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As the foremost manufacturer of armed starships, Feragold Starfleet Industries is prominent across the entirety of the Terran Bubble. Following its foundation a millennia ago, the megacorporation has ascended to the zenith through blood, sweat, and tears. Headquartered on the industrial complex of Erva in the United Terran Federation, Feragold's influence stretches to virtually every interstellar civilization in its respective region. Relying on automated technologies rather than a biological workforce, Feragold's production comes at a high cost, yet is far quicker than its sister corporations.

For many centuries, Feragold has been the central supplier of spacecraft to the Terran Armed Forces, earning its staggering renown in the process. After having assisted the Terran Federation in becoming victorious in the Ether War, the corporation's ratings began to skyrocket, as it swiftly purchased production rights on more than a dozen worlds to meet its ever increasing demands. During the last century, Feragold expanded its market to the public, having begun to produce vessels for civilians, which further added to the corporation's earnings.

Planetary Dominions


The industrial pollution-ridden landscape of Erva

A grim and harsh world, Erva acts as the heart of Feragold, the dark side of the corporation's actions in untamed space. Centuries of mass industrialization have wholly stripped the planet of its lush ecosystems in a lasting effort to meet the Terran Bubble's increasing demands, leaving behind sparse toxic grasslands and dead waters, the only remaining glimpses of the planet's past.

Impoverished conditions permeate across the entire planet as dense blocks of automated factories scour the grounds, with sparse urban districts lying in between. Most who take a glimpse at the orange polluted skies of Erva do so in despair and hope to one day depart from the planet's wretched cities.




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