Fobas has a Hydrogen and Helium dominated atmosphere and is orbited by 30 moons, 2 being S-class worlds, the rest being captured asteroids. It is 2x the mass of Jupiter, being even larger than its parent star.


Scans and study of Fobas has revealed what seems to be an enormous structure inside it. Whatever is inside Fobas clearly isn't natural.

The construct inside Fobas looks to be spherical and is around the size of Neptune. Many theorise that the structure could be a planet sized supercomputer or a "Jupiter-Brain".

Whats even stranger is that when probes get close to Fobas, they suddenly stop-working, as if they were remotely deactivated. It is also believed that the structure is controlling the weather on Fobas as some of the storm and wind patterns don't look natural. Signals have also been beamed into the planet to try and get the machine's attention but no response has ever been received.

It does not match Anera or First Civilization technology, seemingly built by an as of yet, unknown race.

Spacers are forbidden to go near Fobas as getting too close to the planet could result in sudden deactivation of a ship. There is even a rumour about a research team who disappeared near Fobas which is quite widespread across Sol's region of space.

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