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"Fildias, the Planet that saw the first humans settling the Iskadi Galaxy. As the major and oldest world, and the capital of the United Alliance territories, it has become the most important and populated world in the Galaxy. It is centered around finance and trade, with a large Alien population alongside humans. Although Plegaria and Fildias are known rivals, they are actually similar to how two sisters would treat each other" - Lisa Martinez

Fildias is an temperate terra planet located in the Massalia System, in the Iskadi Galaxy and Herschel Space, inside the Lewis Nations. It is located within the United Alliance territory, in the Erica quadrant. It is the capital of the U.A in the Iskadi Galaxy and its largest planet. It is famous as well for being the first human colony in the Iskadi Galaxy, so it's considered the oldest planet in Iskadi by the Lewis Nations.

Fildias is a bureaucratic center made for administration of all the territories of the United Alliance in the Iskadi Galaxy. It is famous for its finance and service industries, its agricultural tradition, its famous nightlife and entertainment, as well as for being a center of the military and shipbuilding industries of the Nation.


The Intergalactic Federation made its first appearance in the Iskadi Galaxy by 52,228 CE, sending investigation probes from a nearby galaxy. Soon after in 52,234CE, the United Alliance sent its first colonization Ship, landing in Fildias, and founding the first effective human colony in the Iskadi Galaxy.

The Planet was colonized with a Colony Ship led by the Aldorian known as Edris Kordran carrying up 644 000 colonist. Of this, 51% were Human (328 440), 24% were Aldorian (154 560) and 16% Krizik (103 040), 6% Arati (38 640) and the remaining 3% (19 320) was made of other alien species such as Murban, etc...

Soon after, colonization from Fildias to other nearby worlds followed.


The Planet has several moons and 4 continents: Konadra, Ekis, Terebura, Adalan.

  • Ekis: Its known for holding the capital city, Adrianopolis. It is a bureaucratic center for the entire U.A territory in the galaxy. It is also known for its services, manufacturing and production, as well as insurances.
  • Adalan: It's the most populated continent and its known for its services, finance and commerce as well as its landscape.
  • Konadra: Known for its military and shipbuilding. It's the third most populated continent.
  • Terebura: It's the least populated of all, and the main center for industrial and chemical production.


The total population of the Planet is 48 Billion. Since the beginning of its foundation, it has remained a very diverse world, with many alien species living together in the planet. Fildias seems to have been a Colony of the Vemex Civilization at some point, although it was never fully populated and still much of the archeological findings are under investigation.

Humans make 44% of the Population of the planet. It has one of the largest Krizik populations in the Entire Galaxy, with around 15% of its population being Krizik. 18% of its population is Aldorian, 8% Korkas, another 8% is made of Arati, 4% of Murbans, 1% Noraki and 2% is made of other species (most notably Koors at 0,4% being the fastest growing group).