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The Forgotten Flower (Also known as the Night Sky Flower or the Zazriel's Rot Flower) is a large Havenborne flower, located deep in the continent of Zazriel. They primerily exist near isolated ponds of freshwater, and are easily able to be spotted from their bright, almost glowing flambuoyant colors. Only fifty thousand bushels of the flower exist on Zazriel at all, making them a very rare specimen. They are prized for these factors, though the flower is very much difficult to harvest. Unless one is a skilled botanist, they may fall victim to the flower's harmful effects, brought on by a thick coat of sappy poison.

It is known that the Forgotten Flower is not native to Haven. Rather, it was brought by demonic forces uner influence by the Prodigious Sin. It is thought that the Harborers of Pride were responsible for the flower's creation, likely in an attempt to flaunt their ability to control nature. It is also theorized that the Forgotten Flower was made as a way to mock or trap clueless people that live in Zazriel. Nevertheless, the Forgotten Flower has remained prevalent ever since the previous Red Moon.


The Forgotten Flower is best characterized by its bright, multicolor petals which extend out to a diameter of up to one meter. It only grows in very specific climates, as the plant best thrives in environments with soft, acidic and squishy soil with humid air. Typically, the Forgotten Flower blooms near ponds, though it can be seen far inland in marshier climates. They have a variety of appearances, though most show a display of bright pink, orange, or blue pigments somewhere on the flower. They are short and stumpy as well, with no stem connecting it to the ground. Rather, they are directly connected with a long, hearty system of roots. Forgotten Flowers do not usually grow close to one another, existing is solitary flora save for several rare instances.

The Forgotten Flower bolsters its bright colors for an important reason. Not only does it bring forth many interested insects, but it helps ward off large animals. It also excretes a pungent smell, similar to that of a rotting corpse. This is also used to deflect any interlopers who believe it to be an edible source of food. In the case that something attempts to disturb the Forgotten Flower, it can excrete a very thick, sticky, and highly poisonous fluid. This fluid is very much acidic, and is capable of entering the bloodstream of most creatures, even those with thick hides. It has a natural hallucinogen, though its effects are dtrimental to those who are effected. After the initial high, people have reported a condition similar to psychosis, bipolar disorder, and short term memory loss. Antidotes are few and far between, only present in communities near a significant amount of Forgotten Flowers.

Life Cycle

The Forgotten Flower is a seedbearing plant, able to reproduce with the help of pollinating insects. Dozens of seeds dangle weakly off the plant, in hopes that wind may carry them elsewhere. If planted, a Forgotten Flower takes about 10 years to grow, sprouting in the form of a relatively small and dark purple flower. The flower is inactive in this stage, not secreting any poison at all. The blooming season lasts one year, as the flower quickly grows and blossoms in its illustrious form. This is when the flower is considered to be active and dangerous. If pollinated, seeds would grow off the sides of the flower's base to start life anew.


Use of the Forgotten Flower is rather limited, though harvesters of the plant wish to make the most of its properties. Its most popular use is in the form of bright dyes, seen almost nowhere else around Zazriel. Poison can be extracted from the petals, though the production center near the base of the plant can be used for more potent toxins. The flowers themselves are edible, but they are considered to be bitter and rancid by most. The smell of the Forgotten Flower is a key factor in its use. Since it has a strong deathly odor, it can be used offenseively. If concentrated in high amounts, such scent can even be used as a weapon in combat.

More devious communities see the Forgotten Flower's poison as a potential for making drugs. A skilled practicioner may be able to isolate the hallucinogenic parts, in turn making a potent drug. The Forgotten Flower's drug is espeically addicting, having the potential to succumb even the strongest willed of people. The high may last up to a day as well, much unlike the flower's poison which lasts for several minutes. It is thought that the underbellies of numerous communities are ran rampant with the use of this drug. As such, it has been banned, with most kingdoms performing death sentences for possession of the flower's drug.