100th Millennium Wiki

How long had it been? Was the life before her but a dream? A fleeting moment to be forgotten?

Her first feelings were ones of solace. What felt like a bed of grass cushioned her back and limbs. Glancing down to her chest, she noticed that her body, or rather the lack of it, felt nothing. Not an ounce of feeling suffused through her body. In the end, she could only think and see, though soon she noticed a lavish doorway in the dark space. Almost uncontrollably, she went up to feel it in hopes of glossing over its surface. Unexpectedly, the 'nothing' that took the space of her hands was able to touch, and she gasped. She recoiled once more at her ability to make noise. Whatever form she was in was much more liberating than the one in the mortal coil. She imagined feelings and noises into being.

Stepping, or rather floating through the door, she wandered down its exit and saw several long paths. Each path emanated an incredible warmth that reminded her of mortal desires. Above all else, she felt unyielding love. Trying to make sense of the situation, she fumbled and tripped over her thoughts, feeling emotions no one ever felt. After what felt like hours of calculating, she slowly rose and trekked down a path of her choice.

Upon walking, but soon soaring above the bridge of wispy sunshine, she closed her eyes and imagined the feeling of the refreshing wind against her face. Her imagination made it so. She thought of extending her arms and legs, and her thoughts came to reality once again. She recalled her smooth skin and lengthy hair, and they appeared on her forming body. She smiled, pristine tears flowing gradually down her face as she carved herself to her liking. All the while, the warmth came closer. Senses of regret, desire, and other mortal needs dissolved. She did not even feel them depart, choosing to relish in the growing fervor.

The warmth enveloped her now, and she found herself in a never-ending chasm of love. She quickly let go of her physical form, letting its short existence vanish as soon as it was thought. Now in favor of becoming one with the warmth, she hastened to a growing point of light. What felt like years of ceaseless travel pushed her mind to its limits, only for said limits to shatter and start anew. Ascension was transpiring, unshackling the free spirit and sending it on its way.

When the process was complete, the growing light morphed into a doorway of its own, ushering her in. With no hesitance, the wanderer landed and ceremoniously strode through. What met her eyes was, at first, indescribable filaments of even more light. As her mind took in and processed what was in front of her, tangible shapes appeared. Long, ornate pillars lifted hundreds of layers of complexes, becoming geometric yet natural and symmetrical. Her eyes gazed at perfection for the first time, and she wept.

Feeling her mind buckle at such a sight, she succumbed to the sea of emotions crashing down upon her. The light and warmth never let go, however. No, it pulled her closer and closer to the center of the structure. As she trudged along, every movement more overwhelming than the last, the warmth evolved. It was not one of mere love and joy but instead a chorus. The chorus matured, becoming a heavenly sound until it became a heavenly sight. Perfection upon perfection, Father came into view.

Soothe your endless mind, my child. Here, you are free. Now you will see the fruits of your efforts in Aylathiya. You are home with me forever.

She buckled and wept again.