. The main reason is to steal the Conduit, an item which can control all nanobots. If an item like that falls into human hands, they would have control over all technologically enhanced or reliant life on Fat Rock,” the commander explained as the group reached the bottom of the stairwell.

Jyrai’s thoughts weighed down his jaw as he realized the implications of this. Nanobots are present in the human brain to assist in memory storage, motor functions and the like. They make up most of the human muscle structure as well. If a conduit can control these parts in every organism, they can control life in a sort of hivemind-like fashion. How has an item this powerful been around this whole time?

  • “Before we begin, I will explain the training regiment that you all will follow for two years. We will do these regiments in sets of seven days. After those ten days you will have three days of rest. Day one will be endurance day, day two is leg day, day three is arm day, day four is full body, day five is combat training, day six is pain conditioning, day seven is sparring day. As said before this will continue for two years unless you are fully trained before or after. Once you are ready, you will be deployed to exact revenge on the south!” the commander smiled with a powerful voice.

(Memory corrupted beyond translation)

Memory Byte 22-H id:Jyrai574

Jyrai coughed out a sweat filled exhale as he jogged alongside Kaira and Barley. His feet hit the concrete with a heavy thud. His lungs contracted and expanded violently, leaving a hard ache stuck in his chest. Barley presented the same fatigue as Jyrai. His legs quaked, seemingly about to collapse. Although weak and exhausted, the group seemed to be gaining more muscle. Kaira has small drops of sweat surfing on her forehead, but that seemed to be the extent of her fatigue. She jogged at a strong and constant pace with a wisp of anger lingering in the back of her eyes.

(Memory corrupted beyond translation)

  • “Congratulations cadets! You made it through five sets of exercise days! Now that you all are reasonably healthy with some combat experience, we will be learning how to wield nano-freeze weaponry. For those who don’t know, nano-freeze alloy is an extremely hydrophilic metal that is soaked in nano-freeze fluid. This fluid absorbs the energy in nanobots, rendering them useless frozen in place. This would obviously stop the flexing of muscles and someone’s ability to regenerate,” the commander presented his nano-freeze odachi to the cadets.
  • “Aren’t these weapons war crimes?” Barley asked
  • “So is attacking a civilian village”

Jyrai gazed at the commander’s blade. It was a light navy with a hint of luminescent blue hanging like a shadow around it. The color reminded him of the sky back at the village. He remembered laying in the cold, looking up as the gray snow sprinkled his face.

  • “Let’s go cadets! Time for blade training!”

Memory Byte 40-H id:Jyrai574

(Previous memory bytes were dislocated. Memory Byte 40-H takes place a year from the last)

The rays of a pleasant morning’s sunshine tapped on Jyrai’s neck as stretched his arms out. His now above average muscles ached from training yesterday. He sat in his hard metal bed. It was uncomfortable but it was better than laying in ice. Barley sat in the bed across from him while Kaira sat alone on the other side of the room.

  • “Jyrai. I was doing some reading on the other side's military. They have ten generals that each survived an attack by the warrior queen. Isn’t that crazy? I see why the medal holders can barely keep up now,” Barley explained, holding up an old threaded book.
  • “What are medal holders?” Jyrai returned.
  • “The north’s equivalents of generals are called medal holders. They are soldiers that became the best at their martial art and received a medal for it,” he continued.
  • “I see. That reminds me. Aren’t we supposed to be learning about the Rose-Field derivatives today?”
  • “Yeah finally. I’ve been trying to figure out how they work for so long but it’s hard to through reading” Barley nodded.

(Memory corrupted beyond translation)

The sound of crisp metal against metal rang through the air as dozens of recruits sparred with dull but heavy blades. Like fleeing rabbits, military issued metal boots wrapped with fur shuffled across the overgrown and weedy concrete. Jyrai swung his blue tinted sword to the right of his torso to block an incoming strike from his opponent, immediately following with a swift counter. His attacker's body was left completely open following the strike. How can he be so inexperienced? Everyone should know to protect their body. In real combat, a person who consistently makes these weak and awfully obvious mistakes will simply die. His sparring partner curled to the floor and clutched his stomach after being struck by the heavy training sword. Jyrai looked down at him, his lip curved in slight disgust and disappointment.

  • “Alright everyone. Listen up! HQ calls for an emergency relocation. We have word that the South pinged our position with some sort of new life detection system. We don’t know the details just yet, but we cannot risk trainees being attacked at this point,” the commander shouted powerfully, leaving the recruits in an attentive state.

After receiving the warning, the crowd of recruits broke into a light chatter, worried about what may occur.

  • “Doesn’t this suck Jyrai?” Barley approached him.
  • “Yeah, it’s kind of a hassle.”
  • “We were just getting into the good part of sparring today too!” He complained, tossing his arms into the air like a cartoon character.
  • “Cadets!” An unfamiliar voice shook the very clouds to get everyone’s attention.

Jyrai analyzed his surroundings before locking on to the person who made the call. A person garbed in beige hide stood atop a troop transportation vehicle, his orange eyes sliced through the blue sky like jasper.

  • “This is an incredibly urgent matter and you must understand that. The approaching threat is much stronger than any of you will possibly ever be. You will all die if we do not get out of here in time, so get on the ship or be left behind,” he barked, tightly gripping a gold handled saber in his right hand.

Barley’s initial carefree expression quickly dropped to one of worry as the cadets were herded into the dropship.

  • “Barley. What did the metal on his sword mean?” Jyrai asked as he stepped into the ship along with the rest of his class.
  • “—Huh? Oh you mean the gold underneath the wrapping? That means he is being considered to be a medal holder,” Barley explained, his head halfway in the clouds.
  • “Can you tell what field he knows?”
  • “Not really. To be honest he doesn’t look as strong as the people in my books, so he probably knows Wind-Field. That’s the easiest form to learn.”

Memory Byte 41-H id:Jyrai574

Antifreeze broadswords rattled like snakes against the metal interior of the dropship. The engine roared and the technological vibrations emitted from the thrusters grasped at Jyrai’s heart, only adding to his increasing adrenaline.

  • “It feels like something bad’s gonna happen,” Barley said.
  • “No shit, Barley,” Jyrai slowly removed one of the antifreeze blades from the side racks and replaced it with his blunt training sword.
  • “What do you plan on doing with that?”
  • “Defend myself if the time arises,” he looked back at Barley
  • “Yeah. Cause a sword is gonna help you if we get fucking shot out of the sky huh?”
  • “Shut up, Barley,” he shook his head before something solid struck the top of the ship.

The cadets all looked up, bending their knees in caution. Jyrai put his hand around the handle of his newly sheathed blade.

  • “I’ll deal with it guys, stay away from the door while I’m out,” the man with a gold sword handle said, opening the dropship’s door.