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Fornes is an extremely strange star located in the Florathel Galaxy, just outside the Treana Molecular Complex. At first glance, it resembles a red hypergiant, but there are many differences. It is located inside the Fornes Nebula.


Fornes is by far the most massive star in the entire Florathel Galaxy, with around 1500 solar masses, and some theories have even suggested that its initial mass was around 2100 solar masses, making its formation one of the leading puzzles yet to be solved in astronomy in the Florathel Galaxy today. It is also stupendously large - more than 10 thousand times larger than the sun. But perhaps what is most interesting is the chemical composition of its photosphere. The large granules bring material up from deep inside the core up to the surface, but the mixture seen is not what scientists expected at all.

Hints of unusual elements have been spotted in Fornes's spectrum - for example, nickel, selenium and rubidium have been sighted before. This means that some kind of strange nuclear process is producing these rare elements. For this, many scenarios had to be considered, such as a hidden stellar object, something inside the star, or even a giant piece of metal being absorbed by the star.


What complicated things even more was the discovery that Fornes was variable. Long exposure to Fornes showed that every 3-5 years, Fornes would dim and brighten after a few weeks. 3 months later, it was back to normal. This could not be explained by many of the theories proposed by the public and astronomers. The variability was semi-regular, which complicated matters even more. In the race to explain Fornes, dozens of astronomical models were formulated.

The best fitting models all pointed to the idea that Fornes actually was a quasi-star, albeit a small one. It has an 80 solar mass black hole at its centre, and the pressure that the black hole is exerting on the outer layers as it constantly feeds on them is what keeps Fornes bright and very very big.

Civilization at Fornes

Fornes, due to its brightness and the fact that it is a single star, was chosen by the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy as one of the staging points for the fleets which would depart for the Myrmidan Galaxy to serve in the Ardaya Conflicts. Because of this, massive amounts of resources were pooled to construct a SICTIRIAD station around the star to jump all the spacecraft into the Myrmidan Galaxy .... WIP