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The Federation of Free Jewel Systems, also known as The Federation, and rarely The Republic and formerly known as the Alliance of Free Worlds Aganist Konov (AFWAK), and then as the Federation of Free Worlds, is a small democratic Republic/Technocracy made up of about 181 Star Systems Located in the Northen Sectors of the Jewel Cluster region of the Eulciar Galaxy. The Federation also has control of about 40 colonies, both within and outside of Federation Space. It has an ecomonic alliance with the Southern Union of Technocratic States.

The Federation consists of 6 Sectors, all with their own regional Capitals:

-Magnillion Sector (Magnillion)

-Volkania Sector (Volkania Prime)

-Greater Capital Sector (Volkania Prime and Simonia Prime)

-Coursillus Sector (Coursillus)

-Outer Territories (Longone)

-Colonies (Bora 37)


The Federation has a central government based on the World of Volkania Prime, with Judicial Headquarters located on Simonia Prime. However, This Federal Government's power is limited, with its job to make decisions when dealing with large, system-wide problems, or when dealing with other nations and allies, such as the EUF, but also sometimes getting involved in local affairs.

All systems in the FFSA have their own Local Governments, which are overseen by the Central Government. These Governments range from Democracies, Technocracies and Constitutional Monarchies, with an emphasis on freedom and liberty on all species, whether they're from the Cluster, or outside. All of these governments are Semi-Autonomous.

Executive Branch

The Central government consists of 3 branches, the Executive Office is led by the Chancellor of the Federation, which has a tern limit of 3 years, along with the Vice-Chancellor and the Advisory Council. The current Chancellor as of 100,000 CE is a Female Chelivian from the planet of Delrana.

Legislative Branch

The Legislature Office consists of The Parliament, also known as the Federation Senate, is tasked with approving laws that will affect all systems and keep law and order in the Federation. they also occasionally work with the Federation Military Command to make decisions. Each planet is represented by 2-5 senators, who are tasked in bringing issues to national attention. Laws are passed that require all systems to follow, such as environmental and labor laws. Senate meetings occur the Senate Building on Republic City, Volkania Prime.

Individual systems tend to have a very similar system of government to the national government and are kept in check by the Senate.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is made of the Supreme Court, consisting of 16 Individuals. they all meet in the Simonia Court of Justice in Simonius, Simonia Prime. Smaller courts usually have extremely intelligent AI.


The Federation's Military, known as the Federation Security Forces, consists of 2 main Branches, the Federal Forces and the Local Defense Forces. The FSF consists of 5 sub-branches known as The Starfleet, The Army, The Navy, The Marines and the Starfighter Corps is made from people all over the Federation, and even some from outside of Republic space. The Local Defense Forces are smaller and tased with defending their local planet/system. Their Equipment is a combination he most advanced equipment (such as weapons) to horribly outdated tech (such as uniforms worn by Soldiers.

The Army

The Army is tasked with patrolling stations and planetary bases. They are the smaller of the 2 main branches. Their uniform varies depending on the environment, deployment and role, with many aspects being unique depending on the individual (i.e., a human helmet compared to a Havonian/Chelivian Helmet). They are armed with Laser Rifles and also use vehicles such as APCs, Tanks, mechanized units, walkers, antigravs and ground defenses, such as Laser Cannons, Surface-to-Space Cannons and Volta Cannons. Most Local Defense Forces have small standing army.

The Starfleet

The Starfleet is tasked with patrolling the large areas of space that the Federation control, as well as protecting convoys and stations. They are the larger of the 2 main branches. Their uniform consists of a blue or green jumpsuit, a cap or helmet, and a utility belt, with other thing being unique to an individual. They are also armed with the standard Laser Rifle. They use a variety of ships, ranging from quick and nimble starfighters to large battleships. Most Local Forces only have a small fleet, mostly consisting of smaller ships such as patrol craft and corvettes.

The Navy (Aquatic)

The Navy, not to be confused with the Starfleet, is also known as the Aquatic Division, primarily operates in Water planets and other words with large oceans such as Pamoa, Postillion and Bax-3. It uses Aquatic vehicles such as patrol boats, ski speeders and large water cruisers. This is the smallest branch of the Federation, and by far the least experienced in combat. Only planets with large amounts of water or water worlds have their own navy.

The Marines

The Marines specialize in boarding enemy stations and capital ships, as well as leading planetary, ground and amphibious assaults. Every Cruiser in the Fleet has at least a platoon of marines. They also guard planet-side bases and stations. These brave men and women are considered elite units.

The Starfighter Corps

The Starfighter Corps itself is the real fighting force of the Starfleet, being a celebrated and renounced branch of the Fleets. Unlike the Alliance Starfighter corps, which operates independently and has been known to turn on their own fleets, the FSFSC works very closely with the Starfleet and has a much better training procedures than its alliance counterparts. The pilots of the federation range from inexperienced flyers, to the most combat tested and elite fight groups, such as Magenta Squadron. The Uniform of a pilot changes depending on species and ship, but the most common and universal features including a life support box, a helmet, a jumpsuit and a holder for a small blaster. Most Local Forces usually have a few squadrons of fighters of many makes and models.

Policies, Culture and Relations with other Nations


The Federation maintains friendly relation with most nations of the Eulciar Union of Nations but remains largely neutral in any conflict outside of the Jewel Cluster due to its small size. While not a full member of the EUN, it is an observer state with multiple embassies, stations and colonies around the Galaxy.


Despite its small size, each planet or systems has its own unique cultures, festivals, and customs. The Federation generally encourages its citizens to visit other worlds. It also encourages its citizens to help others despite the difference of sex, gender, species, or origin. There is also a heavy sense of preservation, with many worlds having very strict emission standards to prevent pollution from getting out of hand.


The Federation highly fears the use of magi within its territory, some worlds have legalized the use of magi, such as those in the Greater Capital Sector, while in other is highly illegal, such as those in the Magnillion and Coursillius Sectors, where a few cases of public execution have been recorded. These acts of extreme violence have been condemned by the Federal Government, and actively investigated. Despite the hatred towards magi, very few people actually have these strange powers.