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Preceded by
Vir8.png Triumvirate Civilization
15,089 BCE - 13,684 CE
Succeeded by
Empyrealle.png Empyros

Florenta (Ravin: Uruaimoz), also called Molongard, or Raviyo was the period of the Fuukanist state from 15,089 BCE to 13,684 CE. It was founded by the Fuukanist prophet-king Molonov after the end of the Triumvirate Civilization's control over the Florescence region. United under their shared religion of Fuukanism, The Ravis and Llæns formed the nation as a theocratic monarchy sovereign over the entirety of the region.

The nation was the first Fuukanist state and acted as the basis for every following one. Its influence still exists to this day as large parts of Via Aylathiya once under its control still retain a high Fuukanist population. To this day, Fuukanism remains by far the most widely practiced religion in Via Aylathiya thanks, in large part, to the early expansion of Florenta.


Upon formation, Florenta was a state in the federalized Triumvirate Civilization. Before then, it was two provinces, one of the Ravis and one of the Llæns. Once created, the Triumvirate federal government supplied Florenta with large amounts of infrastructure. Its population rapidly expanded as limits put in place by the imperial Triumvirate fell away.

Given that most of the galaxy's resources were readily available, large numbers of factories made using these resources easy, and the lack of competition in the galaxy allowed Florenta to rapidly expand its production capabilities. By about 7,000 BCE, Florenta became a Great Power, a nation capable of influence on the scale of a large galaxy, in this case Via Aylathiya that Florescence orbited. Soon, its economic and political influence stretched throughout the entire Triumvirate.

As it increased in strength, tensions with the Yohjan Confederacy, a Triumvirate state within Via Aylathiya, grew. The largest point of conflict, control over the black hole Nocturne, eventually united Florenta and the Lowuks Entente against the Confederacy. Florenta and Entente created an alliance, known as the Local Axis in 6,710 BCE to counter the Yohjan Confederacy, by far the largest state in the Triumvirate.

While tension died down for about two millennia, Florentan and Lowuk expansion into Via Aylathiya from their respective satellite galaxies caused it to resurge. When the Yohjan Confederacy invaded Un'oit-controlled space in 1,300 BCE, the threat of war became evident. Both Florenta and Entente began to mobilize their armies to secure valuable worlds and borders. Yohjan craft fired upon Florentan ships near Nocturne in 1,285 BCE, starting a war that would later be known as the War of the Final Transition.

The war ended in 210 CE as the last remnants of the Triumvirate federal government fell. It had stepped in to stop both sides from fighting. The resulting Split of the Yohjan Confederacy caused a large number of small kingdoms to emerge out of the Confederacy. Florenta occupied a large amount of territory once controlled by the Yohjans. Florenta managed to remain stable as the Triumvirate collapsed. This is due to the ascension of Molonov, one of the Three leaders of the Triumvirate, to the throne of the then newly-established nation.

As the Lowuks Entente destabilized and eventually collapsed in 1,009 CE, the Proto-Empyrean remained as one of the few stable governments within Via Aylathiyan Space. Numerous times it attempted to conquer the remaining territory once belonging to the Yohjans, all of which failed due to the massive expenses guerilla fighters caused. By 12,000 CE, however, it stopped attempting to integrate this territory and instead entered into diplomatic relations with former Yohjan nations such as the Erstes Konsortium and the State of Tenshi.

Florenta collapsed in 13,684 CE after the Neo-Terrans, a Human political extremist group, assassinated Molonov. In a planet-encompassing battles between Molonov and Hal Drusus II, leader of the Neo-Terrans, these two powerful thaumaturgists released enough energy to rival a large asteroid strike. The planet became uninhabitable throughout the course of the battle as its surface heat up by over ten degrees Celsius.

Upon the death of Molonov, chaos gripped Florentan. As leader throughout the entirety of the nation's history, there was no plan for succession. Numerous factions split off, most controlling a tract of territory, with some existing as a fleet of ships alone. In 14,007, Florentan united under the faction ruled by Vyodin Braez. The same year, it renamed itself to Empyros as a fascist theocracy far more authoritarian than Molonov ever was.