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Products of Feragold

Apollo HX-94 Strike Craft
Apollo SS-4.jpg

A proven combat fighter, Apollo is renowned as one of the most agile and nimble spacecraft on the market. With its small size limiting the ship's internal modules, the Apollo lacks any jump capabilities, necessitating a larger jump-capable ship to hold it. Nonetheless, the craft's sheer maneuverability alone makes it one of the superior interceptors of the Terran Bubble to this day. Regardless of being considered a dated model, Apollo has retained its fame as an affordable craft for bounty hunters and mercenaries alike.

The Apollo served as the primary short-range fighter of the Terran Armed Forces for centuries, retiring at the end of the Ether War in favor of newer, more effective models. The ship's low production cost allowed it to be mass-produced by Feragold, a quality that would lead to the United Terran Federation remaining on the victorious side of the aforementioned interstellar conflict.

Liberator MK-4 Strategic Bomber
M-4 Strategic Bomber.jpg

Serving the Terran Space Forces since the dawn of the Ether War, the Liberator is famed across the entirety of the Terran Bubble. Renonwed for raining death over Tyvus, the ship is used in league with Apollos to level entire planets. As a light bomber, the Liberator's advantage over other ships is its faster-than-light range, which outranks its previous iterations. Nonetheless, the ship has several critical flaws in its design, one of which being its shielding, which has been completely withdrawn so as to accommodate extensive submatter stasis devices.

A diverse range of subtypes of the Liberator have arisen since the Ether War, many of which have been lightly utilized by the Terran Armed Forces, although a few have since become a staple of the military. Following the launch of several considerably more effective and affordable bombers, the Liberators have been in decline.

Paladin XG-89 Long-Range Battleship
Paladin XG-89.png

One of the larger warships of the Terran Armed Forces, the Paladin is commonly seen at the forefront of battle, leading an army of lighter warships. Despite its more bulky design, the Paladin can pack quite a punch, often taking down entire fleets in minutes. Renowned for its warp speed, the ship can swiftly jump out of a conflict for repairs as well as to restock ammunition and fuel. Despite its seeming strength on the fields of battle, the Paladin has a number of critical design flaws that can be successfully exploited to bring the ship down with ease.

Retribution XR-45 Long-Range Mobilization Platform

A vast and mobile interstellar platform, the Retribution stands as the bastion of the Terran Space Forces. Carrying with it entire squadrons of warcraft, the ship's potential truly manifests during vast cosmic battles. A costly ship, the Retribution is one of the least produced ships by Feragold, as only fifty vessels are in service to this day. Nonetheless, upon arrival on the field of battle, it instantly puts the opposing force at a huge disadvantage.

Even without its vast fleet of starfighters, the Retribution can hold against the enemy forces, raining hell with its array of hundreds of auto-tracking weaponry. Furthermore, the bulk of the ship's mass is dedicated to its shielding, able to withstand barrages of fire, and its Warp Drive, with which it can swiftly jump out of the enemy's sight.