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Basic Description

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Fojura is an astronomical aberration which appears to be a black hole. It is located near the center of the Suvaren Field, and is classified as a dangerous object pertaining to the Lux Aeterna. Fojura has gained its anomalous title rightfully, considering that it is known to effect the very fiber of sapience and conscience in The Aeterna. As such, a small exclusion zone has been constructed around the vicinity of Fojura. Only the highest level of personnel and experienced Magi, such as members of the Chosen of Sydiah, are allowed to enter anywhere in the facility. Mother Sydiah has also given herself authority to enter the area of Fojura, though she has not been recorded near the location at all.

While Fojura is seemingly donned with basic anomalies, it is thought that its true nature runs much deeper. It is evident that Fojura may directly connect to The Aeterna through a deep Crack in Reality, a leakage of The Aeterna caused by Mother Sydiah during the Wane of Reality. This has been studied through the many years of its existence, with proof being displayed in its negative effect on conscienceless and mental subjugation. Attempts at subverting harm in one's conscience or psyche have failed, which has in turn made Fojura as infamous as it is.

As of the modern day, Fojura is known to be one of the most hazardous areas of Sydiah's Hinterlands, which created the Cracks in Reality in order to fully form Fojura. While it is not particularly active or hostile against the material universe, Fojura is infamous for its capability to harm sapient beings and their conscience. With the hole of Fojura theorized to be an opening to The Aeterna, it has been observed that it may unleash many reality-bending effects, which cause adverse reactions with the conscience or souls of individuals.

Specific Effects

Fojura does not rest at broad conscience effects. Through numerous archives and incidents, it is known that Fojura is able to induce incurable forms of psychosis, mania, dementia, and other neurological diseases on most known sapient species. There is also the threat of permanent dampening of psychokinetic abilities, which has appeared in all long-lasting exposures of Fojura. These are thought to happen after a few weeks of exposure to the object. Direct decay of the conscience happens not too long after. It is known that harmful effects such as the rapid dementia, disassociation, and full disability of psychokinetic abilities which happen after merely days after exposure. Effectively, any sapient organism becomes completely disabled after this time period, which has led many to speculate that Fojura is one of the deepest openings to The Aeterna, one which hammers and leeches on conscience.

As mentioned above, attempts at curing mental issues from Fojura have not been successful. Since symptoms appear to directly affect conscience from The Aeterna, no material methods of curing the diseases are possible. Entering The Aeterna and finding affected consciousness in the sea of others is simply not worth it either. This is because any potential curers would likely spend too much time in The Aeterna, succumbing to the lands of unreality and melding their realspace and falsespace bodies together. The general danger of any cure to the effects of Fojura have made it futile. So far, the exclusion zone around Fojura has proven useful at keeping any and all onlookers away from its influence.


The Prophecies

Tales and legends about Fojura, which have appeared in apparent prophecies, have been systematically discovered and translated. Most of them appear to relate to the figures of Mother Sydiah and Vurilia Jiutopati, speaking of them both a prophetic figures which occasionally relate to Fojura. While these are typically dismissed as folklore, it has been taken rather seriously by skeptics. Further translations have shown that Fojura's prophecies have predicted several major events which have changed the landscape of the intergalactic political climate. The fall of the Triumvirate, the Commonwealth's Eclipse, Aylathiya's Totality, and the War of the Ancients have been mentioned in scripts which also pertain to Fojura.

Modern Day

As of the modern day, Fojura is not necessarily noteworthy. However, Mother Sydiah has expressed great disdain and worry for Fojura, stating that it is "The Hand of Entropy". She has gone off on long tangents explaining that it is most definitely harmful to the integrity of its area. Sydiah has also spent a lot of time around, but not in the exclusion zone of Fojura. As for others, such as members of the Chosen of Sydiah, they too have expressed concern with its capability. Some claim that it may be able to destroy the Suvaren Field, while others think that it has the power to re-awaken the deceased Architects.