100th Millennium Wiki

Its a terrestrial terra world, located in the Lewis Galaxy, It is contained inside Valhalla System and its one of the fortress worlds of the Empire of Mankind. It was one of the oldest settled worlds of the nation, founded in the early Republic of Anthropos. During the early days it was at a race with Haldar for becoming the center of the Military Industrial Production and might of the Republic and then Empire.

Fenris is mostly known for it's elite soldiers and it's industries. Leading in the chemistry, cloning and military sectors. Civil industries are also important. It is the base of the Bioskava Laboratories. It's one of the leading corporations in high-degree bioingeneering, one of the key aspects of the empire.

The Sigurdsson Familly, is under control of the Planet.


The Planet is a cold temperate world, known for its tundras in the northern and southern hemisphere, the equatorial areas have a rather oceanic and continental climate. The Icesheets cover large portions of north and south and are usually exploited for natural resources, water and energy.

  • Kilmagan

The Continent is the second most populated and the largest. It has a large central region of continental plains and several large tundric regions, which tend to be arid. The biggest mountain chains and resource are located here, making industry, mining and military contruction some of the most important economic sectors. The central plains are used for massive agriculture. The Largest city is Yarvane. It has a total population of 14 Billion.

  • Thrad

Its the most populated of the continents, concentrating as well some of the oldest and largest cities in the Planet. The Capital City, Myolnir has a large population and concentrates most of the Alloys production, civil industries and services. However, the continent as a whole, is known for its industrial production and its bioengineering. Large research and cloning facilities exist here. Some of their most valuable Mikauvar elite soldiers are produced here. The Continent is snowy during the winter months (which are long) and the summer is very short as well as the spring. It's total population is around 16 Billion.

  • Vestbron

Its the third most populated continent. It holds the oldest city, Jornvik, founded in honor of the Sigurdssons origins. The continent is mostly known as the feeding basquet of the planet, being rich in agricultural goods and pasture fauna. It has also large centers for military industries, chemicals and Biogenetic. The total population is around 12 Billion inhabitants.

  • Mevesir

A sparsely populated continent. It is mostly covered in snow all year long, and the summer and spring are extremely short, which around 1 standar month or so for each. The center of the energy production, Chemical industries are the second source of wealth in the area, next to mining activities. It has aswell some important military bases and related industries. It has a total population of 5 Billion.

  • Dingrad

Its the other pole continent. It has also low population and its mostly covered by ice and snow for most of the year. The city of Huln is the largest settlement in the continent. Its main economic activity is related to water extraction, chemical production and hydroenergy. Some bio centers of importance have been also placed here. The total population of the continent is 6 Billion.


The Planet was colonized in the 21 699 CE, by colonist from Pax and Elpida. Later other colonist arrived from other worlds. It was one of the first habitable worlds to be examinated and classified for colonization as habitable. Although, due to its colder ambiance, it was colonized later in favor of more temperate worlds. About 350 000 settlers came from Elpida and around 1.2 million came from Pax. Other worlds such as Mitra or Memphis, sent around 100 000 settlers in the following period.

During the Nobility War, Fenris was the base of most of the bloody conflict between the Sigurdssons and the Urayas. The battle front lasted for over 50 years, until the Urayas were managed to be drove back. It was one of the most affected worlds in this conflict and was a result of its militarization and gradual industrialization.

In the Slave Revolts, the outbreak was small. Some slaves were quickly crused during the early stages. However, as long as more slaves revolted across the worlds, and news reached Fenris, the rebellious slaves started to be a serious threat as many rebelled, or fought in the guerrillas. Virtually many slaves in the planet (which were few) ended up deserting their duties to join the Mountain guerrillas. Nevertheless when the revolts started to cool down, some few slaves surrended due to harship and the imposibility to get to an agreement. Most slaves who had resisted later on ended up migrated to Isso and Tarsus to escape persecution.

The War of the Two Emperors, saw the planet alligned with the Emperor's forces unanimously. Minor conflicts and guerrilla wars were fought but were quickly overturned. It was long until the forces of Roldar and Larissa bombarded the planet in several ocasions, but were not able to cause great impact as they were quickly drove away. This was a blow as Fenris is one of the most important military worlds, and thus conquering it, will mean the Emperor would have still a military production planet to keep the fighting.

The Imperial-Unionist War was not massive on the population as it had been in other conflicts. The Planet suffered from shortages and short attempts of invasion and orbital fights. Some Unionist managed to take over the continent of Vestbron but after several years of occupation the rest of the planet managed to drive them away. This was due to the recent creation of the Mikauvar warriors, to counterattack the invading forces. After that, no more invasions were attempted and Fenris came out rather intact of the Imperial-Unionist War, even coming to a turn out weapon to counter attack (the Mikauvar).

The Relative's Wars were mostly orbital, the Planet managed to resist any upcoming attack from Hannakon's forces.


Fenrisians are known for their beauty and their hard-work. Some say the latter it's a cultural aspect inherited by their Paxian colonists ancestors, but many agreed it is the result of bloody war and reconstructing efforts, bringing the Fenrisians together and creating a proud conciousness.

They are considered bold in their decisions and very boastful, while some may consider them authoritarian and martial, without joy for civilization, luxury or good life. As they are considered rather austhere people. However, this is no true for some of the citizens who display a love for expensive clothing and luxury items, most notably in big cities. This clashes with many as the old virtues of austerity and military might are being thought to be lost in the culture of the planet with the "corruption" of wealth in the large cities and capitals. This shows a growing tension between the Large dense City culture, more open to other planetary influences and morals, and the Small cities and rural cultures which tend to focus more on the old virtues.