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The Field of Lights is a large nebulae that is located in the Zalanthium Galaxy. It has abnormally powerful effect on psychokinetic users, amplifying they're power tenfold.


The Field of Lights was discovered by no-one. The two main sentient species (the Ce and Alisvania) that reside inside of it's nebulous clouds both claim to have "discovered it", but this is akin to saying that you discovered your home planet. They both are recorded to have some of the most powerful psi users in the known Universe, going on to occupy major positions in other organisations, such as the Theocracy of Silverstar and Magi.


On most individuals, it makes them feel physically more powerful and rejuvenated. For Psi wielders, however, it increases their power thousandfold. Even the most weak Psi suddenly becomes as powerful as a Psi with a million years of experience. The most powerful Psi beforehand, becomes basically gods, in all ways but the definition. They can create things, using Electromagnetism by summoning energy to create matter, they can slow down time for people and speed it up in such a way as to enable a limited form of time travel, and can reduce entire continents to their constituent subatomic particles. They are so powerful, that they glow with power (if using Nuclear) from the radiating protons and neutrons. No one really knows why it emphasises their power so much, but it is likely something to do with the Zalanthium Star Mother, and how she supposedly created the nebulae.


The Field of Lights supposedly formed many billions of years ago, when the Zalanthium Star Mother gifted it upon the Psi wielders of the Universe. She destabilised the Yellow Hypergiant at its centre, making it erupt and give off ten stellar masses of gas surrounding it. For some reason this gas has a promoting effect on psychokinesis.

Native People

There are only two species in the Field of lights, the Ce and the Alisvania. They both have incredible psi powers, renowned throughout all the Local Universe.

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