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Fiona Zykov is the head of the House Zykov, and is considered to be one of the most powerful and rich women in the Empire of Mankind. This makes her as well one of the wealthiest individuals of Herschel Space and thus of the known Universe.

She is a direct descendant of the founders of House Zykov and her power influenced directly over the Empress and the high court of the empire due to the strong bond that the Empress and Fiona formed during her stay in court. Sometimes nicknamed "The White Star" for her hair color, she is a very beautiful and intelligent woman, who has been able to take her house to the pinnacle of society.

Her seat is currently in Okaia, while her retired parents reside and govern over in Kalmar, her sister does so over in Isolda and her litter brother rules over in Sobek with his family. Currently, she is married and has a son and two daughters. Her aunt and uncle reside and rule over Saladan, the other family seat.


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Born in Isolda in 99 612 CE (79 446 ADL), she was the first daughter of Kersion Zykov and Ailera Hosenberg. As a teenager, she was brought up to Okaia and raised there. Eventually, she travelled as well to many other worlds, mostly Elpida, Pax and Mitra for learning and court activities. As the first born of the Zykov family she was granted an spectacular education, giving her the best teachers in the Empire of Mankind. This mean she had access to one of the best educations in the Lewis Galaxy and probably all of Herschel Space as well. Ever since she was introduce to teaching, she demostrated a high intellect, something that at first wasnt so surprising, considering she was genetically modified in Alma to be well above average and suited for her social status.

In 99 725 CE (79 559 ADL), she was sent to live in court on Elpida, and she will not return to live in her family's territorial domains until over 99 892 CE, when her parents let her in charge and retired in their traditional family world of Kalmar, although they still acted as local rulers over there. During Fiona's time in court, she came close to many ladies in it, specially with the Empress. Fiona became one of the closest friends of the queen who had come from foreign lands. Through this, she gained lots of favours for herself and her family's interest. She was personally granted the high honor of being "The Empress' Wardrobe adviser". This was a great honor and alonside the Kalainens, she has become an important close support of the empress, who saw herself alone in a foreign nation.

Fiona Zykov is married and has a son and two daughters, conceived as is mandatory in the empire for the nobility, through genetic enhancement and preservation. Her son is pursuing education in Arkanon, while her first daughter resides on Isolda with her aunt and her second daughter is in Kalmar with her granparents. All of the three reunite either on Elpida or on Okaia at least three times a year where they spend together long periods of time.