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The First Relative's War, is a civil war that took place in the Empire of Mankind in the year 43,331CE and ended in 43,388 CE (23,165 ADL - 23,222 ADL of the Lewisian Calendar). It was the most ravaging conflict to date inside the Empire of Mankind after The War of the Two Emperors and before the War against the Union, and the most destructive of all the Relative's Wars. Some Historians also call it, The Fifth Civil War. Nevertheless, it was not the bloodiest or worst conflict in the Empire's History.

The war was a result of the inheritance laws passed by Kador V during his reign to avoid women to be seating on the Imperial throne, once Roldar was killed and his main rival was Larissa, a woman. When both married, the law just remained quietly in place. Millennia later, when the Emperor Erion had only two daughters, his brother Hannakon declared war against her niece Aranis II Tarnos to fight for his right to the throne.

Precedents and History

The Emperor Hannakon V, one of the longest and most successful rulers of the Empire, had 2 sons, the first one was Erion V Tarnos, while the second one was named Hannakon Tarnos. Erion V had in turn married with Aira Bergeron, and had two daughters, Aranis II Tarnos and Iranda. Hannakon tries then to seize power to himself. Many at court and among the Elite of the Empire, had already suppose the throne would be given to Hannakon and started putting their interest towards the crowning of Hannakon.

When Aranis was confirmed as heir after Erion's death, Hannakon took Kador's V old law to prove his claim to the throne. This led to a massive civil war between uncle and niece.

The Civil War started by dividing most of the High Noble families. Hannakon had married Lisa Lavey, which gain him the support of this House.

On the other hand, Aranis was married to John Oberon, gaining the favour of this family as well to her cause. Her sister was married within the Dalvan Family, gaining them their cause. The Weng, and the Etchalons also sided with the Empress. Some switched position, supporting first Aranis and then Hannakon, and sometimes even going back to Aranis side. Still, most houses were pardoned after the conflict, with some of them being punished by economic, political and territorial sanctions.

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Hannakon was crowned in Pax by his allies, while Aranis was crowned in Elpida. Soon war started and Hannakon seemed at first to be in the lead, gaining massive victories. The Zykov Family supported him, and Hannakon's daughter was married to the son of the head of the Zykov Family. This made them and the Lavey Family side with him.

Aside from Family conflicts, this conflict was mostly a time of war between the more progressive ideas inside the Empire, led by Aranis and the more conservative and isolationist ideas, led by Hannakon. Aranis had as well a softer view on slavery while Hannakon viewed slavery as something that needed to be increased and used everywhere in the Empire and by anyone.

Aftermath and Ending of the War

Hannakon was close to gain total control, when he tried to seized the Capital, buying support of the High General in charge of Elpida's main forces. The revolt was close to win, but an army arrived on time to the system and managed to defeat the Revolt. The provoker was executed and all chances of Hannakon to win the Capital disappeared.

Soon the fall of Pax led to the battle of Haldar. During this battle, the Zykov turned on Hannakon and sided with Aranis, causing a massive defeat and the loss of a powerful ally, which was crucial to him. This marks the loss of Hannakon and his retreat from the war, fleeing to the Plutocracy, where he is received and given shelter. His Son is married to the most powerful family of the Plutocracy, the House Urayas, which assured the support of this nation to the cause of Hannakon.

This led to an unresolved raze for the throne among the two branches of the Tarnos, one in the Plutocracy and the other in the Empire, leading to two more wars.