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Electron shields seen on soldiers

Danger is a universal aspect of the Cosmos, one which requires constant protection. Forcefields, also known as energy shields or simply shields, are by far the most effective and widely used forms of protection. Serving a variety of purposes, including protection from microparticles, debris, attacks, and more, forcefields have become a staple of many civilizations. Forcefields are most commonly seen on vehicles, though they can additionally be found protecting structures or planets of great importance, such as Alenea and Indar.

Forcefields come in a variety of forms, each with its own set of capabilities and statistics. Absorption shields are by far the most prominent form of forcefields. Deflector shields are an additional formidable type, though not as common. Some forcefields are one-way, with one able to enter but not leave them. Others deflect all energy-based attacks. Others are largely used in high-speed sublight travel to defend against micrometeorites and other particles.

Forcefields in the Cosmos

In technologically advanced societies, forcefields are a prevalent technology. Forcefields become a necessity in high-speed sublight voyages, as even the tiniest particles might damage ships in some way. The fact that they are relatively easy to mass-produce employing fabrication techniques further adds to their abundance. In warfare, forcefields are particularly crucial, serving as an additional layer of defense before the hull and critical onboard electronics.

Before achieving type-1 status, civilizations usually develop some form of forcefield technology. Most, if not all, type-2 civilizations have advanced shielding technology, which often peaks in the late type-2 or early type-3 periods. Of course, it goes without saying that certain advanced interstellar civilizations may lack shielding technology, albeit this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Generating & Charging Forcefields

Submatter Beaming

Crystalline Halocharging

Types of Forcefields

  • Absorption shields: Absorption shields are forcefields primarily used on larger vehicles, spaceships, buildings and even entire worlds. Absorption shields operate by generating a forcefield of a select shape and size which absorbs all sorts of incoming damage. Absorption shields require so much energy that fusion reactors are required.
  • Deflector shields: Deflector shields are forcefields that are typically found on proportions similar to absorption shields. Deflector shields provide a repellent field that deflects all energy. However, deflector shields are less effective than absorption shields. Deflector shields necessitate the use of fusion reactors to stay stable.

Notable Forcefield Manufacturers

  • Ferguson Dynamics