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Florescence is a fairly small S0 satellite galaxy orbiting the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. The galaxy has a very low concentration of metals, making life comparatively rare in it. Even so, The Ravis and Llæns call this galaxy home. Blumeheim controls the entirety of the galaxy and has drained it of resources, causing it to be dependent on imports to survive.

As of the current year, Florescence has a population of over 17 quintillion mostly residing within the core of the galaxy. At 41 million stars in size, Florescence is the smallest major satellite of Via Lacrimosa. It is one of the most densely populated regions of space as well as one of the highest valued regions per system. The average system within Florescence is more valuable than those elsewhere, causing the galaxy to have one of the highest costs of living in its region.

Two important species within the galaxy are the Ravis and Llæn species. While the Ravis naturally evolved, the Llæns are an artificial species incapable of natural reproduction. The galaxy is largely dominated by the religion known as Fuukanism. The most common language in the galaxy is Lacrimosan Common.

Galactic Neighborhood

The galaxy Florescence is fairly remote, with its nearest neighbor being over 400,000 light years away. Its nearest neighbor is also its parent galaxy, Via Lacrimosa. Other nearby galaxies include Ventemir at 550,000 light years and Ouranir at 575,000 light years.


The Ravin name for the galaxy, "Vynos" is best translated as the word, "Florescence." Florescence means, "the process of flowering." The name comes from their galaxy being origin point of their religion. Many believe that their religion will eventually "flower," causing it to spread rapidly among individuals residing outside of the galaxy. Originally, the name was more meant to represent how the Fuukanist civilization would colonize the rest of the universe. Once that has proven impossible, Fuukanists largely shifted to a more peaceful means of spreading their faith.


Florescence, while controlled mostly by Blumeheim, is divided in two parts, Ravi-Empyrea and Llæ-Empyrea. Together these two nations make up the two jurisdictions of the Empyrean. While Ravi-Empyrea is a part of the Confederacy of Borealis, Llæ-Empyrea is not. The central black hole of Florescence, Mei'os, is the most populous body in the galaxy at almost 500 quadrillion inhabitants within its direct orbit. Other important worlds include Alphos and Yuusha, the home worlds of the Ravis and Llæns respectively.

The galaxy has a very low metallicity, causing life to be very rare within it. While in many galaxies, bacteria-covered worlds are relatively common, Florescence only has one planet known to have naturally evolved life, Alphos. The other planet to have life since antiquity, Yuusha, shows evidence of terraformation, suggesting that the life on its surface is from another world or genetically engineered.

The galaxy is no longer visible to the naked eye and had not been since the Common Era began. It was colonized at an astounding rate, with over 400 stars colonized per year on average. Advances in self-replicating probes and the small distance between stars made total colonization over 100,000 years possible. Since the start of the Common Era, Florescence has been only visible in the infrared with even the light of white dwarfs now occluded from view.