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58347 CE - Today

The Free Nation of Garrea is the fifth largest UNFG nation in area, located in the Inner Elerad Arm of the Florathel Galaxy. It is also one of the latest members of the UNFG, only joining in 99874. The Free Nation of Garrea, because of its great influence, however, was quite rapidly admitted to the UNFG security council, the decision passing in one of the landmark decisions of 99999. However, before it was admitted, the FNG was a tumultuous region, with nationalists and separatists fighting for control and trying to secede and conquer and so on. This is why it took so long to admit this nation to the UNFG, and some of these factions still exist in hiding. Luckily, today the nation is much calmer, and is now home to many influential characters in the UNFG.



The capital of the Free Nation of Garrea is the planet Garrea, a tidally locked world in orbit around the red dwarf Dorok. No one is entirely sure where Garrea is, as its location needed to be hidden to protect it from the violent factions in the nation's past. Because of supposedly a botched press release, the location that was told to everyone was in way the wrong place, in the Milkdrop Nebula, over a thousand light-years from its actual location. Garrea is a thriving world with a dense ecosystem, and most of the population lives on special orbital rings constructed around the planet.


The Free Nation of Garrea is a highly centralized government, with only a few separately governed regions. The FNG controls the majority of the Inner Elerad Arm, all the way up to (almost) the Treana Nebula itself. The FNG also controls a small region of space in the Lance Galaxy, centered on the planet Aldar. Aldar and surrounds are treated almost as a closely allied but separate nation and the FNG is often referred to as "two nations under one banner".

Aldar Region

The Aldar Region is very odd. Despite the main FNG being a part of the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, the Aldar region is not. The population of the area were intensely opposed to taking part in the War of Saiheran Succession, and they were granted greater independence from the main nation after the population rose up in armed rebellion after the central government attempted to draft them.

The Aldar region is centered on the planet Aldar and borders the Encalet Confederacy as well as the Nationalist Liberation Front. It contains a medium-sized nebula known as the Ruby Nebula, which contains a large number of high-mass stars which are being starlifted for resources.

The area was first colonized by means of a natural wormhole leading from the FNG's then-newly-colonized fringes to the distant Uxre System, around which orbits Aldar. Aldar, being a partially habitable but oddly sterile planet, was swiftly colonized, and the colonists began to expand outwards into the unclaimed reaches of the Elerad Arm.

Major Worlds

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Inner Elerad Arm
Inner Elerad Arm
Inner Elerad Arm, Aldar Region
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The history of the Free Nation of Garrea is long and somewhat confusing. Sometimes, things are going on smoothly and the borders slowly expand into unclaimed space. Other times, everyone's fighting each other for no apparent reason.


Before the FNG was founded, the Rorazals had set up mostly disparate colonies spread across the inner Elerad Arm. Due to their relatively late invention of fully functional FTL, these colonies were almost completely independent and had little communication between each other. However, a Marakat survey probe from the nearby Argano Prefect crash-landed on a world that was in the process of being colonized, and scientists reverse-engineered it to create a functioning FTL craft. This was hastily transmitted back to Garrea, and the central government begun sending out military ships to reunite the Rorazal species under one banner.

Turns out absolutely no one wanted this. Almost every colony began fighting back with great ferocity. The colony situated around the massive star of Selar rearranged their dyson swarm to fire great beams of death at attacking ships. The central government at Garrea knew that the only option was to try to placate them into joining the new union.

The top diplomats of the Dorok System came up with a plan. The central government at Garrea would order all ships to withdraw to the home system, and a message would be transmitted to all the rebelling colonies. To this day, historians have no idea what the message said, but it clearly worked. Most of the major colonies stopped fighting and agreed to join the newly formed Free Nation of Garrea.

However, some nations wished to remain independent in some sense, and as such included special clauses in their treaties to join the FNG to allow them to remain as autonomous territories. Unfortunately, there were many separatists throughout the new nation, which led to much turbulence throughout the following millennia.

Second Civil War


Discovery of Aldar

War of Saiheran Succession

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